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Pokemon Legends Arceus Infuses Core Gameplay with Action RPG Elements, Announced for Switch

Pokemon Legends Arceus Infuses Core Gameplay with Action RPG Elements, Announced for Switch - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 March 2021 / 3,961 Views

The Pokemon Company during the Pokemon Presents video today announced Pokemon Legends Arceus for the Nintendo Switch. It will launch in early 2022.

View the announcement trailer below:

Here is an overview of the game:

Bold New Direction

The Pokémon Legends: Arceus game honors past Pokémon games’ core gameplay while infusing new action and RPG elements.

You’ll need to catch, survey, and research wild Pokémon in a long-gone era of the Sinnoh region to create and complete the region’s first Pokédex.

Catch Pokémon

To catch Pokémon in the Pokémon Legends: Arceus game, you can observe them to learn their behavior, then carefully sneak up, aim your Poké Ball, and let fly!

You can also have your ally Pokémon battle wild Pokémon that you hope to catch. Just throw the Poké Ball holding your ally Pokémon near a wild Pokémon, and you’ll seamlessly enter battle and command your Pokémon by choosing from moves it knows.

An Adventure in the Sinnoh of Days Gone By

You’ll be brought to the Sinnoh region, the setting for the Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl games. But this story unfolds in a long-gone era, before ideas such as being a Pokémon Trainer or having a Pokémon League even existed.

All around, you’ll find Pokémon living wild in harsh environments that make for a Sinnoh unlike the region you may remember from the days of the Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl games.

The Poké Balls of old were apparently built a little differently from the ones we know so well. They were made mostly of wood, and steam puffed from their tops when Pokémon were caught.​

Meet Your First Partner Pokémon

As you start off on your adventure to create the region’s first Pokédex, you’ll be able to choose Rowlet, Cyndaquil, or Oshawott as a partner.

These three Pokémon arrived with a Pokémon Professor, who encountered them on research excursions to various regions.​

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Pemalite (on 26 February 2021)

Graphics leave much to be desired, Breath of the Wild is still a step up and that is 4~ years old at this point and was a port from a weaker platform.

In saying that, it is a big improvement from Sword and Shield, so that is definitely a bonus.

Will probably be a day 1 purchase anyway.

  • +14
hunter_alien (on 27 February 2021)

From a tech POV it looks horrid. I mean I'm sorry but there are just so many amazing-looking games on the Switch by this point that this is simply unacceptable. The idea is decent IMO, and could breathe some freshness into the franchise.

  • +8
Real (on 26 February 2021)

Pokemon breath of the wild this is why gamefreak moved to Nintendo epd building 🔥 can't wait

  • +8
Jranation Real (on 26 February 2021)

When did this happen?

  • 0
Real Jranation (on 26 February 2021)

Last November gamefreak moved their office to Nintendo HQ. They're learning a lot

  • -1
heavenmercenary01 Real (on 27 February 2021)

They need to learn a lot considering they're a bunch of uncompetent twats.
They need some kicks in the ass whenever it's needed because the Pokémon series doesn't deserve to be treated the way they're treating it. Hoping that things will change with Nintendo roaming around them.Also, Games need to be postponed if meeting the deadlines will lead to crap-like episodes such as Sw/Sh.

  • 0
Shiken (on 26 February 2021)

Between this being on the horizon for early 2022 and the remakes holiday 2021, clearly the cliff is nowhere to be seen. What I can see a new peak.

  • +3
GamingRabbit Shiken (on 26 February 2021)
  • -5
ClassicGamingWizzz (on 27 February 2021)

They give us a open world pokemon game and we look at it and its ... Boring looking, outdated , lazy ... Ffs , someone rescue this franshise from these horrible devs, pokemon always make a shit ton of money and they are not capable of giving people a decent game...

  • +2
HoangNhatAnh ClassicGamingWizzz (on 27 February 2021)

irony, this game can outsell all ps5 1st party games combined...

  • +1
ClassicGamingWizzz HoangNhatAnh (on 27 February 2021)

Sword and shield sold more than 20 million looking like a turd and running like shit, of course the devs instead instead of aiming for better and spend money on improvments do nothing of that and just trow us another stuck in the past, looking like a n64 game

  • 0
BraLoD (on 26 February 2021)

Please don't let it have Go gameplay, this can be the best pokemon in a very long time if done right. Might make me get a Switch.

  • +2
Dgc1808 (on 27 February 2021)

Wish they went with Sun/Moon art style. Other than that, still need to see more gameplay. What was shown looks kinda meh.

  • +1
eva01beserk (on 26 February 2021)

I wish the battles where a bit more dynamic. Something like digimon world where your digimon did its own thing and you command him on top. Like real pokemon show.

  • +1
SecondWar (on 26 February 2021)

Quite an intriguing concept but not much said on what your in-game goal is, so feels a bit hollow at the moment. Also the video suggests the game still needs a lot of polish performance wise.

  • +1
Manlytears (on 26 February 2021)

Rowlet, Cyndaquil, or Oshawott as a partner... not the best starters, they are all meh at best... i mean, Cyndaquil + Eruption + "choice" is a ok thing, but kinda boring and the other 2 are helpless.

  • +1
SecondWar Manlytears (on 26 February 2021)

I think they were just trying to be contrary to the norms and picked starters from a mix of generations. Anyway Decidueye, Typhlosion and Samurott aren’t that bad.

  • -1
Manlytears SecondWar (on 26 February 2021)

2 are bad and 1 is kinda meh. Imho, the 3 are at lower tier on the "starter rank" ( just above Meganium. )
i'm not asking for "all the best starter", i'm just asking for 1 "top starter"! Switch Samurott and put Greninja, or makes space for Blaizeken or even Chesnaught! well, at least they are not putting Gen. 1 mons, no need to use gen.1 again...

  • 0
shikamaru317 Manlytears (on 26 February 2021)

In terms of competitive play I would agree with you that they aren't great, but we don't even know if this game will have competitive play. All 3 of those starters are more than adequate for a normal campaign playthrough against AI, they are actually the 3 starters I picked for my first playthrough on each of their respective generations, because they had my favorite designs. Decidueye in particular is one of my favorite 3rd form starters design wise, even if his typing and poor speed stat make him Never Used tier on competitive play.

  • +1
Manlytears shikamaru317 (on 26 February 2021)

you have a point.

  • 0
kems (on 02 March 2021)

I reeeealy like the idea, but don't like the execution as it looks right now. Empty world, meh graphics, chingling at 2fps, gameplay looks kind of static... I would say, give it time to develop, but I'm afraid it's gamefreak, probably won't be any big improvements

  • 0
TheLegendaryBigBoss (on 27 February 2021)

I always wondered if arceus has those plates for new pokemon types like fairy. He was introduced when ash was in sinnoh right?

  • 0
SecondWar TheLegendaryBigBoss (on 27 February 2021)

The Pixie Plate was added in Gen 6 to cover the fairy type.

  • 0
gtotheunit91 (on 26 February 2021)

What's with the word positioning? lol

  • 0
trunkswd gtotheunit91 (on 26 February 2021)

I have no idea. I'm trying to fix it, but nothing seems to well fix it.

  • 0
trunkswd gtotheunit91 (on 26 February 2021)

It should be fixed now. I have no idea what caused that.

  • 0
Bristow9091 (on 26 February 2021)

Yes! THIS is what I was expecting from a next-gen Pokémon game!

  • -2
curl-6 (on 26 February 2021)

I'm not a Pokemon guy but this still piqued my interest, looks like an impressive step up over Sw/Sh

  • -2
JRPGfan (on 27 February 2021)

I'm no fan of pokemon, but it going action RPG? wtf? this looks like a bad idea imo.
Graphically, it also feels abit lazy, the switch has the horse power to do better than this graphically if the devs wanted.

  • -3