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Report: Monster Hunter Rise Headed to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and Game Pass in January 2023

Report: Monster Hunter Rise Headed to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and Game Pass in January 2023 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 December 2022 / 5,781 Views

Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak expansion are coming to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass in 2023, according to a report from Insider Gaming.

Monster Hunter Rise will release on January 20, 2023, while the Sunbreak expansion will launch in Spring 2023.

The game on current-generation consoles - PS5 and Xbox Series X|S - will be a "4K60 port" and support "3D audio."

Report: Monster Hunter Rise Headed to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and Game Pass in January 2023

The official announcement from Capcom according to the report will be sometime soon with a possibility at The Game Awards.

Monster Hunter Rise first released for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021 and for PC on January 12, 2022. The Sunbreak expansion released for both platforms on June 30, 2022.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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KLXVER (on 30 November 2022)

Makes sense. Was wondering why they werent porting it to the other consoles.

  • +6
rapsuperstar31 (on 30 November 2022)

11 million already sold, wonder if the total sales will surpass MHW once released on all consoles

  • +2
yvanjean rapsuperstar31 (on 30 November 2022)

It will probably come to game pass and Playstation Plus; that make this total sales figure irrelevant going forward.

  • -8
2zosteven yvanjean (on 30 November 2022)

The report says its coming to gamepass

  • +7
Manlytears 2zosteven (on 01 December 2022)

Likely only base game, no sunbreak DLC.

  • 0
LivncA_Dis3 (on 30 November 2022)

Mega announcement if this were to be true!

  • +1
Ayla (on 01 December 2022)

I'll check it out since it's on gamepass.

  • 0
EspadaGrim (on 30 November 2022)

Hope they update the textures as well

  • 0
Qwark (on 30 November 2022)

We will see if true or bullocks soon enough,I personally think the latter.

  • -2
Signalstar Qwark (on 01 December 2022)

Confirmed true

  • +1
Pinkie_pie (on 01 December 2022)

This is bs. Why are they porting rise to Playstation and xbox but not world to switch

  • -3
Manlytears (on 30 November 2022)

I mean, they will put the basic game and then lauch DLC later!? Why not make a "definitive" version, ALL dlc included??

Looks cheap... Love MH, but not gonna buy a Switch port with no DLC included. Also, 90% sure It will use Switch bad texture and asset, or similar, Just making It run 4K/60fps

  • -6
yvanjean (on 30 November 2022)

Nintendo Paid "Around $6 Million" For Monster Hunter Rise's Timed Exclusivity On Switch.
I was wondering why this game was stuck on the switch. I refuse to play this gem on the switch with the awful load time.

  • -9
Ashadelo yvanjean (on 30 November 2022)

It's on the PC you know

  • +2