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Xbox Players Have Spent $1.4 Billion on ID@Xbox Games

Xbox Players Have Spent $1.4 Billion on ID@Xbox Games - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 08 August 2020 / 1,413 Views

ID@Xbox European lead Agostino Simonetta in a new video has revealed Xbox players have spent more than $1.4 billion on games available on the program. Simonetta provided the figures as part of the GamesIndustry Investment Summit Online.

Players had spent $1 billion on ID@Xbox games through July 2018, which means $400 million has been spent on those games in just under the past two years. 

ID@Xbox was first announced in August 2013, and has since grown to include 3,400 developers across 64 countries. At least one game has been released from every continent, except Antarctica. Microsoft is currently aware of around 1,800 ID@Xbox games that are currently in development. 

View the video with Simonetta below:

"Obviously, we are not a publisher -- we are the platform," Simonetta said. "We don't know how many are coming, or when they will come, but there's a lot of activity."

To date more than 1,300 games have been released through ID@Xbox since it was first announced nearly seven years ago.

Thanks GamesIndustry.

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DonFerrari (on 08 June 2020)

Strange part is that they have like 3 devs per title released.

With the 1.4Billion in sales a lot of these smaller devs got good sales.

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