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11/08/11 Activision
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11/11/11 Activision

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Modern Warfare is back. The best-selling first person action series of all-time returns with the epic sequel to multiple Game of the Year award winner, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 2.


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1 n/a 55,289 8,823 10,721 74,833
2 n/a 16,281 11,483 5,556 33,320
3 n/a 17,337 8,626 5,001 30,964
4 n/a 16,304 9,495 5,061 30,860
5 n/a 24,617 12,870 7,113 44,600
6 n/a 32,207 10,846 7,735 50,788
7 n/a 36,482 16,274 9,791 62,547
8 n/a 12,647 10,494 3,721 26,862
9 n/a 6,716 3,771 1,662 12,149
10 n/a 4,275 1,812 956 7,043
supernihilist posted 24/01/2014, 05:51
this can still sell a couple or two dozens of thousand more i think
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curl-6 posted 18/06/2013, 08:43
Wow, I;'m surprised to see this is still crawling along, I assumed sales would stop completely once Wii was out of the picture.
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curl-6 posted 12/03/2013, 02:03
I found it looked just fine. It's actually quite an impressive feat of engineering when you consider it's running the same scope of action as a game designed for PS3/360.
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Mr Puggsly posted 26/01/2013, 08:12
@ DieAppleDie - I didn't mind the resolution frame rate so much. But the colors look really bland, its muddy, and the lighting is too dark. That made it rough on the eyes and difficult to enjoy.

I didn't find this problem on Black Ops.
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DieAppleDie posted 12/11/2012, 03:05
This game is great, despite the inferior grafix, its far more enjoyable then the others, still theres no much diference between them except for the framerate and resolution
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oniyide posted 18/02/2012, 07:31
@dark_ghost_boy, oh please, this is like the fourth COD released in a row, I doubt people are that naive and ignorant that they dont know there is a WIi version of the game. THey just dont care, probably for the same reasons you mentioned. Even if it was an improvement, it still is not as good as the PS360/PC versions and it never will be.
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