Konami: Silent Hill Rumors Are 'Not True'

Konami: Silent Hill Rumors Are 'Not True' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted 5 days ago / 1,722 Views

There have been recent rumors that two new Silent Hill games are in development. another rumor says that Sony has worked out a deal with Konami and is working on a soft reboot at Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan, while Sony is also attempting to play middle man between Kojima Productions and Konami to get development on the Silent Hills game back in the hands of Hideo Kojima.

Konami has in a statement to Rely On Horror responded to the recent rumors saying they are false. 

"We’re aware of all the rumors and reports but can confirm that they are not true. I know it’s not the answer your fans may want to hear," said a Konami spokesperson in a statment. "It’s not to say we are completely closing the door on the franchise, just not in the way it is being reported."

Thanks DualShockers.

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Mystro-Sama (on 24 March 2020)

With the resurgence of horror games with Resident Evil remakes you think they would take the hint.

Hiku (on 24 March 2020)

As long as they do something worthwhile with their I.P's, with a competent development team. But I won't hold my breath. Sure would be nice to see Suikoden 6 though.

The Last Belmont (on 24 March 2020)

To be fair you can't really blame Konami for not doing something that such a crazy rumor is suggesting they "ought" to do. That talk stank of fanservice from a mile away, and we know the company better than that. It would be like EA reforming all the companies they bought and destroyed to work on the series they made great. Corporations don't give a crap as long as they keep making obscene amounts of money.

majkmen (on 24 March 2020)

I just hate Konami for dumping that Silent Hill project with Kojma and Del Toro.Now they are just insanely stupid for not letting Sony do it if Sony really want to that reboot. That would be a win to win sitiation for everyone and seems perfect idea. Whts the problem. Im a die hard Silent hill fan and would love to play new entry made on a proper level. Maybe it would be good idea to make a petiton to konami or to Sony ot both to make it happen??

V-r0cK (on 24 March 2020)

Guess we wont be seeing a new Silent Hill game for awhile.

hiccupthehuman (on 24 March 2020)

Damn I legit had my hopes up. Silent Hills would have been one of the best horror games of all time no doubt.

Zenos (on 24 March 2020)

Yeah, after the Kojima break up and all the mud Konami took because of that, including from industry figures like the Doritos Pope, I doubt they'll go back to him when they can just continue making pachinko machines.

siebensus4 (on 24 March 2020)

Well, that's what you expect from Konami.

Azzanation (on 24 March 2020)

Konami, just hire someone to make the games for you, but don't sell them off to brands that will only lock them up.

zero129 (on 24 March 2020)

I dont know why your getting down voted for this. Clearly a 3rd party dev that would allow the game on PS5/XBSX/PC/Switch?, would be much better then being locked to just one platform. Hell give them IP's to Kojima and allow him to make them multi platform.

  • -1
Hiku (on 24 March 2020)

They have a lot of I.P's that fans want to see. But they seem uninterested in doing anything worthwhile with them, sadly.

  • +1
COKTOE (on 24 March 2020)

@zero129. I'd bet you a ham sandwich that if Kojima assumed control of these IP's, he keep them on PS.

  • 0
Azzanation (on 25 March 2020)

@COKTOE i world disagree. 3rd party companies dont care about exclusives unless a deal has been made. Much like Death Stranding, that was a deal from Sony to ensure his first game avoided rival consoles. His next game from what we know should be Mulitplat because more money unless someone appoaches him.

  • 0
GoOnKid (on 24 March 2020)