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Best Wii U Game of 2015

Best Wii U Game of 2015 - Article

by Evan Norris , posted on 10 January 2016 / 6,862 Views

Wii U owners had to suffer some droughts and indignities during 2015, but when the dust settled they were left with a handful of instant classics. The level editor Super Mario Maker fulfilled our fantasies by allowing us to shape and share our own Super Mario levels. The developers at Monolith Soft delivered a sprawling and epic sci-fi RPG in Xenoblade Chronicles X, a worthy successor to one of the most acclaimed games of the seventh generation. Nintendo's partner Good-Feel gave fans the first home console Yoshi game in 18 years, and Splatoon, a critical and commercial success, kept us busy hours at a time with its "just one more go" addictiveness. Read on to discover which of these gems won our Wii U Game of 2015.



The Nominees:


Super Mario Maker

 Super Mario Maker


Xenoblade Chronicles X



Yoshi's Woolly World







And the Winner is...




Splatoon Winner

Community's Choice - Splatoon (42% of the votes)

Nintendo has a somewhat muddy reputation when it comes to recycled mascots and genres, but in Splatoon the Japanese gaming giant introduced brand new characters, mechanics, and ideas. The result is an entertaining, addictive, and refreshing take on the ubiquitous shooter genre. Despite an unorthodox content delivery system, Splatoon gave Wii U owners plenty to be thankful for in 2015: a robust single-player mode, a local-multiplayer mode, and, best of all, plenty of online multiplayer options. With frequent content updates and community-based "Splatfest" events, there has been a lot to keep us occupied in Splatoon.

Will it become a major Nintendo franchise in the future? We certainly hope so - it's VGChartz's pick for Best Wii U Game of 2015. 

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Darwinianevolution (on 10 January 2016)

Yep, seems about right. Splatoon is going to become one of the pillars of Nintendo systems, like Mario Kart or Smash Bros.

  • +10
97alexk (on 10 January 2016)


  • +2
andrelol3 97alexk (on 11 January 2016)

Here's a intresting tale.

I was 40 hours in Xenoblade X when I got Devil's Third. Then I decided to take at Devil's Third just to see how it was. I mean, Jim Sterling, IGN, etc gave the game 2 and 3 scores, so there's no way the game would be good, right?

Now I have put 20 hours into Devil's Third and I don't wanna play Xenoblade anymore. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

My GOTY of 2015 is fuckin' Devil's Third.

  • 0
Nuvendil (on 10 January 2016)

Some dang good highlights for the year. I personally would go with Xenoblade Chronicles X even though Splatoon is a ton of fun.

  • +2
Mike321 (on 10 January 2016)

I prefer XCX buy splatoon is great as well

  • +1
thepurplewalrus (on 10 January 2016)

What about Fast Racing Neo?

  • +1
Ruler (on 11 January 2016)

For me its Fatal Frame 5

  • 0
Fear_Me_All (on 10 January 2016)

Great Choice with Splatoon BUT i will add Xenoblade , coz both are winner for me.

  • 0
LipeJJ (on 10 January 2016)

Totally deserved. Splatoon is pure fresh air (and well done).

  • 0
Munchies (on 10 January 2016)

What a good selection of games.

  • 0
QUAKECore89 (on 10 January 2016)

But Super Mario Maker is best Wii U game ever. D:

  • 0
Paatar (on 10 January 2016)

For me it was Xenoblade, but Splatoon definitely deserves it.

  • 0
Moonhero (on 10 January 2016)

Mario Maker was better... But people generally get this kinda thing wrong.

  • 0
Cloudman (on 10 January 2016)

Dang, here is a moment for me that I could switch the choices and still be satisfied. All of these games are excellent and worthy of this award.

  • 0
zorg1000 (on 10 January 2016)

I haven't played Yoshi yet but the other 3 are all great

  • 0
NoirSon (on 10 January 2016)

I agree with this, although I am probably going to put in as many hours in months into Xenoblade X by the end of this month as I have several months of Splatoon, there is no doubt due to its success, charm and wonderful game play that Splatoon is the game of the year on the Wii U.

  • -1
Skratchy (on 10 January 2016)

This is pretty much the MUST HAVE WIIU GAMES OF 2015 List as well.

  • -1
kooltrex (on 10 January 2016)

All great games. Still need to pick all of them up. lol

  • -1
hershel_layton (on 10 January 2016)

Wii U had pretty good games. Tbh, I played Splatoon and XCX while everyone overhyped over Fallout 4 and CoD

  • -1
busbfran hershel_layton (on 10 January 2016)

ummm please stop

  • 0
Luke888 (on 10 January 2016)

Tbh reading some of the talk in this article about Splatoon I realized that it's the saviour from Droughts that Nintendo was looking for, whenever there is a drought on a Nintendo HC in the Future Nintendo will only have to release more content for the current splatoon title... I think they should start looking for another IP that can do the same but that tries to appeal to those who mind Splatoon

  • -2
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