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Weird Gaming News, April 2020

Weird Gaming News, April 2020 - Article

by Patrick Day-Childs , posted on 01 May 2020 / 2,779 Views

Another month down folks! Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the talk of April, and Final Fantasy VII Remake seemed to live up to most expectations. In fact, for me, it totally exceeded them.

But underneath the month of great games some odd stories popped up. Let’s take a look...


Man Gets Jailed for MapleStory Scam

Over in Singapore a man who cheated multiple players out of around £790 through MapleStory is facing several months in jail. The scam was remarkably simple: he contacted 11 people and promised them in-game currency, called “Mesos”, if they transferred him real money. And, obviously, the mesos never showed up.

He is due to start serving his sentence a day after he gets married, in May. So congrats, I guess?


Library Hosts Socially Distanced Mario Kart

I'm too young to remember drive-in films, and now with the advent of streaming it's likely that they won’t be coming back in large numbers anytime soon. But a small town in Texas rolled with the idea and shook it up a little. The library in Pottsboro held a drive in Mario Kart night, using a projector. Players rolled up in their cars and were able to play while still observing social distancing guidelines.

The guidelines have since been updated, asking all residents to avoid any travel unless it’s totally essential, so there unfortunately won't be a repeat of the event. On the bright side you can still shout profanities at opponents down your microphone online.

Via The Evening Standard


Cooking Mama Cookstar Pulled from eShop

Cooking Mama Cookstar launched on 31st of March on the Nintendo eShop, sort of. It launched and was then promptly pulled from the digital storefront. Cooking Mama Cookstar has come under a lot of fire, between accusations of cryptocurrency mining and disputes between the IP holder and the publishers, causing the game to become a good example of how not to nurture a franchise.

At the time of writing, Cooking Mama Cookstar isn’t available from the UK or US eShops for download, but you can still buy physical copies of the game from several retailers.

Via Android Central


Animal Crossing Work Meet-up

Plenty of meet-ups have been taking place in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. From dates, to games, and even weddings, all have been hosted in-game. But perhaps the oddest of all? A work meeting. Generally, work meetings are used to make plans, showcase work quickly, and over-eat biscuits. New Horizons doesn't allow you to do any of that, so it seems like a poor choice of hosting venue.

It’s not clear if the Japanese company will be using New Horizons for future meetings, or if it will move over to something far inferior like Zoom or Discord.

Via Nintendo Enthusiast


Look at the Size of this Animal Crossing Guide

Finally, staying on the subject of Japan's love-in with Animal Crossing, a guide for New Horizons launched in Japan recently. It's a meaty tome, boasting over 1,000 pages. The glory really comes from looking at it side-on:

Via Nintendo Life


And that's all I have this month! Thanks for reading, and if you’re after more odd, light-hearted, and amusing news check out last month’s round up.

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CaptainExplosion (on 02 May 2020)

I think it's sweet that that library hosted socially distanced Mario Kart. :)

  • +8
Bofferbrauer2 (on 02 May 2020)

OMG, that thing is bigger than our Phone Books in Luxembourg!

  • +5
sethnintendo (on 04 May 2020)

That guide should be classified as a weapon.

  • 0