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NPD Tallies US Video Game Revenue for October 2011 - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 11 November 2011 / 6,852 Views

NPD has reported video game sales in the US for the four weeks ending October 29, 2011. It was a pretty strong month for the US video game market, as hardware was strong and new software releases sold quite well.

NPD Revenue Oct 2011, previous months

Hardware sales increased year over year for X360 and Wii, with PS3 flat. Those figures, along with modest declines for PSP & PS2, and big declines for DS which were offset by 3DS, resulted in a good October for hardware compared to 2010.

US HW Grows in Oct 2011

X360 was the top selling hardware in the US for October at 393,000, up from last year by over 20%. Wii and 3DS each sold about 250,000 units according to Nintendo as did PS3 according to Nintendo and Microsoft statements (X360 = 393,000 and 44% share means 893,000 current consoles sold, Wii at ~250,000 leaves ~250,000 for PS3), with the original DS at about 180,000 units. PSP had a bunch of games release in October compared to previous months and increased a bit as well, although the 70,000 is an estimate based on the revenue total for hardware. Compared to September, PS3 dropped off from about 75,000 units per week to 62,500 per week in October, with X360 jumping to 98,000 per week from 87,500 or so in September. Wii also lifted to 62,500 per week in October from 48,000 per week in September. 3DS and DS growth was solid too, with 3DS growing to 62,500 per week from 52,000 per week, and DS lifting to 45,000 per week from about 30,000 per week.

The Wii has sold 36.80m units in the US in 60 months, for an average yearly pace of roughly 7.35m to date, even with 2007 and 2011 set to be well below that 12-month figure. DS now has sold 50.44m units in the US in 84 months, or on average 7.2m a year for seven years and should top at least 52m in the US lifetime, an incredible 15% ahead of lifetime PS2 figures. It is not out of the question just yet for DS to sell 55-60m in the US either, were Nintendo to keep it alive selling 0-4m a year for another one to three years. PS3 figures reached 18.13m through October 2011 (month 60), for an average of 3.63m annually since launch in November 2006. X360 figures are at 29.23m through six years (72 months), for an average of 4.87m units sold annually to date.

Historically speaking these are all rather strong console figures:

US Console Sales Semi-Annually

Over the past 12 months, Wii and X360 have continued trending above PS2, while PS3 remains below the PS2 pace.

12 Month US HW Sales Through Oct 2011

It's starting to look like 5m in a single year, as was the case in the year after the Slim and $300 price point (from $400) is about the limit for PS3 in the US. Heading into November and December, most major PS3 games are out save for Uncharted 3, Call of Duty, and Skyrim - which are all sequels. November 2010 had PS3 at under $300 for the first time with giftcards, and Gran Turismo 5 just ahead of Black Friday. Without a big exclusive title like that launching late in November, its hard to imagine PS3 figures increasing too much from late 2010. PS3 will finally be sold for $200 during Black Friday (with bundled games no less), but X360 will be as low as $140, and the Kinect bundle will be $200-$250 instead of the usual $300. Wii will be offered at $100-$150 with discounts as well, so even with PS3 cheaper than ever it is still the most expensive US console, and will continue to be until Wii U, X720, and PS4 arrive in 2012-2013. Sony's PS3 share could actually increase in late 2011 though, as X360 & Wii Nov-Dec sales in 2011 should be down from the 1.27m / 2.36m (Wii) and 1.37m / 1.86m (X360) reached in Nov-Dec 2010.

On a software basis, NPD reported that the biggest titles of October 2011 were:

1. Battlefield 3 (360, PS3, PC) - nearly 2 million
2. Batman: Arkham City (360, PS3) - about 1.5 million
3. NBA 2K12 (360, PS3, PSP, Wii, PS2, PC)  550k - 1.5m - likely around 1m? (VGC had 850,000)
4. Rage (360, PS3, PC) - 550k
5. Just Dance 3 (Wii, 360) - 320k-550k (See note below)
6. Dark Souls (PS3, 360)  < 320k
7. Madden NFL 12 (360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP)
8. Forza Motorsport 4 (360)
9. Gears of War 3 (360)
10. FIFA Soccer 12 (360, PS3, Wii, PSP, PS2, 3DS)
11. Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Madden launched late in the US this year, and likely represents at least 200,000 units based on where NPD ranked the game. That put Dark Souls and Just Dance 3 between 200,000 - 550,000 units. Ubisoft claimed in its financial briefing that through the first three weeks of October, Just Dance 3 on Wii was up by "double digit growth" from the Just Dance 2 Wii pace in the US. Just Dance 2 sold 286,000 last October, so 320,000+ units for October 2011 looks like a safe bet for the Wii version title minimally, with the X360 version also likely contributing tens of thousands of units. All things considered, Just Dance 3 likely sold about 400,000 units in October.

November software trends look fairly predictable - Call of Duty, Halo, Zelda, Marioland, Just Dance 3, Uncharted and a couple others should dominate the month. Black Friday should be particularly important this year though, as the discounts have been made public at major retailers much earlier than last year. Cuts are also appear to be more substantial than usual, so November sales may be relatively low before Black Friday arrives.

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dsage01 (on 11 November 2011)

BF3 looks really overtrracked in America

  • +6
Nintendogamer (on 11 November 2011)

3 systems sold the same amount :D

  • +4
spurgeonryan (on 12 November 2011)

I have been under the impression for months, that the wii was doing bad. But in fact according to this they are up from last year! Good news I think.

  • +3
TheSource (on 11 November 2011)

Battlefield was 2.7m Americas in Oct, which is 2.35m Oct for the US. About 20% above NPD. PS3, Wii and X360 were within 15% for Oct

  • +3
pezus TheSource (on 12 November 2011)

Battlefield is at 3m in Americas actually (didn't you just take the first week?). You probably forgot the PC version

  • -1
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 12 November 2011)

how comes they put top 11 software instead of 10!? but anyway, Skylanders comes 11th and maybe VGC has undertracked the title a bit in the US

also, about European sales, the 3DS version of Skylanders has abysmal numbers, and if the numbers are based on UK sales, i have to tell that i looked for Skylanders 3DS in the UK, 2-3 shops and couldn't find any copy, just copies of the other versions!?

Wii is doing great considering very little software and next Wii announced!!

another positive point is that so many games have a huge launch, so more software than last year which is good for gaming industry and stuff

  • +2
kowenicki (on 12 November 2011)

A 5% increase in software when the hardware install base will have increased by much more than 5%.... strange thing to brag about given that it means that in real terms you are actually selling less software per system.

  • +1
cyberninja45 (on 11 November 2011)

Skylanders makes the top 11's!

  • +1
yo_john117 (on 12 November 2011)

So Vgchartz numbers are pretty close then?

  • 0
kopstudent89 (on 12 November 2011)

X360 outpacing PS1!! And PS3 will definitely blow past N64 numbers.. Wii still outpacing PS2 in NA which is really mind biggling.... Incredible numbers this gen for hardware!

  • 0
Nintendogamer kopstudent89 (on 12 November 2011)

Wii will top 40M in US for sure by years end, or maybe 39.5M at least.

  • +1
thismeintiel (on 12 November 2011)

Sony says it saw 5% growth from last year, so it should be PS3 at around ~263K.

  • 0
Seece thismeintiel (on 12 November 2011)

Nintendo confirmed the 3DS was the 2nd best selling peice of HW at 250k

  • -1
Seece thismeintiel (on 12 November 2011)

They're talking about SW, nice try though ;-)

  • +1
thismeintiel thismeintiel (on 12 November 2011)

Lol, not trying anything, misread it. Thanks for correcting me, though.

  • +2
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crissindahouse (on 11 November 2011)

does this mean ps3 and 360 are almost 100k overtracked on vgc or am i wrong?

  • 0
kowenicki crissindahouse (on 12 November 2011)

yeah you're wrong. you are comparing americas numbers with US numbers.

  • 0
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