Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture Will 'Greatly Help' Open World Games, According to Dev

Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture Will 'Greatly Help' Open World Games, According to Dev - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 03 July 2020 / 4,100 Views

Co-founder of CBE Software Jan Kavan speaking with GamingBolt in an interview says the Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture will "greatly help" open world and larger games. 

"This will greatly help large games – especially open world – because streaming is always an issue to deal with," Kavan said.

"It’s not only about reading from SSD, but also providing the assets for the game. So yes, having hardware-level decompression and asset preprocessing might bring in a very interesting point for the overall smoothness."

Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture Will 'Greatly Help' Open World Games, According to Dev

CBE Software is the developer of the psychological horror game, Someday You’ll Return. It is out now for PC and will launch for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year.

The Xbox Series X will launch in Holiday 2020.

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shikamaru317 (on 03 July 2020)

I am so looking forward to next-gen. I found this gen very disappointing from a hardware perspective right from the get-go. The GPU's that Sony and Microsoft used were mid and low-mid range respectively, from 2012 instead of from 2013, the CPU's were even more outdated and based on mobile parts instead of desktop, the hard drives were slow 5200 RPM laptop drives without even any SSD cache. This upcoming gen looks far better, we have high end AMD GPU's, mid range desktop AMD CPU's, and fast SSD's, not SATA SSD's but NVMe SSD's.

Imaginedvl (on 03 July 2020)

Yes, this time those machines are no jokes :) I am really happy about it too. I'm so pumped to see that Halo Infinite reveal in July :) First game from Microsoft made for the Xbox One series X from the start! My kids will enjoy the "downgraded" version on their Xbox One too ;-)

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Pemalite (on 03 July 2020)

The Playstation 5 chasing 36CU's falls in line with a Radeon RX 5600XT/RX 5700/RX 480/RX 580 which is mid-range, but does push out clockrates to make up for that.
The Xbox Series X does take things a little further than that, but it's CU count will fall short of the R9 Fury from 2015 or Vega 56.
Granted RDNA2 is more efficient than those GPU's listed... However AMD will be releasing big Navi @ possibly 80CU (Rumors, grain of salt) and nVidia's Ampere.

The next-gen consoles are using mid-range GPU's again, not to mention how AMD isn't really competitive in the high-end anyway...

The CPU's and storage take home the largest generational improvements, which is what is truly exciting for simulation quality.
I would imagine for 10th gen there will be a bigger emphasis on GPU capability again.

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Eagle367 (on 04 July 2020)

But how much better with the gpu can you get @Pemalite? I mean at 4k 60Hz, what more would you need? 120Hz or 8k? I'm not that savy on tech but wouldn't having better CPUs help video games more than GPUs? Like The Last of Us part 2 looks like a movie already and then we have all the next gen stuff. Of course with the advancement in tech, the mid-range by gen 10th be so damn powerful for GPUs that you shouldn't really need high end ones?

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ArchangelMadzz (on 04 July 2020)

@Permalite, different generations. That's like saying 6 fx6300 cores at 3.5ghz is the same as 6 Ryzen 3 cores at 3.5ghz.

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Pemalite (on 05 July 2020)

@Eagle367 The 8th generations biggest issue was it's CPU capabilities which held back simulation quality, that issue has been resolved entirely with the 9th gen and AMD's capable Ryzen CPU's.

The issue is...
We can make games that are "movie quality" in 2020 on the Playstation 4, but that is all baked stuff, that is lighting, shadowing and smaller details that are static, not moving and often just an added detailing in the texture work... Earlier on in a console generation most developers use the extra processing to introduce dynamic effects, we saw it with the 7th gen, 8th gen and we will see it with the 9th gen, but over time there is a need to improve visuals, so some of the rendering pipeline becomes static.

The other interesting part is that, when developers start leveraging dynamic effects on a next-gen console... They will continue to port those games to the previous generation, but typically won't invest into baking those details again, so it will seem like there is a regression in graphics for the older devices, when that is not actually the case.

The CPU and GPU are both as important as each other, they are specialized units which are specialized at handling different tasks. I.E. CPU's with complex serial processing and GPU's with simpler parallel processing.

High-end GPU's by the time 10th generation roll around will likely be extremely proficient at Ray Tracing, which is where the industry has been heading for decades... And by the 11th gen I wouldn't be surprised if games ditched rasterization for the most part, there is tons of room for improvement.


The difference between Ryzen and the FX is that Ryzen is an entirely new, built-from the ground up architecture with completely different design philosophies and vastly superior IPC and power characteristics.

RDNA featured in the RX 5000 series is actually based on Graphics Core Next, it even uses the same instruction set, it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that AMD used Graphics Core Next and simply bolted RDNA features to it in order to have a viable product for a release window... AMD's GPU's are also very modular in their design which allows such flexibility.

Fact is, the console GPU's featured in next-gen are around the same size and complexity as current AMD GPU's which fall around the mid-range category and will be pushed downwards in the hierarchy once AMD releases Big Navi and nVidia pushes our Ampere.

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ArchangelMadzz (on 05 July 2020)

Just so I'm not misrepresenting you.

You think the PS5 GPU will resemble the RX 580?

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Pemalite (on 05 July 2020)


No. It will not resemble the RX 580, the Xbox One X resembles that particular GPU from a performance/architectural perspective.

I am talking about chip positioning, the RX 580 was a mid-range GPU, same as the Playstation 5's GPU due to size, TDP and costs of the parts themselves.

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shikamaru317 (on 05 July 2020)

I definitely feel like the PS5 and XSX GPU's are quite a bit more powerful relative to AMD PC GPU's of 2020, than PS4 and XB1's GPU's were relative to 2013 AMD PC GPU's. The closest performer to the PS4 GPU on PC in 2013 was the Radeon 7850, a mid range GPU that launched for $250 in March 2012, but had been price cut to I believe $170 by the time PS4 released in November 2013. The closest PC GPU to XB1 meanwhile was the Radeon 7770, a low-mid range GPU which launched for $160 February 2012, but I believe had been price cut to $110 by November 2013 when XB1 released. PS5 by comparison seems to be a close performer to the Radeon 5700 XT, a GPU that launched for $400 July 2019. The closest currently released competitor to the XB1 GPU by comparison is the Radeon VII, which released for $700 February 2019. Now of course AMD will have new GPU's out later this year that are RDNA 2, same as PS5 and XSX, so there will be new, cheaper GPU's that are closer to PS5 and XSX by the time they release, but I would still expect XSX to be equivalent to maybe the 3rd or 4th most powerful Radeon GPU available on PC when it releases, which would still make it lower high end, while PS5 will probably be equivalent to the 4th or 5th most powerful, making it mid-high end.

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Pemalite (on 06 July 2020)

@shikamaru317 AMD hasn't released big Navi this year. nVidia hasn't released Ampere.

When they launch the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X late this year, those particular GPU's will have dropped down a notch in the performance hierarchy relative to PC GPU's.
The GPU's should sit around the same level as the PS4 relative to the PC when that happens.

We still have 6+ months for new high-end GPU's to release that will put PC GPU's a notch higher than they are currently.
People seem to forget that Navi released a year ago... And Turing released in 2018... We are overdue for high-end PC GPU's, the PC doesn't sit still and wait for consoles to release remember.

As for the Playstation 4... While the Playstation 4's GPU was roughly on par with a Radeon 7850... We already had the Radeon R9 290X release before the Playstation 4 released, which put the PC an entire GPU generation ahead.

Price is also not a correct thing to focus on... It is common knowledge that over the past several years the average selling price has risen...
Radeon 7970 released at $500 USD, that was a high-end GPU... Vega 7 crept the price up to $700 USD and Big Navi is likely to be even higher than that as Little Navi is $550 USD.

It's product positioning that is the important facet.

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Trunkin (on 03 July 2020)

I dunno. It's clear that the new SSDs are a massive improvement for developers, but I'm still skeptical as to how that'll effect open world games for the players. Breath of the Wild was arguably one of the most open games of all time, and that was running off a blu ray disk at like 9MB/s on the Wii U.

Eagle367 (on 04 July 2020)

Think when you had to go from the open world to a mini temple, you would have no loading and just seamlessly go in, plus devs use a lot of techniques to hide things in open worlds in this gen and back which results in the worlds being a bit more barren than they should. Imagine a world like Breath of the Wild but beaming with life. More diversity of architecture in city like open worlds and possibly no loading when entering buildings inside said open world. And imagine not realising when you move from gameplay to cut scene and also fast travel without any loading. Plus no constricted places or big mountain barriers or long elevators or hallways.

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Azzanation (on 04 July 2020)

@Eagle, that would be nice however its not entirely necessary. BOTW world is incredible and you cannot even tell the flaws in it, as you are emotionally involved with the atmosphere of the world.

A good dev doesnt need state of the art tech to make good games. Nintendo clearly proves this gen by gen. In saying all that, it would be nice to have less limitations, but it will always come down to the devs delivering.

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padib (on 05 July 2020)

@Azzanation, now imagine if Nintendo had no limitations, how incredibly immersive their Zelda game could be. While I applaud Nintendo for making fantastic games with limited hardware, it's always nice to see how better their games get when the move to newer hardware.

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Azzanation (on 06 July 2020)

@Eagle, I can imagine, however what makes games like BOTW so great is the focus away from visuals. I guess what i mean is, if companies go out of there way to focus on visusls, than there is less focus being spent on gameplay etc. Most Nintendo games are full focus on how the games play rather than how they look.

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padib (on 06 July 2020)

Okay, that makes sense.

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DonFerrari (on 03 July 2020)

Yep that is what we expect.

Jigsawx1 (on 04 July 2020)

I think this Architecture will be a Milestone for Consoles! Im really excited to get it this year. my first 2 Games will be Halo Infinite and Forza Motorsport 8

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KratosLives (on 03 July 2020)

Well expect ps5 exclusives to be more epic on ps5, since the series x has to be not far off from the series s.

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JWeinCom (on 04 July 2020)

Really just off topic and unnecessary. Not everything has to turn into a console war.

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ironmanDX (on 04 July 2020)

"Expect Xbox exclusives to be more epic on PS5"?

As apposed to the PS5 exclusives on what?

Not only unessacary, it makes 0 sense...

Well done.

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ironmanDX (on 04 July 2020)

Expect PS5 exclusives to be more epic on PS5, is what I was meant to type...

Apparently making 0 sense is contagious.

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JWeinCom (on 04 July 2020)

Whatever your opinion on the XBox Series S, neither the series S nor the PS5 are the subject of this article. It's derailing. Consider this a warning.

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