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Best Narrative of 2017

Best Narrative of 2017 - Article

by Brandon J. Wysocki , posted on 07 January 2018 / 6,347 Views

 Video games can offer all of the spectacle of blockbuster movies and the story depth of a novel, but with a level of interaction and immersion that make them, in my opinion, the epitome of entertainment.  While graphics and gameplay are a critical part of making a video game a magical experience, the narrative can be just as essential.  While graphics and even gameplay can become antiquated, a good story is timeless.  

The Shortlist:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

 Breath of the Wild

Horizon: Zero Dawn

 Horizon: Zero Dawn

What Remains of Edith Finch

 What Remains of Edith Finch

Nier: Automata

 Nier Automata

The Winner:

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn Wins!
Horizon: Zero Dawn delivers on all three of the aforementioned pillars of video games.  Dazzling graphics bring a captivating future to life, and satisfying action/RPG gameplay ensures you enjoy your time adventuring in this gorgeous world.  Those excellent elements are rounded out by an intriguing and entertaining story that compels you to progress through the game.  The narrative in Horizon: Zero Dawn gives substance and depth to an overall wonderful game, making it one of the best, most complete offerings of the year, and the site's winner for Best Narrative of 2017.

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StokedUp (on 07 January 2018)

Nier or HZD deserves this. Not sure why Zelda was in this a good game but narrative?!

  • +9
WhatATimeToBeAlive StokedUp (on 07 January 2018)

People don't vote with their head. It's the usual "dick measurment" competition that's more important.

  • +1
Knitemare (on 07 January 2018)

From the list above, Ive only finished HZD. I have to finish zelda, but storywise it has not caught me like HZD did. I was very intrigued by the story, and amazed by the little story-parts you were discovering through the game. And at the end, I felt, how do i say it?, like, "complete" when I knew the whole story, a feeling of fulfillment.

  • +7
Dgc1808 (on 07 January 2018)

I love Breath of the Wild. Story was not one of it's strong points...

  • +6
WhatATimeToBeAlive (on 07 January 2018)

Horizon deserved the win, but why was Zelda in the top 4 in narrative-category?

  • +6
Bandorr WhatATimeToBeAlive (on 07 January 2018)

When I think Narrative or Store i definitely don't think Zelda.

  • +5
NawaiNey WhatATimeToBeAlive (on 07 January 2018)

Because it's Zelda so it gets to be in every category even if it doesn't apply to

  • +5
Azuren WhatATimeToBeAlive (on 07 January 2018)

Yeah, Zelda definitely didn't belong up there.

  • +5
Bandorr WhatATimeToBeAlive (on 07 January 2018)

And because of the inability to edit, and the urge to eat my muffin I must now make another post.
"Or story" not store. Although I don't think of Zelda when I think of stores either..

  • +3
Flilix WhatATimeToBeAlive (on 07 January 2018)

I loved BotW's story. The way you kind of 'collect' it was really well executed.

  • +1
Oneeee-Chan!!! (on 07 January 2018)

Nier absolutely won !

  • +4
shikamaru317 (on 07 January 2018)

Having played both Horizon and Nier, I definitely feel like Nier had the better story.

  • +3
estebxx shikamaru317 (on 07 January 2018)

I just typed almost the exact same comment before reading yours, good to know im not alone in this one.

  • 0
shikamaru317 shikamaru317 (on 07 January 2018)

Yeah. Nier's story moved me multiple times. I can't say that I ever really felt moved by Horizon's writing; it's not bad, just kind of average.

  • 0
ROCKY223 (on 07 January 2018)

Best narrative for me is b/w what remains of edith finch and hellblade

  • +2
luisliu (on 08 January 2018)

Zelda and Horizon don't even merit a mention in this category when you have Hellblade. It has nothing to do with differences of opinion, it's technical. I don't think Senua's Sacrifice was in vain.

  • +1
curl-6 (on 07 January 2018)

Breath of the Wild is one of my favourite games of all time, but it shouldn't have been nominated for best narrative.

It's story was rudimentary, which is fine as that's not what the game is about, it's focus is on gameplay first and foremost.

  • +1
estebxx (on 07 January 2018)

Having played Horizon and Nier Automata i would chose the latter for best narrative, however Horizon did a great job as well so im not upset about the result.

  • +1
pikashoe (on 07 January 2018)

What I like about Botw's story is that the way it was told could only be done in a videogame. Gaming should strive more for what can only be done narratively in Gaming, rather than trying to be a bunch of cutscenes bridged together by gaming sections.

  • +1
NoirSon (on 08 January 2018)

Horizon is a good story but compared to the overall narrative in Nier Automata, I can't say I agree with the overall winner. Also Persona 5, Wolfenstein 2 or even Super Mario Odyssey deserve to be on the 'shortlist' for Best Narrative of 2017 more then Breath of the Wild.

  • 0
Sixteenvolt420 (on 08 January 2018)

Very well deserved for Horizon. My personal GOTY.

  • 0
Normchacho (on 07 January 2018)

Zelda made top 4 narrative? What did it beat out? Forza? Lol.

  • 0
Locknuts (on 07 January 2018)

I don't think I've ever really enjoyed a story in a video game. They just get in the way for me.

  • 0
deskpro2k3 (on 07 January 2018)

I concur.

  • 0
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