Weekly Sales Analysis, 25 December 2010 - Wii, DS, X360 1 Mil+

by William D'Angelo, posted on 03 January 2011 / 6,541 Views

Overview – Hardware has increased for every platform week on week, however sales should drop significantly as the holiday season is ending. Three platforms, the Wii, DS, and Xbox 360 have sold over 1 million units for a second straight week. Total DS sales to date pass the 144 million mark. The Wii reaches the 84 million mark. The PSP passes the 65 million mark. Xbox 360 sales reach the 50 million mark and pass the SNES as the ninth bestselling video game platform of all time and the fifth bestselling home console. The PlayStation 3 passes the 45 million mark. It was a light week for debuts with only two games debuting in the top 50, but neither of them made it in the top 30.  Having said that total software sales year on year are up for every platform, except for the DS. One game sold over 1 million, the top 13 sold over 500,000 and the top 65 sold over 100,000.

Worldwide Hardware – Week on week sales have increased across the board, as three platforms sold more than 1 million units for the second straight week. The Wii is this week’s top platform with sales of 1.83 million, an increase of 155,000 (9%). The DS with the biggest increase is the second bestselling platform and the bestselling handheld with sales of 1.74 million, an increase of 205,000 (13%). The Xbox 360 is the third platform to sell 1 million or more units with sales of 1.06 million, an increase of 56,000 (6%). The PlayStation 3 is up 57,000 (7%) for sales of 831,000. The PSP is up 52,000 (10%) to 561,000.

Year on year sales are up for the Xbox 360 and are down for every other platform, but there are no significant drops, greater than 12%. The Xbox 360 is up significantly with an increase of 314,000 (42%). The PSP has the smallest drop year on year, down 77,000 (-12%). The PlayStation 3 had the second smallest drop, down 111,000 (-11%). Nintendo’s platforms have the biggest drop with the Wii down 151,000 (-8%) and the DS down 161,000 (-8%).

After almost 10 straight weeks of continuous increases in sales expect sales to drop significantly next week as the holiday season is ending. Having said that sales continue to rise for another week for all three home consoles. The Wii has increased for the last 12 weeks, the PlayStation 3 the last four weeks and the Xbox 360 the last three weeks. The Wii has been in first for six weeks, the Xbox 360 in second for six weeks, and the PlayStation 3 in third for eight weeks. The Xbox 360 lead for two weeks November 6 and November 13 and the PlayStation 3 also lead for two weeks October 23 and October 30.

Worldwide Software – Two games debuted in the top 50 this week, but neither of them made it into the top 30. This week’s top debut is AKB1/48: Idol to Koishitara... (PSP) at number 34 with sales of 239,000. The game debuted in Japan and will not be released in America or EMEAA.

The other debut in the top 50 is The 3rd Birthday (PSP) which debuted at number 45 with sales of 147,000. The game debuted in Japan and currently has no release date in America or EMEAA.

Other games in the top 10 that are not debuts include Wii Sports at number one with sales of 1.63 million as the game passes the 74 million mark. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is at number two with sales of 977,000. Kinect Adventures! (X360) is at number three with sales of 965,000 as sales pass the 5 million mark. Wii Sports Resort is at number four with sales of 896,000. Just Dance 2 (Wii) is at number five with sales of 825,000, passing the 4 million mark.

Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii) is at number six with sales of 800,000 as the game passes the 3 million mark. Call of Duty: Black Ops (X360) is at number seven with sales of 706,000. Wii Fit Plus is at number eight with sales of 669,000. Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3) is at number nine with sales of 647,000. Mario Kart Wii rounds out the top 10 with sales of 593,000.

Week on week software totals are up for every platform. The Wii sees the greatest gain up an impressive 2.14 million (14%) to 17.13 million games sold. The DS is up 1.02 million (13%) to 8.83 million games sold. The Xbox 360 is up 1.59 million (23%) to 9.16 million games sold. The PlayStation 3 is up 736,000 (12%) to 7.01 million games sold. The PSP is up 427,000 (19%) to 2.65 million games sold.

Year on year software total are up for every platform except for the DS which has decreased by 1.69 million (-16%). The Xbox 360 has seen the greatest gain up 1.71 million (23%) followed by the Wii which is up 828,000 (5%). The PlayStation 3 is up 1.54 million (28%) and the PSP is up 338,000 (15%).

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Bgeas12 (on 04 January 2011)

Trolls will still troll but we can all admit, in our heart of hearts. It is the Move and kinect thats a gimnik (bad spelling xD) and thesoing to be on the numbers are going to be on the wiis side for awhile.

TheWon (on 03 January 2011)

Poor Wii Trolls! Go back under your bridge, and dream about the Next Generation! Maybe Nintendo will come in last place next gen! Maybe!

dfjyului (on 03 January 2011)

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Lyrikalstylez (on 03 January 2011)

Woot 360 dominated the HD market again

PlayerX (on 03 January 2011)

Nintendo leads the way. Sony and Microsoft follow.

Pavolink (on 03 January 2011)

@ninty_shareholder64 You fail 'cause didn't say that your "Wii" is collecting dust.

ninty_shareholder64 (on 03 January 2011)

That will be the last holiday with Wii on top. It has no games and with it's GC graphix and fitness games it's just a gimmick, Kinect and Move will kill it... surely next year, or the following one, or... Wii is just for kids and soccermoms and... last gen graphix, man...last gen graphix. end of trolling/sarcasm

Nintendogamer (on 03 January 2011)

Wii haters all butthurt I see, Wii tops 84M and that hurts wii haters a lot. You guys be like that while I go back to DKCR.

Conegamer (on 03 January 2011)

Good old Wii-haters, I thought at this point with its undeniably awesome library people didn't say this :-P Goldeneye, COD, Monster Hunter, Conduit, Metroid, DK, Zelda, Mario, Resi etc. fitness games? How times have changed...

Tridrakious (on 03 January 2011)

I wonder if the PS3 will be able to manage any weeks above a million units in 2011. Here's what I think is going to happen. Sony will be the most aggressive they have ever been this gen, in 2011. Uncharted 3 PS3 bundle $349 (game, 500gb PS3 and extensive holiday campaign for it). Uncharted PS3 bundle $299 (Uncharted 1and 2, plus the dlc for UC2 with a 320gb PS3) Uncharted Franchise pack $69 (Uncharted 1 thru 3) Resistance should get the same treatment (with Fall of Man also getting trophy support) Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One will be bundled with Move (PSEye, Move controller and Nav controller) $69 In November (worldwide) I see the PS3 getting a $50 price cut to both available sku's at that time

fwap (on 03 January 2011)

Yay, the return of fanboy butthurt at amazing Wii sales, courtesy of reidlosdog. :-D Now back I go for my daily workout at Donkey Kong Country Returns and Goldeneye. :-)

reidlosdog (on 03 January 2011)

@pukem0n I don't. But that's probably because I play video games everyday, and need something that will last me longer than a work out. That, and my girlfriend hasn't been suckered into the Wii insanity for 4 years.

LivingMetal (on 03 January 2011)

Great sales around.

pukem0n (on 03 January 2011)

insane Wii numbers wondering who still doesnt have one ^^

spurgeonryan (on 03 January 2011)

Yeah it seemed to make up anything that was lost for those few months when it was behind.

Pavolink (on 03 January 2011)

Good for Wii. Sold more SW than last year. Also, the drop was little. Almost outselling both HD consoles. Go Wii!