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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Actor: 'You Have Seen Nothing Yet'

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Actor: 'You Have Seen Nothing Yet' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 June 2023 / 2,106 Views

Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Insomniac Games last week shared over 10 minutes of gameplay for Marvel's Spider-Man 2, as well as the revealing Kraven the Hunter will be in the game.

Actor Yuri Lowenthal, who voices Peter Parker, teased that while people some are complaining the developer showed too much gameplay, he assured fans they have seen nothing yet.

"You saw the gameplay drop," said Lowenthal speaking with IGN. "Some of you said, 'Ah, they showed too much!' I assure you...You have seen nothing yet. It is…Yeah, we’ve just scratched the surface – it is just the 'Thwip! of the Spider-Berg,' if I may coin that."

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is currently set to launch for the PlayStation 5 in Fall 2023.

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Brimac19 (on 01 June 2023)

Also Insomniac stated this was an earlier build of the game.👍

  • +1
The Fury (on 01 June 2023)

People said that? The first games gameplay preview was like a mission from the last 2/3 of the game and barely spoiled anything.

  • +1
LivncA_Dis3 (on 03 June 2023)

I'm eggcited!
Insomniac are absolute workhorse and deserve all the praise and hopefully they deliver another banger after banger just like what they've been doing these past couple of years!

  • 0
Qwark (on 02 June 2023)

Quite the contrary we have seen it all and done it all. The segment they showed in large part was a combination between Spider-Man gameplay and the Uncharted Madagascar chase. But like many activities we like, we are ready to do it all over again. Be it with a slight coat of fresh paint.

  • 0
KratosLives (on 01 June 2023)

I need to rewatch it 4k. But has anything been shown that makes it look like a ps5 game, not like miles morales ps4/ps5?

  • 0