UPDATE: Xbox LIVE Goes into Service Alert, Users Not Able to Connect

by Harry Monogenis, posted on 06 July 2011 / 20,044 Views

The official website for Microsoft's Xbox 360 has just updated the current status of Xbox LIVE, showing a "Service Alert" message regarding several aspects of the service, including Xbox LIVE itself.

At this time of writing, the alert message is stating that users may not be able to connect to Xbox LIVE via an Xbox 360, purchase items from the LIVE Marketplace with a credit card or by using Microsoft Points, and also encounter difficulties redeeming codes.

Currently, I am unable to sign in to my Xbox LIVE account. Several minutes ago, when I was signed in, I would get disconnected from LIVE every time I loaded up a game. On Bad Company 2, for instance, I would get a "Disconnected from Xbox LIVE" message every time the DICE logo appeared. Upon returning to the Dashboard I would be signed back in.

Let us know if you're able to access Xbox LIVE by posting a comment below. We will continue following the situation and update you the moment more developments arise.

UPDATE: Xbox LIVE is no longer in Service Alert, and it's been reported that the downtime was due to Microsoft slowly implementing their recently announced cloud storage system for the service. Some LIVE Arcade games are now able to take advantage of the cloud, it's also been reported, with more updates expected soon. We've also contacted Microsoft for comment, and will update this space when or if we hear back. The original story is above.

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Mattin (on 06 July 2011)

Yeah, they announced just over an hour ago that they're going to start rolling out the cloud for XBL.

yo_john117 (on 06 July 2011)


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nightsurge (on 06 July 2011)

I heard rumors they are initiating their cloud service already so that could be the cause? Just some maintenance?

Seece (on 06 July 2011)

Woo Cloud!

Goddbless (on 07 July 2011)

I noticed this yesterday trying to play Reach and we all thought it was the game switching from Bungie to 343.

i2zosteven1 (on 06 July 2011)

no problems here in san antonio

XanderZane (on 06 July 2011)

Looks like Microsoft was already aware something like this might happen with this update. Guess they didn't want to shut everything down and disrupt the Xbox Live community.

bloodcrust (on 06 July 2011)

I can get on. If your having problems at the sign in turn your power off then start it up again. If your playing a game and you get logged out just sign in again but don't turn your power off.

brendude13 (on 06 July 2011)

Cloud saves sound like a good idea, lets hope there is an option to save all of your data in cloud storage, not just selected saves. It should auto save using cloud storage as well.

thetonestarr (on 06 July 2011)

My wife had trouble getting on Live earlier, but after I told her to try reconnecting, it seemed to work.

Mistershine (on 06 July 2011)

I got kicked but I reconnected again straight away.

SecondWar (on 06 July 2011)

What is this cloud service supposed to let you do?

usrevenge (on 06 July 2011)

been up since 9am est, been on live since ( watching netflix)

SONYisBP (on 07 July 2011)

Take note Sony. This is REALLY maintenance.

spurgeonryan (on 06 July 2011)

or another hacker attack?

Silver-Tiger (on 06 July 2011)


Crystalchild (on 06 July 2011)

why are people rating that comment down o_O i think it was just a question.. and i thought of hackers first, too, since there is no reason named for the downtime. Lets hope its just maintenance though.

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