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Here’s 32 minutes of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The fifth Resident Evil movie (Resident Evil: Retribution) will begin filming in October, tentatively released in September 2012.

Come early to become a Gotham City Beta Tester. You’ll be testing their online multiplayer capabilities. Batman: Arkham City’s pre-order bonus options are confusing. Here’s a helpful guide to sort it all out.  GamesRadar has a video of marketing game manager for Batman: Arkham City Dax Ginn talking through a video displaying a lot more visual detail, a big difference in play styles among Catwoman, Batmand and Robin, and psychology.

Amazon will be bundling the PlayStation 3D display with Resistance 3. You can have a 24" 3D television, 3D glasses, HDMI cable, MotorStorm: Apocalypse and Resistance 3, all for $500. Here’s a video detailing an Australian backdrop for Resistance 3’s 4th multiplayer trailer. It’s called Alice Springs.

UK teens will soon have access to a cool new game, which seeks to help them sort out big questions of morality, both secular and faith-based, called The End. Check out a trailer on that page as well. Here’s a review at Destructoid.

Nanigans has signed a $3 million dollar deal for Facebook as well as an exclusive contract with Electronic Arts socially networked games subsidiary, PlayFish. Though they better hurry, as Anonymous has vowed to destroy Facebook.

Mike Hays, SEGA West CEO spoke to IndustryGamers today and said of the PS Vita: “It’s interesting on Vita – technically it’s brilliant, it’s beautiful, and it’s really great to play.” Virtua Tennis 4 details, video, and screenshots emerged Sunday. Durga is added to the Anarchy Reigns roster. Rumor has it that Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds will be available on PS Vita. It’s been spotted on Amazon France. Sony today launched a request to name the PS Vita version of ModNation Racers Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice has also been confirmed for the PS Vita (which will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show, among other JRPGs.

Mega Man fans rejoice: Mega Man 9 and 10 DLC packs are discounted in this week's PSN update, you can also get Mega Man 9 and 10, also Mega Man one through three. Here’s Scooby Doo co-creator Joe Ruby talking about the American Mega Man cartoon. Here’s Mega Man with a portal gun.

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva will release on November 11 in North America.

SNK hasn’t officially announced Shock Troopers but Australia’s Classifications Board seems to have spilled the beans. There’s also a neat trailer on that page.

Bethesda decided today that Facebook was the best place to release their screenshots, which show Prey 2’s Tommy and the Dunmer race (similar to Dark Elves) from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Nintendo’s marketing assistant for DS Rebecca Archer says a 3D Star Fox 64 has consumer interest. What do you guys think?

Here’s a new trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Spec Ops survival mode. Modern Warfare 3 will also be available as a DS title (not a 3DS title, as explained by devs here) officially called Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3: Defiance, as outed by the Australian Classification Board. Bobby Kotick told Reuters Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders are unmatched by Activision.

PlayStation update 3.70 will add update features for PlayStation Plus subscribers, like the ability to auto update selected game saves. Woot!

Kotaku outlines The Stanley Parable.

Here’s a Tekken producer (Katsuhiro Harada) talking about developing fighters.

Driver: San Francisco and Madden ’12 get demos today as well as a single player trailer for Driver. Also, You Don’t Know Jack is available via Xbox LIVE Games on Demand.

Dead Island went gold today and to celebrate here’s a co-op trailer. Kotaku swears teamwork is key.

Splinter Cell HD Trilogy will be available in the PS Store tomorrow.

Take Two missed a chance to lower expectations for NBA 2K12 says analyst

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GamerCHICK (on 10 August 2011)

cool XD

Michael-5 (on 10 August 2011)

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, is that a new 3DS Prof Layton title, or is that the name of the localization for Mask of Miracle?