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Valheim is a Timed Console Exclusive on Xbox for Six Months

Valheim is a Timed Console Exclusive on Xbox for Six Months - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 20 March 2023 / 3,237 Views

Coffee Stain Publishing and developer Iron Gate Studio released Valheim for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass in Game Preview on March 14. The game was previously available in Early Access on PC via Steam and Microsoft Store, as well as PC Game Pass.

Microsoft in an email sent to Xbox Game Pass subscribers revealed Valheim is a timed console exclusive on Xbox platforms for six months. This could mean the game might release on other consoles - the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch - as soon as September 14, 2023.

"Xbox console exclusivity will extend for a limited time of six months," reads the email.

Read details on the game below:

Valheim is a brutal exploration and survival game for one-to-10 players set in a procedurally-generated world inspired by Norse mythology. Craft powerful weapons, construct longhouses, and slay mighty foes to prove yourself to Odin!

Explore the Tenth World

Explore a world shrouded in mystery. Discover distinct environments with unique enemies to battle, resources to gather and secrets to uncover! Be a viking, sail the open seas in search of lands unknown, and fight bloodthirsty monsters.

Build Mighty Halls

Raise viking longhouses and build bases that offer reprieve from the dangers ahead. Customize buildings, both inside and out, with a detailed building system. Progress through building tiers to upgrade, expand and defend your base.

Gather, Craft, and Survive

Struggle to survive as you gather materials and craft weapons, armor, tools, ships, and defenses. Decorate your hearths and sharpen your blades, grow crops and vegetables, prepare food, brew meads and potions, and progress as you defeat more difficult bosses and discover new recipes and blueprints.

Key Features:

  • Massive procedurally-generated world where every biome is immersive and distinct, with unique enemies, resources and crafting recipes to discover.
  • Play alone or with up to 10 players on player-hosted dedicated servers and experience unlimited world creation and enemies that scale in difficulty.
  • Stamina-based combat that rewards preparation and skill. Utilize weapon types with unique attacks, different blocking styles, ranged combat, dodges and parries to fight your enemies.
  • Rewarding food system where you cannot starve and are not punished for not eating, instead you gain health, stamina and regeneration buffs depending on what foods you consume.
  • Intuitive crafting where recipes are discovered as you explore the world, and pick up new resources and ingredients.
  • Flexible building system that takes structural integrity and ventilation into account. Build a small shelter or an entire village, make outposts or claim abandoned buildings as your own. Then customize to your liking.
  • Sail boats and ships to reach distant lands and explore the sea that offers riches to claim and monsters to fight.
  • Epic boss fights that will test even the best prepared vikings and offer rewards that help you on your journey.

Valheim is also in Early Access on PC via Steam and Microsoft Store, as well as PC Game Pass.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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Bandorr (on 20 March 2023)

I've grown out of love with early access games.
Rogue legacy 2 was amazing. Until there was no more content. It fully released with all the content but I just have no interest to play it again because I've moved on.

Similar to season passes where the content comes out after I'm already done with the game.
I know people that enjoyed it on PC though.

  • +4
gtotheunit91 Bandorr (on 20 March 2023)

That wouldn't work in this case anyway. It's a survival game. It's meant to be never ending. A friend of mine rents out a server just for us in our discord to play in his game lol.

Grounded is the only survival game in recent memory that actually has an ending, but even then, it still has the survival or creative mode that can last forever. But Valheim doesn't have a campaign or story.

  • +3
loy310 (on 21 March 2023)

but i, but ,but i thought............

  • +2
LurkerJ (on 20 March 2023)

Damn you, SONY! oh wait.

  • +2
gtotheunit91 LurkerJ (on 20 March 2023)

Eh, only a $20 indie game. Not big enough for Sony to try to hat. MS likes to hat indie to AA games. Sony likes to hat AA to AAA games.

  • 0
DonFerrari gtotheunit91 (on 20 March 2023)

There have been plenty of Indies exclusive to Playstation.

  • +2
Dallinor gtotheunit91 (on 20 March 2023)

Sony have always hatted more indie and AA titles than AAA. Your point makes no sense.

Edit: Downvoted for literally stating facts. Amazing.

  • +1
gtotheunit91 Dallinor (on 20 March 2023)

My point was Sony hats more than MS since they get much more higher profile AAA games and games in general lol. I just didn't realize by how much. So yeah, my comment is negated.

If anything you actually make the first half of Lurker's comment more factually correct rather than a joke at MS having a timed indie exclusive lol.

  • -4
Comment was deleted...
Comment was deleted...
Zippy6 gtotheunit91 (on 20 March 2023)

It's a game that has sold well over 10m copies. I'd say it's price is irrelevant.

  • +7
Dante9 gtotheunit91 (on 21 March 2023)

Hatting is hatting and everybody does it. The real problem is that the market is consolidating because they are buying up the companies.

  • +1
EpicRandy (on 21 March 2023)

Happy to see MS doing some hatting even though I would hope it was an AAA that can carry hype and momentum rather than an already 2 year old pc title. this game should be as great of a fit for Xbox GamePass than with PC GamePass.

  • -1
ice (on 20 March 2023)

If only all hats were 6 months, I wouldn't care who does what lol

  • -1
scrapking ice (on 21 March 2023)

Do we know this is a money hat? Or did Microsoft participate in the development of the game, and this is one of the perks they received?

  • +1
ClassicGamingWizzz (on 21 March 2023)

Timed Console Exclusive on Xbox for Six Months

This cant be right, cant be , this is fake news.

  • -2
Leynos (on 20 March 2023)

First time hearing about the games existence.

  • -3
gtotheunit91 Leynos (on 20 March 2023)

It's definitely a PC-centric game. My friends wouldn't shut up about it when it released in 2021 till I finally gave it a try lol

  • 0
Vizigoth04 (on 20 March 2023)

Kind of looks like a cheap knock off anyway.

  • -8
smroadkill15 Vizigoth04 (on 20 March 2023)

Of what exactly?

  • +8
gtotheunit91 Vizigoth04 (on 20 March 2023)

It's actually a huge game on PC lol. Especially for an early access survival PvE indie game.

Over 340,000 reviews sitting at a 95% Overwhelmingly Positive and at its peak, over 500,000 concurrent players.

  • +5
TheTitaniumNub Vizigoth04 (on 20 March 2023)

Even though it was one of the most praised games when it released on PC.

  • +2