Arma II Mod Day Z Reaches 1 Million Users - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 August 2012 / 4,411 Views

Arma II mod Day Z official Twitter has tweeted that the game passed one million players. This is just four days after the mod passed 900,000 unique players. This is a great achievement for mod creator Dean Hall and the modding community at large.

Of the one million players, 797,000 are currently alive. There have also been 22.6 million survival attempts, 2.15 billion zombies killed and 1.37 billion kilometers walked. Players have spent more than a millennium playing the game, 1,226 years at the time of this writing.

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thewastedyouth (on 06 August 2012)

amazing, I remember being pissed as hell when Division 9 from Irrational Games was killed off, it was based on the SWAT 4 engine and then I played Day Z, amazing!!!

Killy_Vorkosigan (on 07 August 2012)

However, will it capitalized its success, or is it going to die from a slow and painful death ? I play it cause I heard stories about it, I wanted to try the experience and its indeed a nice one. However, the user-Unfriendly interface, numerous bugs, night unplayability, and noob-UNfriendly community tarnish a very good game imho.

Cueil (on 07 August 2012)

people thumbed your down, but I have to agree with your points. There are some friendly servers, but there are a ton of jerks on many of the servers and no real repercussions to being one

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