"We're Working on US Tales Releases" Says Namco - News

by Nicholas Taylor , posted on 30 July 2010 / 3,476 Views

Given the recent track record of Tales-releases, it's no surprise that Tales-fans outside of Japan are, quite frankly, pissed off. The PS3-version of Tales of Vesperia, packed to the brim with new content, never saw an international release, and with the latest new mainline game in the series, Tales of Graces, still nowhere to be seen, fans seem to be losing hope in ever getting to see new iterations of the series being released internationally.

Have no fear, though, because US representatives for Namco have said that they are "working on it". They went on to confirm directly afterwards, however, that there are still no plans to bring Tales of Graces to the US, which leads one to ask "Are you really?".

Regardless, this was the full message: "Firstly, thank you all for your excitement around the series. We also love the series here at Namco of America and are working with our Japan counterparts to determine if we'll see US releases for these games. Unfortunately, we don't currently have any plans to bring Tales of Graces to the US. If this changes, we'll let you know as soon as we can!"

This was posted on their official Facebook pages after tons of fans had let their thoughts be known on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Kind of them to give some response, at least. As of right now, nothing seems to be changing, but at least they're trying. Keep hope alive, and maybe things will get better for us Tales-fans soon enough.

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AOvechkin08 (on 03 September 2010)

With all of the petitions and facebook spam, they have been getting over localizing Tales, I highly doubt they will release anything despite all the evidence saying they will.

Darc Requiem (on 02 August 2010)

Meh, Namco BS. They care about us. It's a shame when you are trying to give someone your money and they don't take it. Between Graces, Vesperia PS3, and Innocence, Namco could have $150 from me. I figure between Europe and the US there are at least a few hundred thousand people that would have done the same. It's not good business to give up millions of dollars...

Rawnchie14 (on 01 August 2010)

Lost interest in the extra content of ToV PS3 at this point, way too long time since I've played the 360 version. But still would like to see ToG make it over, whether it be Wii or PS3 (preferably ToG-F for the PS3)

All_Things_Sonic (on 01 August 2010)

The 'Tales' games I have are pretty fun

kiefer23 (on 01 August 2010)

Namco are still living in the 90s.

oni-link (on 01 August 2010)

LOL...Tales of Vesperia has been out in the Americas for quite sometime now. It's on the X360, but it's been out for like ages. Regarding ToG...I'm a little hesitant and don't care for the game much as I heard it's freakin' buggy and that's what killed it's momentum in Japan. So in my opinion that half assed game can stay in Japan unless they guarantee it to be bug proof!

Attoyou (on 01 August 2010)

Vesperia and Graces Double Pack PS3 Please!!!

Alderxian (on 31 July 2010)

I hope they release Tales of Hearts in America, I loved that game but didn't understand a thing. xD

arcane_chaos (on 31 July 2010)

Namco is finally starting to listen...hopefully results will follow

spdk1 (on 31 July 2010)

Ever since Namco Merged with Bandai they inherited Bandai's horrendous track record with US localization. For instance Bandai could have made Gundam into a huge property over here, and they had the momentum to do so back when Gundam Wing was on cartoon Network and model kits were getting released. They rested on their laurels and released obscure shows from the series out of chronological order, and put them on REALLY late at night thus killing the franchise....Now they are doing the same with "tales of..."

IxisNaugus (on 31 July 2010)

They're not going to do anything about this, they have no say in the matter. Namco-Bandai will likely continue their trend of Japan only Tales games and numerous upgraded ports to PlayStation consoles and we will just have to sit here and take it.

themanwithnoname (on 31 July 2010)

How about some of the DS games Namco?

Games4Fun (on 31 July 2010)

I dont even care about them anymore no point to

Saintdante (on 31 July 2010)

They still haven't learned their lesson have they? The longer they take the less people want to buy the game then once they actually do bring it over they're going to complain about low sales.

starterman1989 (on 31 July 2010)

Weird, but... http://share.blog.us.playstation.com/ideas/2010/07/30/sony-should-publish-ps3-tales-of-games-in-the-us/

AvZeroMkA157 (on 31 July 2010)

I think it's ok if they don't bring over Tales of Graces for the Wii. It is still pretty glitched even after the recall. If they don't bring over Tales of Graces F, that's a different story...

dahuman (on 31 July 2010)

So instead of trying to build momentum, they kill it. What great business decisions!

NoirSon (on 31 July 2010)

So short of them bringing over one of the PSP games, they are working on what to bring to the US.

forest-spirit (on 31 July 2010)

In other words: "You guys working on the fan translation of Tales of Graces; don't stop!"

novasonic (on 31 July 2010)

I have a feeling his got my hopes up for no reason other to be shattered all over again.

Spedfrom (on 31 July 2010)

Colour me surprised!

Ssenkahdavic (on 31 July 2010)

Ill believe it the first time I save the game (after buying it and playing it) It is like they say with a job, "You do not have one until you receive your first paycheck"

||DeOn|| (on 31 July 2010)

im not even worried about tale's of graces because it might just have the same exact graphic's as the wii version BRING VESPERIA OVER!! my goodness namco bandai make's me SICK!

rutea7 (on 31 July 2010)

i hope this is true...

MirrorWorld (on 31 July 2010)

Ugh, just please bring something decent over... I don't think I can beat Symphonia or Abyss anymore than I already have. Just something available on either the PS3 or the Wii will probably make me incredibly happy.

kanjitech18 (on 31 July 2010)

I'm a begger for Tales. I'm not proud of it, ok I am a little, but if it means more Tales games for the west...

Riot Of The Blood (on 31 July 2010)

I'm fine with graces not coming. But I would really like vesperia and that new tales game to come over. I'll be happy with whatever tales games we can get tbh.