Natural Selection 2 Sells 144,000 Units on Steam in Opening Week - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 12 November 2012 / 6,388 Views

Unknown Worlds Entertainment Natural Selection 2 has sold 144,000 units in its opening week on Steam. The game released on October 31 and has earned $1 million. 63,000 or 44 percent of the sales came in the United States, which was the biggest market for the game. Australia and the United Kingdom were countries with the second and third most units sold, respectively. However it was in Singapore which sold the deluxe editions.

"Icelanders are the most NS2 obsessed, the US is the biggest market, Singaporeans are the most likely to buy the Deluxe edition, and Belgians the most likely to buy 4-packs for their friends," said Unknown Worlds in a statement on its official website. "As of yesterday, 75,105 games of NS2 had been played by up to 7,135 concurrent players."

Unknown Worlds Entertainment is an independent developer based in San Francisco, California. Formed in May 2001 by Charlie Cleveland it became known for its Half-Life mod Natural Selection. Max McGuire became the studio's first employees in October 2006 when it announced that Natural Selection 2 would be a commercial release.

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Gunman121 (on 12 November 2012)

This article is incorrect, you mis-read the graphic. 45,000 copies came from "gift" copies that the team gave to people who pre-ordered the deluxe edition during the Alpha / Beta. As for Ghettoglamour -- it's an indie AAA game

ghettoglamour (on 12 November 2012)

Never heard of this game...

Heavenly_King (on 12 November 2012)

Me neither.

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