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Phil Spencer: Xbox Developing New Games in Collaboration With Japanese Developers

Phil Spencer: Xbox Developing New Games in Collaboration With Japanese Developers - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 October 2023 / 3,402 Views

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer in an interview with Game Watch revealed they are developing new games in collaboration with Japanese video game companies and to expect more Japanese games on Xbox in the future.

"In fact, we released Hi-Fi Rush in January 2023," via a translation by VideoGamesChronicle. "It may not have been a major title like Blue Dragon, but it was certainly high-quality."

Phil Spencer: Xbox Developing New Games in Collaboration with Japanese Companies

Spencer continued to expect further growth in first-party and third-party games from Japan.

"There are also Japanese game creators who are part of Microsoft Game Studios, and while there are titles we can’t announce yet, we are currently developing new games in collaboration with Japanese companies," he said.

"With further growth, including first-party and third-party, I believe you can look forward to the arrival of even more Japanese titles in the future."

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rapsuperstar31 (on 25 September 2023)

They have a long way to go to get anywhere near the 360 days when they got Blue Dragon, Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean The Last Hope, Last Remanent, Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscoverey, and Eternal Sonata all as either exclusives or year moneyhats. They have been doing a lot better recently with the recent Atlus additions.

  • +4
Qwark rapsuperstar31 (on 25 September 2023)

Yeah but those 360 years might return

  • -4
TheLegendaryBigBoss (on 25 September 2023)

Bring back Scalebound. Do it Phil!

  • +1
Ayla (on 25 September 2023)

Remake Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. That's simple enough and will attract people to Xbox.

  • -2
V-r0cK Ayla (on 25 September 2023)

I don't even think the original Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey attracted enough people to Xbox.

  • +1
LivncA_Dis3 (on 25 September 2023)

Hopefully it comes to fruition unlike scalebound

  • -3
Machiavellian LivncA_Dis3 (on 27 September 2023)

I continue to wonder why people keep talking about Scalebound because the game really did not look like it was going to be good. I remember seeing the last video of it and thinking to myself, this game is going to suck hard. If MS does revive the game, it needs a total redo. Scrap all that MP parts out and if P cannot dedicate full development to the project, do not waste even a moment with them.

  • -2