Homefront Sells 850,000 Units Worldwide Week One - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 23 March 2011 / 9,162 Views

THQ's recent shooter, Homefront is off to a good start. Following reports from THQ of 375,000 sales on day one in the Americas, week one sales for the game reached 850,000 units worldwide according to VGChartz estimates. Roughly two out of every three units sold were in the Americas in the initial week.

The game also sold around two thirds of the total on Microsoft's X360 in its first week of availability with the remainder on PS3 and PC. Despite generally mediocre reviews, Homefront has managed to outperform recent titles such as Bulletstorm, Dragon Age II and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in week one and should pass 2 million units over the summer.

Homefront screenshot

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usrevenge (on 24 March 2011)

Amazing Multiplayer bad single player, if you like MP easy buy if you dont like MP games stay away

DonFerrari (on 24 March 2011)

Don't count me in.

Goddbless (on 24 March 2011)

Well I no longer buy shooters for the single player other than Halo and Gears.

THATGUY (on 24 March 2011)

i think they have machinima to thank for this

RaptorGTA (on 24 March 2011)

Single player is meh...online's fun tho. Im happy with my buy tho i would have like to have more content.

scapegoatsqueal (on 24 March 2011)

Generic shooters are almost as annoying as dance

goddog (on 24 March 2011)

god this is a horrid single player game... feels like its from 06.

yahoocom1984 (on 24 March 2011)

So North Korean invades USA is hot topic

tingyu (on 24 March 2011)

It got guns, it got Americans shooting terrorists, sold.

binary solo (on 24 March 2011)

Nicely done. I expect the game will turn a profit inside a month. Makes shareholder kneejerk reaction seem more immature than the average fanboy. Goes to show FPS games only need the slightest suggestion of a SP mode to sell, as long as it's got MP that people want to play. One wonders how many people actually play SP mode to completion.

warnnnn (on 24 March 2011)

shit games should not sale this much

NotStan (on 24 March 2011)

Sorry quoted wrong person, it wasn't green, it was GuiltySpartan x)

NotStan (on 24 March 2011)

@Green, I think that was disproved by MoH, which was a very mediocre game and managed to sell large quantities. Overall I'd say great job to Kaos but the game could have been much better SP is laughable but apparently the MP is a blast, looking forward to that, but with SP being 4 hours long I can't justify forking out for it yet.

thranx (on 24 March 2011)

I still need to get this game. Hope it sells well so it has a good online community so this is good news. Maybe I can get it friday-payday

Bl00dSaint (on 23 March 2011)

I think Dragon Age 2 sold more than this in week one?

ManusJustus (on 23 March 2011)

Great news. I love this game.

younghavok (on 23 March 2011)

it was a good game so I guess the sales are well deserved. On second thought this game is 60 bucks new and is only four hours.

GuiltySpartan77 (on 23 March 2011)

I was sure this game was going to flop based on the reviews alone but hey it goes to show even a mediocre game can manage decent sales.

green_sky (on 23 March 2011)

Again goes on to show the current selling power of military shooters. Medal of Honour sold over 5 million across platforms despite being classified an okay game. Compare that to even Mass Effect 2 or other big games. I think one big reason is the ease of play as one can just jump into the multi player action for quick games.

UnknownFact (on 23 March 2011)

2 out of 3 units sold in the Americas would obviously mean that the X360 version sold more than the other versions, since the X360 is uber strong in the US and the US is a big market.

jkudlacz (on 23 March 2011)

Can we please start to ban people that just post crap. Also 'Enter' does not work, at least not form me using new comments in chrome. Great sales, but I am not getting this game, there is just way to much higher quality content coming to PS3 this year, and when I get home Socom 4 Beta will see some action from me.

FattyDingDong (on 23 March 2011)

good sales but this game sucks imo.

dsage01 (on 23 March 2011)

I thought it would be like 150k week 1 for 350 version........... I was so wrong! Best selling FPS of the year so far that's amazing

dsage01 (on 23 March 2011)

I thought it would be like 150k week 1 for 350 version........... I was so wrong! Best selling FPS of the year so far that's amazing

Xen (on 23 March 2011)

Ugh, I at least hope that the profits will be used for future Red Faction games.

Barozi (on 23 March 2011)

so around 550k week one for the 360 version. Great game. If only the campaign lasted 2 or 3 hours longer...

Bristow9091 (on 23 March 2011)

Wow really impressive numbers here, I'm not sure how the game is since I don't have it, but I'm certainly thinking of buying it, lol. I'm glad to see it's done well first week, better than I expected to be honest.

kowenicki (on 23 March 2011)

Very surprised.... its not very good.

enrageorange (on 23 March 2011)

i understand preorders tracking isn't very accurate, but 80k preorders should not equal over 400k sold in america for the 360. Very good week 1 considering I thought its best case scenario was matching bulletstorm's week one.