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Andro Dunos II Announced for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, and Dreamcast

Andro Dunos II Announced for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, and Dreamcast - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 29 March 2021 / 1,378 Views

Publisher and developer PixelHeart, and developer Picorinne Soft have announced Andro Dunos II for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, and Dreamcast. It will launch in 2021.

View the announcement trailer below:

Here is an overview of the game:

The sequel to the famous shoot’em up from Visco studio is coming to PixelHeart. It’s time to bring out your good old spaceship fighter in Andro Dunos II.

Once upon a time…

Andro Dunos is a side scrolling arcade game from shoot’em up category (Shmup). Developed by Visco and distributed in 1992 by SNK on Neo Geo MVS and Neo Geo AES. Licensed by PixelHeart since 2020.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and efficient gameplay.
  • Recover power ups by killing enemies.
  • Music composed by Allister Brimble (Alien Breed, Body Blows, Project-X, Colonization, Driver, or Superfrog).

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Squall_Leonhart (on 29 March 2021)

I did read that right!? Dreamcast? Wow... impressed that its getting a game

  • +1
Rafie (on 29 March 2021)

Dreamcast still getting support! I LOVE IT!!!

  • +1
Verter (on 30 March 2021)

I couldn't help but notice that the Dreamcast was in a software drought lately, so I'm glad about this.

  • 0