The VGChartz Gap Charts Monthly Update for July 2010 - News

by Miles Taven , posted on 06 August 2010 / 4,009 Views

Xbox 360 v PS3

Here we have three charts representative of the three main regions tracked by VGChartz, and a global chart which brings all of the data together.  The line on each graph represents the gap in the install base (sales through to consumers), and the title indicates which console is in the lead in the particular region covered.


360 lead is 9,640,050


PS3 lead is 4,078,365

Others (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia)

PS3 lead is 179,463


360 lead is 5,382,222

HD Consoles (PS3 + 360)  v Wii 

For the Wii to reach 50% market share (total install base) the line must drop below zero

HD lead is 5,011,900

360 v PS3

In the Americas the 360 S enjoyed its first full month of sales, resulting in around a 230k lead for the month. It's unknown if its weekly drops, although small, are due to stock levels or if it's just begginging to level off. Whichever it is, the Arcade S which launched this Tuesday in Americas should disrupt that, and further outsell the PS3 by around 200k/400k depending on stocks. The X360 should reach a grand milestone of outselling the PS3 by 10 million in the Americas around the launch of Halo: Reach.

Others/Europe favoured the X360 for the first time since April 2009. After one of the most successful console launches the UK has ever seen, the X360 managed to outsell the PS3 in July by over 250k. The lead is still in PS3's favour, but, for as long as it's still outselling the PS3 by around 50k, that 180k lead will diminish fast.

Japan unsurprisingly went to PS3, although the new 360 S has managed to settle X360 figures around 6k. The PS3 saw a boost this month with the White PS3 Slim releasing, resulting in it outselling the X360 by around 100k.

The Global Gap Chart is now over the 5.0 Million mark again. With the upcoming months favouring the X360, we could see the lead extended to 6.0 by the end of September.

HD v Wii

The Wii took a massive blow this month, being outsold by the HD consoles by more than 1 million units. With weekly Wii sales at an all time low, and with seemingly no solution as of yet from Nintendo, it seems the elusive 50% will be forever out of reach. With Halo: Reach, Gran Turismo, Move and Kinect, as well as the new 360 S, the HD consoles are on top form to finally give the Wii a challenge this holiday.

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Seece (on 07 August 2010)

"both statements, "for as long as it's still outselling the PS3 by around 50k, that 180k lead will diminish fast." and "we could see the lead extended to 6.0 by the end of September.", are wishful thinking." Not at all, 170k is a very small gap to overcome with Reach and Arcade upcoming, and another to outsell the PS3 by 600k over the next 8 weeks should also be an easy enough feat.

primogen18 (on 07 August 2010)

I always enjoy the HD Vs Wii gaps and discussions, because to compete with some of Wii's stats they have to group 2 consoles together sometimes.

sergiodaly (on 07 August 2010)

both statements, "for as long as it's still outselling the PS3 by around 50k, that 180k lead will diminish fast." and "we could see the lead extended to 6.0 by the end of September.", are wishful thinking. @Chrizum "PS3-360 gap is just as big as 4 years ago" - yeah but the gap in those four years did go to more than 8.5 mil and did get down again and the opposite, the gap get to just 2 mil and go up again, never happen. that says that the previous tendency have change! when the gap grew between the initial 5 to 8.5 xbox fans could say that PS3 would never catch it and when the gap is shrinking ps3 fans cannot say it could catch it? i find that to be very funny!

yo_john117 (on 07 August 2010)

I always enjoy seeing these gap charts. BTW people if you don't like the numbers get the hell off this site.

Silver-Tiger (on 07 August 2010)

The 360S train is indeed slowing down. It outsold the Ps3 worldwide this week by just 45k. Look at Vgchartz.

Lafiel (on 07 August 2010)

@ kowenicki ) You never tire of your negativity against "the Sony side" huh?

kowenicki (on 07 August 2010)

It's funny how when the chart was moving in the ps3 favor we didn't get all of this negativity, now that flips we get the usual bellyaching and whining and bleating from the Sony side. Ms has timed it right yet again, simple as that.

Killiana1a (on 07 August 2010)

Here we go again with the "PS3 is undertracked, while the 360 is overtracked" argument. First, read up on what "ioi" writes. Second, "ioi" has stated that Sony is catering to 2nd world markets where conventional tracking for 1st world markets is not in place. Theoretically, yes the PS3 may be undertracked, but it is not substantiated unless the same tracking for 1st world countries is in place in 2nd world markets.

Boberman (on 07 August 2010)

PS3 had shortages up to end of June 360 did not. There was a 3.8 million shipped difference then. I don't think the 360 has sold 1.2 million more systems then the PS3 in the past 6 weeks. 360 is over tracked and PS3 is undertracked

Seece (on 06 August 2010)

@ viewsonic - these are the same figures as VGChartz. (ie not 2 guys). Sony and Microsoft announce SHIPPED. How many damn times does this need to be said ...

viewsonic9 (on 06 August 2010)

If you believe these stats made up by a couple of guys then the 360 has a 5m lead over the PS3. If on the other hand you believe the official stats recently released by the 2 companies (aka reality) the gap is far smaller.

Cueil (on 06 August 2010)

It's nice to things start to level out... hopefully we see a strong PS360 holiday and a further reduction in the Wii's domination of the home market.

r3av3r2k1 (on 06 August 2010)

These are my favorite articles on the site really simple and effective 360 is having a hell of a ride on the slim train lol

Chrizum (on 06 August 2010)

"PS3-360 gap is just as big as 4 years ago. In other words, sony fanboys yelling that the PS3 is catching up are deluded" MARCUSDJACKSON: "PS3 is catching up to the 360. thats great" Priceless.

Machina (on 06 August 2010)

I... uh, what? I think people are reading these wrong :S Anyway, nice graphs ^^

MARCUSDJACKSON (on 06 August 2010)

PS3 is catching up to the 360. thats great.

Seece (on 06 August 2010)

@ Kowen - thanks buddy!

Chrizum (on 06 August 2010)

PS3-360 gap is just as big as 4 years ago. In other words, sony fanboys yelling that the PS3 is catching up are deluded.

Seece (on 06 August 2010)

@ jkudlacz - the Arcade S isn't included in any of these numbers, and losing steam is a rather odd thing to say considering it outsold the PS3 by 400k this month. Everything else you said just sounds like best case scenario and wishful thinking ^^ sorry to say!

kowenicki (on 06 August 2010)

well the post below mine is deluded and the arcade 360S isnt even out yet, so ... ? amazon!? ok. great work seece, nice article.

kain_kusanagi (on 06 August 2010)

It looks pretty clear that the Xbox 360 is holding strong overall. People expecting the PS3 to overtake it before the end of the generation need to realize that the Xbox 360 and PS3 are equally popular. Gone is the time of a Sony dominated industry.

jkudlacz (on 06 August 2010)

I think XBOX 360 S is loosing Steam, while Arcade version of Xbox 360 went on sale it has not been able to move many consoles. Currently PS3 is selling more than XBOX 360 S on Amazon and PS3 has been gaining ground. Not sure how this looks at other retailers, Best Buy, Walmart, Costco etc. but event $299 special for Final Fantasy XIII with 2 free games, haven't been that much of a hit. If Sony makes a big announcement in 2 weeks at GamesCom where Sony Slim was announced last year we may see up tick in PS3 sales or even a significant gain, assuming that PS3 does in rest of the world what it did in Japan, (White PS3, 160GB and 320GB models, and removal of $299 price lock on 120GB and 250GB as well as some major Bundles) Wii is done, I think they peaked and with Kinect as well as Move coming to Xbox and PS3, Wii will slowly start loosing steam, gap between HD and Wii will continue to grow and depending how well Kinect and Move do it may cause Nintendo to drop price of Wii sooner than expected.