Rumor: Silent Hill Could Be Revealed for PS5 at Thursday's Event

Rumor: Silent Hill Could Be Revealed for PS5 at Thursday's Event - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 June 2020 / 988 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment President  announced last week it will be hosting a PlayStation 5 event on June 4 at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT / 9pm BST. It will be streamed on Twitch and YouTube. The digital event will be just over and hour in length and feature a first look at games in development for the next generation console. 

Leaker AestheticGamer on Twitter said it is possible the rumored in development Silent Hill game at Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan will either be announced at the PS5 event on Thursday, June 4th or sometime in August, but said June 4th is more likely.  He says the team is excited to reveal the game. It will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive and is in a playable state. 

"Silent Hill if the Japan Studios, Toyama directing, etc, stuff is all true will either be revealed on the 4th or in August," said AestheticGamer . "It SHOULD be the 4th as the team is excited to reveal it, the game is PS5 exclusive and it's in a playable state."

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"The only reason it might not is it's not a launch game," he added in a followup tweet.

"Resident Evil 8 I have no idea when the reveal is, but it was supposed to be E3 originally. It's a cross-gen game, similarly I think August is the latest it'll show up, but I suspect it'll show up somewhere this month."

This should be treated as a rumor until confirmed from official sources. 

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Spike0503 (on 01 June 2020)

This wouldn't be a system seller to most people but it certainly would be for me. Old school RE and Silent Hill is my jam. I just hope they don't make it first person-only.

DonFerrari (on 01 June 2020)

Could no more.

CaptainExplosion (on 01 June 2020)

I doubt it. Konami never listens to it's fans. They only wanna make pachinko machines and half-assed top-down shooters.

NextGen_Gamer (on 01 June 2020)

Might want to edit the article and headline, as at least on my calendar, June 4th is a Thursday :) Jokes aside, I am a HUGE fan of the older SIlent Hill games, so this would be game-of-the-show for me if it showed up!

trunkswd (on 01 June 2020)

You are right. Go me in not knowing what day the PS5 event is this week. I've fixed it.

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NextGen_Gamer (on 01 June 2020)

Well, turns out it didn't matter because the entire event is delayed ... at this rate, maybe Sony should just pull a Sega/Saturn stunt, wait until the day before it launches in Nov, do their big press conference then and be like "And one more thing - it launches TOMORROW! $399!" hahahaha

  • +1
trunkswd (on 01 June 2020)

Figures it has been delayed XD

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method114 (on 01 June 2020)

Would be a good exclusive for PS5 to get. A lot of people have wanted this. I personally can't play scary games they just aren't for me.