Sony to Produce Up to 10 Million PS5 Consoles by End of 2020, Says Sources [Update]

Sony to Produce Up to 10 Million PS5 Consoles by End of 2020, Says Sources [Update] - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 August 2020 / 4,763 Views


Bloomberg has released an English report that provides a few new details. 

Even if Sony is able to boost manufacturing, the company might not be able to put enough PlayStation 5 consoles on store shelves in the coming holiday season due to shipping constraints, according to the sources close with the matter. A majority of Sony's consoles are manufactured in China and then shipped worldwide. 

Sony previously told suppliers they would require 10 million DualSense controllers for the PS5 by March 2021, however, they have requested increased production to match the increased console output. 

Sony began manufacturing the PS5 in June and expects to have five million units produced by the end of June and another five million between October and December. A large amount of the consoles produced later this year would be for stock in early 2021. 

Original Article:

Earlier this year it was reported Sony was looking to ship between five and six million PlayStation 5 consoles from launch this Holiday season to March 2021. However, a new report from Bloomberg says Sony has significantly upped their production orders. 

Sony is now looking to produce and ship up to 10 million PS5 consoles by the end of 2020. The increased production is due to a surge in demand for video games brought on by the lockdown due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

A second report by Nikkei says Sony is looking to increase the output of the PS5 by as much as 50 percent with production orders for the console now at around nine million units. This is according to sources familiar with the matter. 

Sony to Produce Up to 10 Million PS5 Consoles by End of 2020, Says Sources

The PlayStation 5 will launch in Holiday 2020. An exact release date and launch price have not been announced. However, we do know it will come in two variants, one with a 4K Blu-Ray disc drive and one with no disc drive, called the Digital Edition.

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EricHiggin (on 15 July 2020)

So 10M PS5 units by the new year means... PS5 = Extremely Affordable?

Otter (on 15 July 2020)

I think it definitely implies nothing more than Ä499, but 10m shipped is not 10m sold. They could plan to sell 6m holiday, then the remaining 4 up until april 2021

  • +1
DonFerrari (on 15 July 2020)

I think for them to have confidence in this unprecedented big number of units for launch the price must be affordable.

  • +2
haxxiy (on 15 July 2020)

To be fair, electronic products (and games) are becoming increasingly frontloaded no matter the price, so there's that.

  • 0
DonFerrari (on 15 July 2020)

PS4 had a strong opening but sales curve sustained a similar pattern to PS2.

  • +2
Heavenly_King (on 15 July 2020)

$399 announcement incoming

jenpol (on 15 July 2020)

I wish

  • +2
jonathanalis (on 15 July 2020)

I can see that for the diskless version.

  • +3
PAOerfulone (on 15 July 2020)

COVID-19 boost and an extremely affordable price range are the two reasons I can think of as to why Sony is aiming for such a high number.

Ryotsu (on 15 July 2020)

For my sake, so I can buy the PS5 without fear of running out of it

hunter_alien (on 15 July 2020)

If they intend to sell more than 6 million units this year I doubt the price would be anything above 500$. But I don't know. Seems a bit much. Maybe 10 million this fiscal year?

Slownenberg (on 16 July 2020)

Seems very excessive. Maybe they just want to make sure there are no shortages during the first year so they are going to have millions of extra systems ready for launch.

Barkley (on 15 July 2020)

So did they mean end of fiscal year? Because increasing from 6m shipped by March 2021 to 10m shipped by December 2020 sounds completely stupid. PS4 shipped 4.5m by end of year and 7.5m by end of March. I expect PS5 shipments to be similar.

tripenfall (on 16 July 2020)

Whether it be $399 or $699 they can sell this many. Anyone who thinks this gives some insight into the price is dreaming

hush404 (on 16 July 2020)

As much as I would like to, I doubt I'll get one this year. I also predict a $499/$399 (Disc v/ Digital) price point. If for some crazy reason we got $399/$299, I would be shocked but happy. Anything above $499, I think they're going to be putting their foot in their mouth like they did with the PS3 at launch.

method114 (on 15 July 2020)

Well as long as my local gamestop has 1 for me I'm good. I'll be pre ordering and picking up during the midnight release.

Soonerman (on 15 July 2020)

They are also doing a discless version of it. Perhaps both are being produced at the same time and it'll be half and half?

DonFerrari (on 15 July 2020)

I do believe they may have 10M produced by the end of 2020, but 5M in June (month they start production) and then less on the subsequent months doesn't make that much sense. And sure they can sell 10M consoles on the 2 months of launch+holiday if they have inventory. Still the new that it started production in June shall put to rest those silly rumours of units burning and Sony not having a final version ready.

Hiku (on 15 July 2020)

I was under the impression that Sony said they would only produce something like ~5m systems in the first fiscal year. Need to double check that.

shikamaru317 (on 15 July 2020)

That sounds somewhat unlikely to me. We had rumors that Sony was a month late on starting production compared to PS4 in 2013. I could see maybe 6m ready by the end of the year if they push, 1.5m more than PS4, but 10m? I'll be shocked.

Otter (on 15 July 2020)

Is there reason to believe those first rumours over this? Nikkei are pretty reliable

  • +3
shikamaru317 (on 15 July 2020)

I seem to recall the source that said PS5 production wouldn't being until early-mid July was a pretty reliable source as well. PS4 entered production early June in 2013 by comparison, while Xbox reportedly began production on XSX in May this year.

  • +2
Otter (on 15 July 2020)

If true the key thing is that this is their target. Whether they hit or not, isnt so important imo

  • +1
kazuyamishima (on 15 July 2020)

According to the article Sony expects to manufacture 5 million units by the end of September and another 5 million units between October and December 2020.

  • +1
GoldenHand80 (on 15 July 2020)

Maybe they improved their production lines and made them more efficient

  • 0