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Microsoft Discontinued Xbox One Production at the End of 2020

Microsoft Discontinued Xbox One Production at the End of 2020 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted 3 days ago / 2,322 Views

Microsoft has stopped production on all Xbox One consoles. It first discontinued the Xbox One X and Xbox One S digital edition before the launch of the Xbox Series X|S and it stopped production of the Xbox one S at the end of 2020.

"To focus on production of Xbox Series X / S, we stopped production for all Xbox One consoles by the end of 2020," senior director of Xbox console product marketing Cindy Walker told The Verge.

Microsoft Discontinued Xbox One Production at the End of 2020

This confirmation from Microsoft comes right after Sony revealed it plans to keep producing the PlayStation 4 through 2022 as the supply shortages have limited the stock of the PlayStation 5.

The strategy for Sony is to add produce around one million PS4 consoles this year to help offset the shortages that are hitting the PS5.

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Shiken (3 days ago)

Given that MS has the Series S, I have no idea why anyone would ever opt for an X1, even under a budget. This was a wise, albiet expected move by MS IMO. This way every console they sell (outside of existing stock) is a factor in future software sales.

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DonFerrari Shiken (3 days ago)

Yep, only reason at this moment to pick a X1 would be like collecting, and I would prefer to pick a used one for very cheap, otherwise Series S makes a lot more sense.

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scrapking DonFerrari (3 days ago)

Yeah, an Xbox One S (new or second-hand) would only make sense if you A) want to watch movie discs (it even supports UHDs), and B) are going to subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate so you'll be able to playcurrent-gen games well into the future, even if they don't also come out on Xbox One, thanks to game streaming.

If you're not looking to play movie discs, and are OK with digital-only, then the Series S makes about a billion times more sense.

I'd argue that the the combo of UHD compatibility and game streaming would actually make purchasing a new Xbox One in 2022 more desirable than a new PS4 in 2022, however. But perhaps Sony will step up their streaming game with Spartacus and level that playing field.

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Leynos Shiken (3 days ago)

One has a disc slot for collecting and you would think easier to find in shops. Digital only console is dumb. Removes options.

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Shiken Leynos (3 days ago)

The thing is MS 1st party is already starting to move away from the X1, seeing how Starfield later this year will only be on Series consoles and PC. I cannot imagine Hellblade 2 being on the X1 consoles either at this point. Digital or not, at least with the S you can still play what is to come vs a console that is losing support sooner rather than later.

Though I do agree that digital only sucks, I prefer physical games. But one cannot deny that the Series S is a great budget console for the price.

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aTokenYeti (3 days ago)

Daniel Ahmad said his final sales estimate for the Xbox One lifetime is 56 million units.

I made a snarky comment over the forums about this being the “end of an error”, but it really is the end of an an era. The Xbox One will have a mostly negative legacy due to its lack of first party titles and attempted destruction of the used games market, as well as the Kinect vastly overstaying it’s welcome. But it’s failure ultimately forced Microsoft to get back to the fundamentals and work harder on being a better company, and ultimately Xbox is better off for it.

  • +13

I see his estimated figures for the Xbox One. Famitsu also says it shipped 49.89 million worldwide. Not sure where they got their numbers from. Right now we have Xbox One estimates at 50,542,053.

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aTokenYeti trunkswd (3 days ago)

I’m probably just going to keep saying 50 million because it’s a nice round number that’s probably more or less accurate

  • +7

I rather thrust Famitsu in this, Daniel is a great analyst but Famitsu have a great historic of tracking and possibly even more contacts and access to numbers than Daniel.

  • +4
mjk45 DonFerrari (3 days ago)

Be careful who you thrust it could get you in trouble or someone pregnant.

  • +6
DonFerrari mjk45 (2 days ago)

Got someone pregnant twice, but I wanted so all good

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mjk45 DonFerrari (2 days ago)

but in this case it could be the whole of Famitsu and imagine the alimony.

  • +3

Ah the old Famitsu tracking.
I’m estimating they would be at about 49.97 million now with Famitsu numbers.
With Famitsu likely under tracking and Daniel likely over tracking there’s a chance that vgchartz are coming away from this as having the most accurate estimates.

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Nah that's Don's department not mine , my concern is all about Don thrusting Famitsu and the consequences that may arise from that thrusting.

  • +2

Hopefully no thrusting of rare or valuable issues.

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We're walking a fine line right next to sticky pages jokes

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jason1637 trunkswd (3 days ago)

Famitsu also has FH4 at 12m sold worldwide.

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darthv72 aTokenYeti (3 days ago)

It's not uncommon for a 3rd platform to not outdo their 2nd. Just look at the PS3 vs the PS2 (or even PS1) but the XBO did best the original xbox by about double. Still its a ways off from the 360 and should still be proud of achieving 50m units. Only being like 36m off from the former is easier to handle than being 68m off (difference between PS3 & PS2).

It had a good run and certainly had way more special editions than the 360 did. So for anyone who collects the hardware... it got rather pricey in the 8th gen vs the 7th. I know as I have 20 xbo units myself with a few more Im after. And the controller selection was just crazy for XBO compared to 360.

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axumblade (3 days ago)

Given the success and availability of the S, it makes sense. Nobody is buying the One anymore.

  • +7
aTokenYeti axumblade (3 days ago)

The dual SKU strategy is why Microsoft stopped making the Xbox One and is cutting off first party software support now instead of at the end of 2022 or further beyond. The Series S fills the budget/demand overflow niche that previous gen consoles used to fill when new consoles launched

  • +3
scrapking aTokenYeti (3 days ago)

It's proven so solidly to be the right strategy, that I'll be very surprised if Sony doesn't also follow it for next-gen. Possibly Nintendo too, the next time they launch a new architecture (as opposed to an iteration on an existing architecture).

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Pemalite (3 days ago)

Considering the console shortages on new hardware, probably would have made sense keeping a super-budget Xbox Series S around until 2023 as it's built on less congested production lines.

I.E. One S for $250 AUD, Series S for $500 AUD, Series X for $750 AUD.

I guess Microsoft just wants to cut off the last gen sooner rather than later.

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Well Series S is being available for the past 6 months or so, so perhaps that is less of an issue to MS. Besides they offer their services on PC as well and said multiple times they don`t really care about the HW sales.

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Pemalite DonFerrari (2 days ago)

The Series S is definitely easier to find, but still goes out of stock here fairly often.
Would have been good to just keep it available, especially during the holiday season.

Microsoft "not caring about hardware sales" absolutely doesn't help me or other consumers in the slightest if there is scarcity of hardware.

Could have been that "even cheaper" budget offering that undercuts even the Series S.

  • 0

Agree with you on all these points.

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scrapking Pemalite (3 days ago)

A few more Xbox Ones in the supply chain would have been good as the One S became relatively hard to find earlier than the Series S became relatively easy to find. But the pandemic wasn't anticipated when these decisions were first being made and, with production lead-times, these decisions often can't be significantly modified at the last minute.

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DonFerrari (3 days ago)

Considering the sales of X it makes sense, it is just odd that it took over 1 year for it to be revealed while "insiders" know Sony would stop production in 2021 and now wants to produce 1M in 2022.

  • +2

Xbox Ones were so hard to find and so expensive during 2021 that I had just assumed Microsoft had quietly shut down production, and sure enough that was the case.

Xbox has enough entry points into the ecosystem that the Xbox One really isn’t necessary anymore. Series X, Series S, PC, and mobile/cloud. The marginal benefit of a few extra Xbox Ones just wasn’t large enough compared to rapidly transitioning the user base to 9th generation (or the rough PC hardware equivalent)

  • +6

totally agree.

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JackHandy (1 day ago)

You know, far be it from be to criticize Sony's plans but, adding produce around one million PS4s isn't going to do much to offset PS5 shortages. If anything, it's just going to make people buy more lettuce.

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LivncA_Dis3 (2 days ago)

R.i.p ONE haha

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Wman1996 (3 days ago)

Our world is so topsy-turvy that it took slightly over a year for a tech giant to confirm one of their consoles is discontinued.
No idea why Microsoft waited so long to confirm this. What did they gain by keeping it secret?

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aTokenYeti Wman1996 (3 days ago)

I don’t think MS was trying to keep this a secret, no one really cared to ask.

  • +11

I guess MS and Sony works(ed) different in this regard. Sony at least until discontinuing PS3, informed the market months in advance when they would stop making and then selling the console. I can`t say I remember MS doing the same.

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Wman1996 DonFerrari (3 days ago)

Phil Spencer announced the Xbox 360's discontinuation in April 2016. He didn't say anything along the lines of "we already discontinued it months (or a year) ago".

Nintendo listed 3DS models as out of production in September 2020, as well as removing certain parts of it on their website. To me, corporations should give us more notice with discontinuation than Microsoft gave with the Xbox One. They let us know right when the All-Digital and One X were being discontinued, but not the One S.

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I do agree, it shows if there is intent to keep support or not and if you are buying something that is to be discontinued or not.

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