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New PS5 Model Reportedly Runs Cooler, According to New Test

New PS5 Model Reportedly Runs Cooler, According to New Test - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 September 2021 / 2,093 Views

A new version of the PS5 with a disc drive were spotted for sale in Australia, Japan, and parts of the US last month. The launch PS5 consoles used a CFI-1XXX model number, while the new model spotted in Australia uses CFI-11XX. he revised hardware model - CFI-1100B - weighs 3.6 Kg, while the launch model - CFI-1000B - weighs 3.9 Kg. 

A video from YouTuber Austin Evans has solved why the new PS5 model is 300 grams lighter than the launch PS5 model. Sony has changed out the heatsink with a much smaller version. Testing by Evans discovered the air coming out of the console ran hotter than launch PS5 consoles by about 3C to 5C. 

YouTube channel Hardware Busters has now done a more in-depth look at the revised PS5 model who measured the temperature of the internal components of the console, rather than the heat of the exhaust vents. 

The testing shows the CPU in the new PS model runs cooler than launch consoles by 11C. The CPU in the launch PS5 runs around 51.15C, while the new model runs around 40.08C.

However, the memory does run hotter in the new model at 48.2C compared to 40.88C on the launch units. VRM also runs slightly warmer at 46.32C, compared to 44.97C. 

"They have exactly the same fans, power consumption is about the same, fan speed is also the same. The only difference is in the heat sink," said Hardware Busters. 

"It’s evident now that the heat sink in the new PlayStation 5 performs better. Yes, it is smaller and weighs 300g less in the new model, but it is more effective. I measured 11C lower CPU temperature on the new PS5 model.

"The memory difference. Yes, it was 8C higher in the new model, but what matters the most is CPU temperature. The new heat sink looks to be better according to my data."

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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ClassicGamingWizzz (on 09 September 2021)

Youtubers love to spread lies to clicks, austin is such a fucking tool.

  • +27
Azzanation ClassicGamingWizzz (on 09 September 2021)
  • -22
JRPGfan ClassicGamingWizzz (on 09 September 2021)

Austin Evans always makes concern troll videos about Playstation, and videos trying to put them in bad light. Then he gets invited by xbox teams, to do show cases of xbox's and its a totally differnt vibe. Guy is obviously abit biased.

  • +19
scrapking JRPGfan (on 12 September 2021)

I strongly disagree. He's a tech youtuber in general, and spends a lot of this time talking about PC stuff, headsets, whatever. I think your take on him wouldn't survive a thorough review of all his content. He only did so many Series X|S videos this time last year because Microsoft granted him access, whereas Sony didn't. He himself admitted he gets more views on PS5 videos than Xbox videos, but he doesn't always have access to the hardware in a timely fashion. The overwhelming majority of his videos don't mention consoles in any way, so your take that he "always makes" PlayStation troll videos is false.

  • +5
scrapking ClassicGamingWizzz (on 12 September 2021)

I disagree. But even if you're right, let's take things down a notch. He's been doxxed, he's received death threats. No one should care about his take on their preferred plastic box enough to do that. Let's not feed into the hate hysteria here.

  • -1
EricHiggin scrapking (on 12 September 2021)

The hate seemingly went too far, but Austin was asking for hate based on the video title alone since he couldn't back it up. He could have been much more clear, precise, and less click baity since he did do a semi teardown, but he wasn't.
Just as important, is no tuber/influencer should take this approach to make another system look bad or worse than it is without strong hard evidence. Unless you actually work for the competition, but even then it's slimy.
Yet Austin works for himself, and clearly put down the PS5, and did it in a way that it seemed his intentions weren't entirely genuine. If you're going to take sides at all, at any time, you're going to get some level of hate. Everyone knows this and most are ready for it in general.
It's not just about what viewers may think based on their preference, it also matters what the hosts preferences and goals are, and whether they make that clear or not. If those goals and/or preferences could cause controversy, you've got to be ready to deal with that or don't bother in the first place. There's ways to preemptively combat hate to attempt to lessen it for a video, but he certainly didn't apply those in this case.
If by chance he just did it for attention and clicks, then it's an unfortunate hard lesson where the line is, in terms of how inaccurate, non genuine, or unprepared you can be just for fame.

  • +1
scrapking EricHiggin (on 13 September 2021)

I disagree that he was asking for hate. I'm not Christian, but the smartest thing said in the bible is "Love they neighbour". He's not a troll, he's not an Xbot, he is a tech YouTuber who rarely even talks about consoles. He's guilty of a bad 'take'. Saying he was asking for the hate is like saying someone who got raped was asking for it because they dressed in revealing clothes. It's excusing the hate. The hate should not be excused.

He was doxxed, his life was threatened, all because he had a bad 'take' on a game console revision. It's not acceptable, and we shouldn't offer any excuse for it. If someone doesn't like his content, watch another channel, don't try to ruin his life let alone threaten to end it!

  • +1
EricHiggin scrapking (on 13 September 2021)

It wouldn't just be revealing clothing, it would be their words, actions, and where it took place. Going to a new establishment where you know people have been raped prior for doing what your doing, then assuming you wouldn't have a problem would be beyond reckless.
Rape obviously isn't a good thing, and nobody wants it to happen, but it unfortunately does, which is why most people avoid getting into situations that are more likely to lead to that. Sometimes they are unaware for whatever reason, and maybe that's what happened to Austin, but some people learn certain lessons the in the hardest worst type of ways and that's just life. Not all sharp corners can be rounded off and/or padded.
Nobody including myself wants anyone to get raped, just like nobody wants anyone to die from an illness, though some (even here) did wish for particular people to die from covid due to their words and actions.
I also believe forgiveness is the best path, though everyone has a limit. You and I likely don't have all the same beliefs, and there's 8 billion other unique people out there. It's not entirely my personal perspective, it's also a general take on the situation. Not everyone is like me and I understand that.
I myself didn't hate him for it, though I didn't agree with much of the 'review'. Do I wish people were more forgiving, sure, but I wish a lot of things that don't happen and won't happen. People are people.
I also understand, at least to a certain degree, why some others would react so harshly, and just because I think they're wrong doesn't necessarily make me entirely right. I just gave my point of view, which isn't always all about my own morals and beliefs, and others can decide for themselves.

  • 0
scrapking EricHiggin (on 13 September 2021)

Setting the analogy aside, then... I agree that there is subjectivity in life. I don't see any way that it could reasonably be escalated from "That guy is a Microsoft shill," to "I'm going to do my best to ruin his life through doxxing and death threats". That's WAY too much of an overreaction.

My point is that the people here piling on saying things like he's "a fucking tool", that he "always makes concern troll videos about Playstation," are adding fuel to the fire, whether that's their intent or not.

We can add to the attempts to ruin this guy's life because he had a bad 'take', or we can choose to help dial things back a little and remember that these are discussion about which plastic box people prefer over the other plastic box options.

  • +1
EricHiggin scrapking (on 13 September 2021)

I myself agree, just let the personal side of it go, but here's just one of many things you have to take into account from other people's point of view.
Some people are no doubt doing this because a similar thing was done to themselves, or someone else they like/admire, and are using this as payback, even if indirect. Heck some now see it as the norm, or have seen this type of reaction happen in a non gaming related matter, and are applying it here anyway.
Many things are bleeding into each other and while some are trying to stop it, some are trying to fuel it or are just along for the ride.
Anyone who just says, 'stop it because it's bad and isn't right', is going to get nowhere with most taking shots. If the people who seem in the wrong to you, don't or cant relate to you, or see you as a 'square', they won't listen.

  • 0
scrapking EricHiggin (6 days ago)

There's probably a lot of truth in what you say, and I appreciate you sharing that perspective.

  • +1
Random_Matt (on 09 September 2021)

That youtuber just playing fan wars.

  • +18
JRPGfan (on 09 September 2021)

The guy mentions when he says "memory runs hotter" he was actually meassureing the SSD.
Also CPU temps = APU or SoC temps.

  • +16
EricHiggin (on 10 September 2021)

Yup. Some gains, some losses, but the new new system looks to actually be improved overall. Better, not worse. Not surprised, though still room to improve.
How can less heatsink be more better though? Less can't somehow be more can it? LOL. Yes. Yes it can. More often than many would imagine.
Work smart, not hard. Engineer, don't brute force. At least if you have the knowledge and skill anyway.

  • +13
drkohler EricHiggin (on 10 September 2021)

"How can less heatsink be more better though?"
Because the mass of a heatsink does not determine how efficient heat can be transported away. The key is the design of the heatpipes and how they connect to the heat sink that ultimately separates "acceptable" from "good". The new PS5 design uses much better designed pipes (higher radius is a keay factor). This effect is well known in the PC area where well designed small sinks+good pipes beat large sinks+runof the mill pipes.
Optimising the system is not straigh forward and it seems Sony initially went with "big is better" and simulations in the end showed "small is beautiful" so the new revision now.

  • +8
EricHiggin drkohler (on 10 September 2021)

The airflow no doubt has been optimized as well. Just looking at the new layout of the cooling fins you can see they've created less restriction for the air to pass through. That's partially thanks to less heatsink overall. Let's them keep the fan speed slow and quiet like the previous model.

  • +3
DonFerrari (on 09 September 2021)

So which of the armchairs engineers got it right? And wasn`t the design of the fan a little different from what we heard?

  • +8
EricHiggin DonFerrari (on 10 September 2021)

The new model looks to be better overall, but not all heat transfer has been improved.
Gamers Nexus is also supposed to be trying to get their hands on a new model and will be going into great detail testing it when they do. Not that this breakdown isn't conclusive enough, but a second check with another highly regarded tester would put most uncertainty to rest.

  • +6
DonFerrari EricHiggin (on 10 September 2021)

Yep. We need professionals doing the test on different conditions to confirm. But I really don`t think Sony would cut corners so soon making the system break for few bucks.

  • +5
drkohler DonFerrari (on 10 September 2021)

Go to Igor's site and check what they actually did (I think they all have engineering degrees) before you make such stupid remarks.

  • -4
DonFerrari drkohler (on 10 September 2021)

Having an engineering degree and doing a good analysis isnt the same thing, and I would refrain from personal attacks. And neither side have really done extensive testing to a deep level as certainly was done by the manufacturer. There are plenty of "engineers" and wannabes that "tune" their car by cutting their springs shorter and the like, that doesnt really mean it is a good measure.

  • +10
scrapking DonFerrari (on 12 September 2021)

There were already two fan designs available for launch PS5s. It hasn't been explicitly confirmed that this isn't the other launch PS5 fan design, so far as I know.

  • 0
Mystro-Sama (on 10 September 2021)

Who is this guy and can we really trust his word? What does a random youtuber know?

  • +1