Square Enix is the First Unreal Engine 4 Licensee - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 23 October 2012 / 7,538 Views

Epic Games announced today that is has formed an agreement with Square Enix which grants the company has the first licensee of Unreal Engine 4. Square Enix now has full access to Unreal Engine 3 and 4, which makes it the first publicly confirmed Unreal Engine 4 licensee.

Epic Games Japan is providing direct support to Square Enix. The agreement is "long term" and it will span multiple titles. No Square Enix titles have been announced that will be using Unreal Engine 4.

"Epic has a strong relationship with Square Enix, and it's an honor to provide their creative and technical talent with the best game technology available for licensing," said Taka Kawasaki, territory manager of Epic Games Japan. "We look forward to supporting their developers with world-class tools for years to come."

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LevelUP (on 23 October 2012)

I don't know why people think this is strange. The Luminous Engine looks epic Yes, but it's for square enix own internal development and could anyone remember how long did it takes for final fantasy xiii to come out to western shores? The process was time consuming. Eidos is making games at a faster rate and since square enix is not sharing the Luminous, they will have to secure something for their subsidiary too. In my opinion they now have two powerhouse engine under their name, Luminous for internal development and Unreal Engine 4 for Eidos.

HoloDust (on 23 October 2012)

Strange - one would think that Square wouldn't be needing 3rd party engines for next-gen considering they developed Luminous engine.

oniyide (on 23 October 2012)

after the way there luminous games went down, maybe that is why they are using 3rd party engines or maybe they are just for the Eidos/western games

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Panama (on 24 October 2012)

People forget they own Eidos. I'm sure Western devs would be more content of having the option available of using UE4 instead of being forced to develop for the Luminous Engine.

Heavenly_King (on 23 October 2012)

DAFAQ?! And the Luminous Engine??? Agnis Philosophy tech demo looks way better than UE4 tech demo, so I wonder why they do this.

Ganoncrotch (on 23 October 2012)

I guess it's just a matter of how porting multiplatform games around if they are running on unreal engine which hopefully all the next consoles will support 100% so it should be about as easy as slappin the multiplats on a ps4 disc or a durango disc and away they go, rather than running the risk of their own engine not running to the same standard on all the consoles.

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Gilgamesh (on 23 October 2012)

so still another year or two till we see something out of the UE4?

happydolphin (on 23 October 2012)

PS4/Nextbox development confirmed. No core WiiU development confirmed.

Ganoncrotch (on 23 October 2012)

you know the engines that unannounced consoles will run?

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happydolphin (on 24 October 2012)

I was being facetious, but vgchartz doesn't have a facetious comment detector.

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Pjams (on 24 October 2012)

Can't wait for Just Cause 3! This is a sarcastic remark aimed at those that don't know.

Pjams (on 24 October 2012)

Can't wait for Just Cause 3! This is a sarcastic remark aimed at those that don't know.

S.T.A.G.E. (on 23 October 2012)

Square already has their own engine as well that looks way better than epics, but I am sure they will use epics for the western titles as it will be easier for them to develop with.

Pjams (on 24 October 2012)

Can't wait for Just Cause 3! This is a sarcastic remark aimed at those that don't know.