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Studio Behind Kid Icarus Uprising Shuts Down - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 11 July 2012 / 7,085 Views

Project Sora, the studio behind Kid Icarus Uprising, has shut down according to a not on the company's website and translated by Andriasang. The studio officially closed its doors on June 30, while the website will shut down on Jul 31.

Project Sora was formed in 2009 by Masahiro Sakurai, with the help from Nintendo. Sakurai is moving on to be the director for the Wii U and 3DS Smash Bros. games. Namco Bandai are developing the games.

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Ghutto (on 11 July 2012)


Project Sora =/= Sora LTD.

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thetonestarr Ghutto (on 11 July 2012)

Project Sora was a studio. It belonged mostly to Nintendo, with the remainder belonging to Sora LTD. Kid Icarus Uprising was its only game.

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Mnementh (on 11 July 2012)

A pity, but it seems that Project Sora was founded for Kid Icarus in any way. It seemed they will develop Smash Bros too, but that job is now at Namco. Sora Ltd. will exist on, Sakurai will develop more. But as Sora Ltd. is independent of Nintendo (Project Sora was not), there is a slight possibility, that non-Nintendo-platforms may get some Sakurai-genius in the future.

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weezy (on 16 July 2012)

Damn what the fuck is going on in the world today?

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xLeftyx (on 13 July 2012)

Ghutto has pretty clarified it.

It still would interesting what he can develop for other platforms other than Nintendo. After all, when Project Sora was first opened, they showed a picture that looked to be a living room that contained not only a Nintendo consoles but others as well.

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Zlatan.R (on 11 July 2012)


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Conegamer (on 11 July 2012)

Sad to here, but they had no more projects on the way, so not unexpected.

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IamAwsome (on 11 July 2012)

Where will Sakurai go next?

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Sal.Paradise IamAwsome (on 11 July 2012)

I heard Nintendo are going to make a competitor to that Playstation All Stars fighting game, maybe he'll go there? ;)

  • +5
retroking1981 (on 11 July 2012)

Sakurai's next game will be on a PlayStation format, there I said it!

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happydolphin retroking1981 (on 12 July 2012)

pat pat
Good stuff, you're growing up.

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