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PS4 vs Xbox One - US Pre-Orders Update - Xbox One Gains Ground - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 21 October 2013 / 89,370 Views

VGChartz has gathered the latest pre-order numbers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the US. The data is up to the week ending October 19, 2013. The last time the data was collected was the week ending August 24, 2013.

In the latest pre-order data the PlayStation 4 has gained 125,000 pre-orders for a total of 725,000 in the US. The Xbox One has managed to gain ground on the PlayStation 4 as it gained 175,000 pre-orders during the same time frame. The Xbox One currently sits at 525,000 pre-orders.

Week one sales for both consoles in the US are expected to be pretty similar. At the current pace the PlayStation 4 should sell just over one million units, while the Xbox One should sell just under one million units.

PlayStation 4 - Top 10 Pre-orders

1.  Call of Duty: Ghosts - 298,180
2. Battlefield 4 - 273,766
3. Killzone: Shadow Fall - 250,155
4. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - 213,354
5. Watch Dogs - 153,569
6. Destiny - 89,970
7. Madden NFL 25 - 81,119
8. NBA 2K14 - 59,592
9. inFAMOUS: Second Son - 57,562
10. Knack - 40,982

Xbox One - Top 10 Pre-orders

1. Call of Duty: Ghosts - 329,032
2. Battlefield 4 - 153,221
3. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - 137,928
4. Watch Dogs - 95,314
5.  Forza Motorsport 5 - 90,573
6.  Dead Rising 3 - 86,648
7. Ryse: Son of Rome - 82,888
8. Destiny - 66,448
9. Madden NFL 25 - 58,870
10. Titanfall - 50,347

Stay tuned as VGChartz provides up to date pre-order figures for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the US. Also make sure to check out the PlayStation 4 wiki and Xbox One wiki for more info and a full list of announced games.

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Nadwki (on 21 October 2013)

The US market is dominated by MS and the 360 current gen. If Sony were to sell one more PS4 than Microsoft’s X1 it will have to be considered a success for Sony and the PS4.

  • +18
Mojammer Nadwki (on 21 October 2013)

If you look at all of the games that are on both platforms the average ratio is about 57/43 for the PS4 version. If you remove Ghosts which is the only game with more XB1 pre-orders the ratio moves up to 61/39. The actual ratio of console preorders is probably in between that.

  • +3
pezus Nadwki (on 21 October 2013)

Especially considering that outside of the US, the outcome won't be pretty

  • +2
Virus_Of_Life (on 21 October 2013)

Thanks for the update

  • +8
WebMasterFlex (on 21 October 2013)

Dat PS4 even in USA. Killzone is shining. Can't wait to see the next weeks !!

  • +7
CocaineCowboy77 (on 21 October 2013)

1.The fact that the PS4 is still leading in the USA, Xbox central, is good news for Sony.

2.Who actually pre-orders launch consoles?

3.Ryse = 82,888. I don't even feel sorry for those people. It's actually quite funny.

  • +4
VXIII (on 21 October 2013)

It seems like it is finally the time for Killzone franchise to shine brightly.

  • +3
Aerys (on 21 October 2013)

Need to fix pre order for Knack : It has now 56k :

  • +3
RoadShow (on 22 October 2013)

Sony sure has M$ now. It was great watching the PS3 take over 360 and watch xbox in last place for the generation but taking back Xbox's prized possession is music to my ears.

Since E3 PS3 has been becoming more and more popular in the US & world wide sales of it have increased quite a lot each week.

Less than a month away

  • +1
binary solo (on 22 October 2013)

Are pre-orders all for week 1, or are some pre-orders not going to be delivered / available until later (including into 2014)? I know anyone pre-ordering a PS4 here as of several weeks ago is going to be waiting until at least January 2014 to be able to pick it up. So it must be the same in the USA. If it's not a day one pre-order then it's not necessarily able to count in the week 1 sales tally. So I seriously doubt PS4 will have 1 million sales in USA alone in week 1. Neither will Xb one for the same reason.

  • +1
Bristow9091 (on 21 October 2013)

Hopefully Killzone is going to have a nice run... and it looks like Call of Duty will dominate as usual, lol... everything else is either meh, or pretty low, especially on the One side of things...

  • +1
Serious_frusting (on 21 October 2013)

Do xbone customers hate games? The difference in game preorders is shocking compared to the hardware.
Killzone the most popular exclusive for next gen systems so far.

  • +1
shikamaru317 Serious_frusting (on 21 October 2013)

I would assume it's because the Xbox One costs more, people can only afford the console and maybe one game, whereas the PS4's cheaper price allows them to buy a few games with it.

  • 0
crissindahouse Serious_frusting (on 21 October 2013)

not sure how you come to this conclusion because the percentual difference between the pre-orders in the top 10 isn't bigger as the percentual difference between the console pre-orders.

725k vs. 525k. consoles and like 1.6m vs. 1.2m game pre-orders.

  • +1
crissindahouse Serious_frusting (on 21 October 2013)

maybe only 1.1m, didn't use a calculator.

  • 0
Just_Rocco Serious_frusting (on 22 October 2013)

XBOX One users will be going all digital like the rest of humanity. That won't show up on preorders.

  • +1
KanataSD (on 22 October 2013)

I'm kind of surprised BF4 preorders are that much higher on PS4 over Xbone after clearly EA took some kind of compensation to make it times exclusive on the One, especially with COD being so high on it as well.

  • 0
ChristianTheAtheist (on 22 October 2013)

Funny thing how people are whining and killing each other over their Ryse, Forza, killler instinct, infamous, driveclub, knack, etc. and those games aren't even selling that well. Killzone is kicking ass though.

  • 0
WebmasterX (on 22 October 2013)

God Numbers!! Xbox One must be work more. Is the best option but Ps4 and his price the reason for the numbers. But i dont understand because in MS Store and other Shops is sold out Xone (principally Europe)

  • 0
gtcarro (on 22 October 2013)

In the rest of the world the difference in pre orders between the 2 consoles is even bigger (way bigger)...

  • 0
Areal-Llort (on 22 October 2013)

MS really f'd up their Xbox image even more with their X1 Reveal. Such a shame.

  • 0
withdreday (on 22 October 2013)

Over 1 million for the PS4? The console war is over!

  • 0
Dark_Lord_2008 (on 22 October 2013)

XB1 a shooter console and Battlefield 4 for PS4 has a staggering 120,000 more pre-orders. That is a stunning revelation. Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-orders for XB1 30,000 ahead of Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4. Multi-platform games have the bigger pre-orders and are bigger than the second tier exclusive launch games for both PS4 and XBox One.

  • 0
RoadShow Dark_Lord_2008 (on 23 October 2013)

The better game for the better console. BF4 for PS4.

  • 0
dane007 (on 21 October 2013)

The only reason why Kill zone is doign well on the ps4 is because sony has no other First party exclusive to get at launch and even i would choose Killzone over knack. MS just has variety of exclusives hence gamers have moe to choose from :)

  • 0
ktay95 dane007 (on 22 October 2013)

gamers have moe to chose from?? didnt realize this was the Japan preorders =P

  • -1
platformmaster918 dane007 (on 22 October 2013)

add up Knack and Killzone then add up Forza (one of MS's big 3), Dead Rising, and Ryse. You have the true results.

  • 0
RoadShow dane007 (on 23 October 2013)

LOL Whatever. All Xbox has is Ryse. Titanfall & Project spark are on PC. Titanfall looks like current gen IMO and I'm stoked to play Project Spark. Crimson Dragon looked ok but that's really it. Dead Rising doesn't mean much to me.

Killzone, Infamous, Knack, The Order, Drive Club, Gran Turismo (when it comes), Naughty Dog (when it comes), the free exclusive content in AAA multi plats (not just pay to play timed DLC like xbox) Destiny, Watchdogs & Assassins Creed.

Then 1 free PS4 game a month with PS+ and free PS3/PS Vita games.

  • 0
ljlrj (on 21 October 2013)

:L you cant even preorder a ps4, xbox one still out for preorder

  • 0
Michael-5 (on 21 October 2013)

Xbox One won't bomb in the US market like people hoped, but I think PS4 could actually outsell the one USA, which means overall PS4 should do a lot better Worldwide. Still Ms has the Call of Duty Crowd....

  • 0
Figgycal Michael-5 (on 22 October 2013)

"like people hoped"?

  • -1
ChristianTheAtheist (on 21 October 2013)

Where's Killer instinct? Apparently no one cares.

  • 0
kivi95 ChristianTheAtheist (on 21 October 2013)

It's a f2p download only game.

  • +1

the game you can't pre-order? no clue where it is :-)

  • +1

the game you can't pre-order? no clue where it is :-)

  • +1
chris0409 ChristianTheAtheist (on 21 October 2013)

Killer Instinct is only available digitally...

  • +2
DemoniOtaku ChristianTheAtheist (on 21 October 2013)

KI is Digital Only, so you will not see it in this chart because M$ dond't have pre-order digital (or it have?)

  • +1
Xenobot (on 21 October 2013)

Is this correct? Call of Duty 2,5 mln preorders on PS4 and only 0,33 mln on XBO?

  • 0
shikamaru317 Xenobot (on 21 October 2013)

You misread it, the Xbox One version has 329,000 preorders, the PS4 version has 298,000 preorders, Ghosts is in the lead on Xbox One.

  • +1
Xenobot Xenobot (on 21 October 2013)

No I did not. There was 2,490,000- article author corrected his mistake.

  • -1
teamsilent13 (on 22 October 2013)

Where is Halo "xbox one" (Halo 5)?

  • -2
shikamaru317 teamsilent13 (on 22 October 2013)

It should make the charts soon I think, it's been keeping up with Titanfall on Amazon's bestsellers chart.

  • 0
shikamaru317 (on 21 October 2013)

It's very nice to see Microsoft gaining some ground. I expected as much, I've noticed the Xbox One and Xbox One versions of games slowly gaining on Amazon's bestsellers charts. Microsoft has done an excellent job of listening to it's fanbase and reversing all of the controversial policies that caused the PS4 to take the lead in the first place. Their willingness to change is paying off for them, and I'm glad.

  • -7
Michael-5 shikamaru317 (on 21 October 2013)

Why is this downvoted? If MS didn't reverse all their controversial decisions, it would not have gained ground. More competition leads to better games.

  • -1
shikamaru317 shikamaru317 (on 21 October 2013)

Lots and lots of PS4 fanboys it seems. PS4 fans should be happy about the competition from Microsoft. Look at Intel, when AMD's CPU's fell drastically behind Intel, Intel got lazy and stopped trying as hard to increase performance, each new generation of Intel processor is only 5-10% more powerful than the last.

  • -2
RoadShow shikamaru317 (on 23 October 2013)

Competition is great but M$ stepped on their customers toes hard and have lost a lot of market share by it. I personally don't know anyone getting an xbox one at launch. All the xbox friends I fought with all this generation are all getting PS4 at launch (some may get xbox later on - but some only buy 1 console so it's already game over).

M$ should not have been so rude. #JUSTDEALWITHIT & We have a console that is not always connected and that is the 360. They had this attitude for over a month at reveal and all the way through E3 and lost tons of fans.

I'm glad xbox is still around for competition but I'm very happy to see them put in their place. A product sales should reflect their quality, product, features & customer service.

  • 0
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