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Nintendo Is Missing from List of Participating Companies at E3 2020

Nintendo Is Missing from List of Participating Companies at E3 2020 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 12 February 2020 / 1,611 Views

The official E3 website have published the list of companies that will be participating at E3 2020 this June and Nintendo is missing from the list. While, Nintendo hasn't held an press conference in several years at the annual gaming convention, they have had a present on the show floor with their own booth. 

It is possible the list of companies will be updated as we get closer to E3 2020 and Nintendo could still be added to the list. 

Sony and Microsoft are also both missing from the list. Sony has confirmed they won't be attending E3 2020 for the second year in a row and will instead focus on their own events and other smaller events. However, Microsoft has confirmed they will still be attending E3 2020. 

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Bandorr (on 12 February 2020)

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo aren't on the list. We know Microsoft is going but isn't on the list. We Know Sony isn't going, so that's why they aren't on the list. We don't know if Nintendo is going, and they aren't on the list. so 50% chance they aren't going and aren't on the list (Sony) or they are going and they are missing from the list (microsoft)

VAMatt (on 12 February 2020)

Headline should be updated to reflect that we now know Nintendo will be at E3.

Cerebralbore101 (on 12 February 2020)

MS isn't on the list either, which makes the entire headline pointless. If MS isn't on the list, but we know they are going, then not being on the list is meaningless. Which makes this entire article not worthy of news. Borderline clickbait.

Mr.GameCrazy (on 12 February 2020)

Turns out Nintendo is still attending: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/missing-sony-e3-moves-one-biggest-backers-1270393

Ljink96 (on 12 February 2020)

Yup, saw that too. It is a bit strange that they wouldn't be among the first to have their name on the list of show floor exhibitors.

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Mr.GameCrazy (on 12 February 2020)

Let's not panic just yet. They could still be there at E3 this year.

CaptainExplosion (on 12 February 2020)

Didn't they once skip E3 during the Wii U era and that turned out to be an awful year for them?

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SanAndreasX (on 12 February 2020)

They skipped E3 twice. The first time was in 2013, and that probably wouldn't have helped the Wii U. The second time was in 2017, when the Switch and Breath of the Wild were selling like hotcakes and Nintendo was also still enjoying the residual effects of the Pokemon Go craze.

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Ljink96 (on 12 February 2020)

If Nintendo ends up not being at E3, then yeah E3 is dead. I think the leak of personal information was the straw that broke the camel's back in this case. Nobody needs E3 anymore though. The way we consume information has changed.

SanAndreasX (on 12 February 2020)

I'm good with game and hardware announcements being done at private streaming events like Nintendo Direct and whatever Sony has in mind for the big PS5 reveal. As far as the shows go, I care more about PAX and TGS than I do E3. A lot of times, even Gamescom in Europe has better announcements than E3.

  • -1
javi741 (on 12 February 2020)

Well, R.I.P E3

CaptainExplosion (on 12 February 2020)

This can only mean something bad. -_-

Mr.GameCrazy (on 12 February 2020)

Too early to tell tbh. Let's wait until Nintendo says something about it before jumping to conclusions.

  • +3
Amnesia (on 12 February 2020)

You are right, they cancel both E3 and every Direct. Everything is doomed.

  • +1
SanAndreasX (on 12 February 2020)


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