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All of Sony Online Entertainment to be Down on April 23 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 20 April 2012 / 3,767 Views

Sony has announced that its Sony Online Entertainment service will be down for maintenance on Monday April 23 starting at 12:01am pacific (3:01am on the east coast of the US and 8:01am in the UK) and will last for 24 hours.  Logins for any game using the service "will be affected."

"Commerce transactions, including purchases on our websites and in-game marketplaces will be unavailable," says the notice. "Account management will be unavailable." Sony issued an apology for the interruption ahead of time and that users will be able to resume use of the service as soon as they are done with the maintenance.

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Pokemonbrawlvg (on 20 April 2012)

WTF? Didn't they just do a maintenance? What's going on?

Heavenly_King (on 20 April 2012)

I still don't understand the structure of SOE under the SCE umbrella. SOE is quite independent and most of their games are for PC. It is really weird.

SxyxS (on 20 April 2012)

I think that"s the problem.
The structure seems to be patch-like.
It"s a little bit like HOME-good Idea but few concept and lots of patchwork.

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duckypwns (on 21 April 2012)

That's Sony for ya.

Galvatron (on 22 April 2012)

Fuck! Now I actually have leave the house now! Do some stuff! This is bullshit!

EyeAmTJ (on 21 April 2012)

damn again

The_Botman (on 21 April 2012)

Free Games please

Baalzamon (on 20 April 2012)

Didn't they JUST have a 12 hour downtime?

Aj_habfan (on 20 April 2012)

That was SCE, which included PSN, this is SOE which is seperate (for some reason) and won't affect all of PSN, just SOE games.

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UnknownFact (on 20 April 2012)

Which is probably why they're doing maintenance, duh.

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duckypwns (on 21 April 2012)

Yes they did - Someone gave your comment a thumbs down, which implies that they didn't. I corrected that.

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VGKing (on 20 April 2012)

Is this supposed to be bad news? SOE is only for PC games so I doubt many people on this site care much.