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Tenacious D Rocks BlizzCon 2010 - Photo Gallery and Video - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 28 October 2010 / 5,445 Views

Closing out BlizzCon 2010 was the "greatest band in the world," Tenacious D.  Not only that, but they had Mr. Dave Grohl on the drums as well (unfortunately, he didn't get to play Satan in this particular show, as that privilege fell to fan favorite Lee).  Being 6'5" and in the third row, I got some pretty sweet pictures of this once-in-a-lifetime event.  Sure, Ozzy Osbourne was at BlizzCon last year, but did he perform a new song titled "Death Star?"  He did not.  Tenacious D did.  (Caution: contains some naughty language!)

Who else but Tenacious D would hit the stage in costumes (Jack was a wizard and Kyle was a lizard due to a miscommunication beforehand - they sound alike!), only to take them off after getting too sweaty to reveal some rockin' sweatpants and a tiger T-shirt?  Classy dudes.  Check out a gallery of the concert below.  Can a new album be far behind, or even another tour?

Coolest part: the giant screen behind them was playing WoW machinima music videos to match some of the songs.  "Double Team" took on a whole new meaning when set in Azeroth... and a satanic-looking Dave Grohl pounding the skins with twenty-foot high digital flames behind him?  Priceless.

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specialops787 (on 28 October 2010)

I'm gonna be honest, if i saw jack black on the street and he looked like that, I probably wouldn't recognize him.

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