Reggie: We Don't Announce Games 5 or 6 Years in Advance Like Other Companies

Reggie: We Don't Announce Games 5 or 6 Years in Advance Like Other Companies - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 23 June 2015 / 16,865 Views

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has told Kotaku that Nintendo does not announce games that won't be released for another five or six years:

"Look, we know that the fans want a straight Samus Aran game. We also know that the best way to launch a game like that is to surprise and delight them, to give them a launch date, in an environment like this let them play it vs. what other companies do which is to announce a project that you may not see for five, six years. It’s just not the way we do things. We know the community wants to see a straight-up Metroid game. We know it."

While it has not been five or six years, Nintendo's flagship The Legend of Zelda for the Wii U was announced in early 2013 and won't be released until early 2016 at the earliest, which is a three year gap at best, so Reggie's comments are probably ill-advised.


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Angelv577 (on 23 June 2015)

I don't like this guy. He always has the need to throw jabs at others companies to make a point.

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the-pi-guy (on 23 June 2015)

Just because the community does it, doesn't mean he has to stoop to that.
It's an exaggeration, and over all silly comment by him that I don't think any one would accuse Nintendo of. Not necessary at all.

  • +1
Maximus2013 (on 23 June 2015)

same. I use to like him but lately he just comes across like a jerk...

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  • -8
Mr_No (on 24 June 2015)

I get your point, but at least he's not as bad as Aaron Greenberg.

  • -1
Ryng (on 24 June 2015)

Dann, 30 likes. :O i will never beat you... ):

  • +2
KLAMarine (on 24 June 2015)

Seriously, I need someone to point out where he threw a jab.

  • -3
Pavolink (on 23 June 2015)

Just to point, that Zelda HD will likely release at holiday 2016, so that's almost 4 years after announcement.

  • -5
Pavolink (on 24 June 2015)

@padib: announcement was made in January 2013.

  • +5
DonFerrari (on 24 June 2015)

And the 2006 e3 tech demo that haven't release yet and some fans used to say Wii wasn't weak?

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ArchangelMadzz (on 23 June 2015)

Are they on a rampage of saying odd/stupid things since E3 or something?

Angelv577 (on 23 June 2015)

Damage control, nothing else.

  • +9
BraLoD (on 23 June 2015)

Nintendo should really get rid of this guy from their company.

Teeqoz (on 23 June 2015)

Lol, cause other game companies do that all the time? Besides SE I can't think of one company that does that a lot. Also SMT x FE, Zelda, Devil's Third... There's a saying in Norwegian, which goes as following "Don't throw stones in a house of glass". Maybe Nintendo should take that advice...

  • -9
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Lawlight (on 23 June 2015)

That's a saying in English too.

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Rafie (on 23 June 2015)

I never liked Reggie. Sounds like sour grapes. He's not good for NoA. I hope they find a more suitable president. Lots of games that he could fight for localization on, yet let slip thru the cracks. Not to mention collectibles that never make it west. Now he's throwing darts at the competition (nothing wrong with that), but when you're looks desperate.

Stellar_Fungk (on 23 June 2015)

Iwata is the president of NoA and has the final say about localizations.

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Wonktonodi (on 23 June 2015)

most companies don't announce games that far in the future and those that have don't do it on a regular basis.

Trunkin (on 24 June 2015)

SquEnix does all the time. It's kinda their thing. Don't expect FF7 before 2019.

  • -1
Wonktonodi (on 24 June 2015)

Would need to be 2020 or 2021 to be 5 to 6 years. The guy exaggerated. There is no way around it. Had he said 3 to 4 there woulda have been more title that fit that window, though even that it's more than most game announcements from almost all companies. Had he just said 2 to 3 that would really catch most the games from announcement to release. Though Nintendo probably doesn't average much better than that themselves.

  • +1
SirFortesque (on 23 June 2015)

It's not a big problem when you don't have nothing to announce, isn't it ?

JRPGfan (on 23 June 2015)

Honestly thats because you cant accounce anything 5years into the future, because by then support for the Wii U wont be there, you ll be working on the next console. Which will probably be out late 2016 or early 2017.

SR388 (on 23 June 2015)

In Nintendo's 2008 e3, there was a lack of new Wii games. Then Shigeru Miyamoto said Nintendo was working on a new Pikmin game. Afterwards I remember there being an IGN poll about whether people would prefer Pikmin 3 to be on the Wii or DS (DS won the poll). At the earliest I will start to consider obtaining a game after I see a gameplay trailer (I say that with FF7 remake in mind).

Yuseithestarknight (on 23 June 2015)

What company announces a game five to six years in advance? Is this a jab at Sony´s The Last Guardian or something? How about how Nintendo announced the Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem game? The game was officially announced in early 2013 and we didn´t hear anything about it for two years. I think that Nintendo is as guilty as any company at announcing games in advance and releasing them years later. I love Nintendo, but Jesus Christ, you´re not a bunch of saints.

gigaSheik (on 23 June 2015)

If you guys know gamers want it why don't you do it? Thats logical, isn't it? Let's give our consumers what they want. So simple. The "Nintendo way of doing things" is ruining the company. Have a nice downfall.

Ryng (on 23 June 2015)

Reggie, please stop. You are a funny guy when you want. Now you are just stupid...

Mystro-Sama (on 23 June 2015)

Just like how X will release 3 years after announcement. Don't even get me started on Zelda.

Justagamer (on 24 June 2015)

So 3 years is the same as 5 or 6 years now is it?

  • -1
Anfebious (on 23 June 2015)

Nintendo. *sits down, waiting to be down voted to hell*

mZuzek (on 24 June 2015)

You failed.

  • +2
padib (on 24 June 2015)

Of course he failed, anti-Nintendo comments don't get downvoted, they get upvoted.

  • -4
NexusBuster (on 23 June 2015)

I love Nintendo, but Jesus Christ, all of this can stop at any time... Please...

Maximus2013 (on 23 June 2015)

You don't announce games period...

binary solo (on 23 June 2015)

We know you want another genuine Metroid game, but we know what's best for you and instead of doing that we've been working on a metroid themed game that won't really satisfy that itch. But don't worry we may or may not be working on a real Metroid game as we speak, but we're not going to tell you whether we are or not because we have no idea when it will be ready and we don;t want to create any anticipation. What exactly is wrong with announcing an intended game 5 years out? As long as you aer open about the fact that the game has no scheduled release year it's all good. Better for Nintendo to say "Yes, we are definitely working on a proper Metroid game" than to keep everyone in the dark.

Mr.Playstation (on 23 June 2015)

Just stop Reggie. My body isn't ready. I repeat my body isn't ready!!

Rogerioandrade (on 24 June 2015)

Ok.. and what about announce games for the next year then, Mr. Smart Guy ? I like Nintendo games but I really don´t like their arrogant attitude towards other companies and towards their own fans

swbf2lord (on 23 June 2015)

Reggie's always put his foot in his mouth. I'm not really sure why people are so fond of him. He's a complete drone, putting a positive spin on every bit of crappy news. He's firing a gun with no ammunition.

chidori-chan2 (on 23 June 2015)

Why is Nintendo running their mouths off these past 3-4 days and upsetting people?

Nem (on 23 June 2015)

He is trying to throw jabs to distract from the real problem. Reggie, is there going to be a mainline metroid game coming to Wii U or not? Dont dodge that. That is the real question.

garywood (on 23 June 2015)

Lol they've told us a Zelda U game is in development since the announcement of the system.

The_BlackHeart__ (on 24 June 2015)

You dont get to say shi* about others when your own console is suffering a painful death. This is like watching Fernando Torres talking shit about Messi and Ronaldo.

Luke888 (on 24 June 2015)

So, not only they told us that it takes 3 years to make a proper main series Metroid game, but they also tell us that they haven't told some development to drop what they were doing and to start as fast as possible a Metroid Game, and it seems like they won't do it for other 2 YEARS ??? Reggie, Iwata I'm waiting you two to drop your jobs NOW

Mr Puggsly (on 24 June 2015)

Nintendo doesent do alot of things its competitors do and thats why their home conole is a failure.

michel3105 (on 24 June 2015)

This guy should work with third parties to let the Wii U have more interesting games, instead of saying this nonsense.

swbf2lord (on 23 June 2015)

Reggie's always put his foot in his mouth. I'm not really sure why people are so fond of him. He's a complete drone, putting a positive spin on every bit of crappy news. He's firing a gun with no ammunition.

ReimTime (on 23 June 2015)

Gotta reach that comment record

fluky-nintendy (on 23 June 2015)

Please just stop appeasing the investors with this nonesense. Of course games need to generate hype years before so people know the game is indeed in production. If all games released a year before or less, people wouldn't care most of the times because they weren't informed so well.

SuperNova (on 23 June 2015)

The only company that announces games that far off on a regular basis are Square Enix. So it's hardly any kind of industry standart. I get what he's trying to say, you don't announce a game that is not in developement yet/has barely entered developement, that's why they only teased Starfox last E3, but the way he phrases it just serves to make him look bad. Don't bring up what other companies are doing, especially when said comapnies are doing significantly better than your own atm. Just focus on your own work.

DonFerrari (on 24 June 2015)

Waiting for the release of the zelda they demoed for Wii launch, 5 years is just half the time they are taking to release that zelda.

RenSuzugamori (on 26 June 2015)

Uh, that was a tech demo for the hardware... Not an announcement for the upcoming Zelda.

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ghettoglamour (on 24 June 2015)

"We don't announce games ... like other companies!"

tokilamockingbrd (on 24 June 2015)

He is referring to the Last Guardian. Everyone knows Sony did not intend for the game to be in DEV for 6 years. Nothing will be every as dirty as when Nintendo showed realistic Link at Spaceworld 2000 only to announce Toon Link 2 years later. Wind Waker turned out to be a great game, but no one wanted Toon link at the time we ALL wanted Spaceworld 2000 link.

RenSuzugamori (on 26 June 2015)

Well, that's kind of your fault for expecting something that wasn't promised to you.

  • 0
Superquagsire (on 24 June 2015)

As much as i love Reggie, he is really getting out of control. Take a chill pill man!

Hiku (on 23 June 2015)

It's not an issue of when they are announcing it. The problem is they didn't even start development on it.

Skratchy (on 23 June 2015)

Heh. Maybe they should. It would give people a reason to buy a WiiU! What was even available the first year or two after launch?

KLAMarine (on 23 June 2015)

I'm not comfortable with any company doing this: promising games several years in advance. People then buy a console for something they'll have to wait years for.

  • -2
V-r0cK (on 24 June 2015)

He really makes me not want to support Nintendo.

skullcracker (on 24 June 2015)

Zelda U was announced last year, just saying.

Miyamotoo (on 24 June 2015)

Zelda U is announced in 2013. and it will be released in 2016., thats 4 years, not 5 or 6.

tripenfall (on 23 June 2015)

Give us some solid Zelda progress and 2016 Wii U release date soon Reggie!

Justagamer (on 24 June 2015)

Awe, reggie takes a little jab, if you can even call it that, at sony, and you guys come running to their defense. Well, announcing a game 5 years out is lame. 9 years is even dumber.

Kallumsmarties (on 23 June 2015)

Wow VGCharts commenters really dislike Reggie lol.

JNK (on 23 June 2015)

they dont want to do it because they need to announce their new console (where these games will be released on) first.

Never (on 24 June 2015)

This article is like, 'Lets take a positive thing Reggie says, about how they know the fans want to see a straight up Metroid game but they want to surprise them rather than reveal it early, and spin it in the most negative way possible.'

SamLeheny (on 23 June 2015)

That's true. And I'm grateful for that. ...I still don't like you Reggie.

jonathanalis (on 23 June 2015)

i think they should. people like it.

Machiavellian (on 23 June 2015)

He is exaggerating!!! Come on people its obvious. The point he is making is that Nintendo do not announce games that are more than a year out. Probably one of the biggest problems with interviews on the net is context.

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Azuren (on 23 June 2015)

They don't have to announce games, because they're expected. Metroid, Star Fox, Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Smash, Kart...

  • -10
the_dengle (on 23 June 2015)

Uh, Zelda's a pretty weird case. It really wasn't officially "announced," because it didn't have to be, because everyone already knew they were making a new Zelda game. They are always making a new Zelda game. But they didn't show it until 2014...

  • -11
Cloudman (on 23 June 2015)

Wow, he just called out SE and Team Ico. Haha, that takes some guts.

  • -13
Cloudman (on 23 June 2015)

It seems that rather than take his comment and acknowledge some of the truth behind it, people would rather call him upset or say he should step down. Sigh... :

  • -4
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Teeqoz (on 24 June 2015)

In that case he should have said "vs what some other companies do". Key word being some. And besides, TLG was intended to hit in 2011 afaik. Reggie should know that games can hit development troubles.

  • +1
Ganoncrotch (on 24 June 2015)

Do you really believe that?

  • 0
97alexk (on 23 June 2015)

people are mad because its true :P and they are all waiting for the last guardian, well he does have a point

  • -15
Mystro-Sama (on 23 June 2015)

Are you really defending this idiot?

  • 0
padib (on 23 June 2015)

He's obviously talking about e3, and he's mostly right. Nintendo don't show games that are very far, except when it comes to Zelda. That's the only exception. All others are at most 2 years away.

  • -18
JRPGfan (on 23 June 2015)

So basically they have no big titles to show within the next 2 years your saying? And by then, Nintendo will drop support for this console anyway... so next big titles will be released for NX? no reason to expect any new big games for the Wii U?

  • +2
padib (on 24 June 2015)

Yes, that is correct.

  • -1
97alexk (on 23 June 2015)

people are mad because its true :P and they are all waiting for the last guardian, well he does have a point

  • -19
Rafie (on 23 June 2015)

While that may be true for Last Guardian, what else does Nintendo have up their sleeve? So others have a point when they he sounds...well jelly.

  • +4