Xbox 360 S Has Record-Breaking UK Launch - VGChartz

Xbox 360 S Has Record-Breaking UK Launch - News

by Brett Walton , posted on 19 July 2010 / 8,764 Views

According to GFK Chart-Track, Microsoft's new Xbox 360 had the biggest launch ever for a revised home console in the UK, selling more than the PS2 redesign in 2004, PS3 redesign last year and sold around the same amount as the Xbox 360 originally sold at launch in the UK back in 2005 (around 70,000 units). This follows an extremely successful US launch last month where VGChartz estimates that over 250,000 units were sold in just two and a half weeks.


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gtcarro (on 26 July 2010)

You are right, but PS3 Slim with price drop, still is more expensive than xbox360, and yet, even with a higher price, PS3 Slim sold the double of the new xbox360 at launch.

mundus6 (on 26 July 2010)

Everybody that mentions PS3 slim sold better should remember. Sony also dropped the price by $100, Microsoft haven't dropped price at all and still its doing this well...

gtcarro (on 22 July 2010)

@Jereel Hunter Paulrage2 wanted to say: 550.256 units sold in first week 2.108,809 units sold in first month (on PS3 Slim model launch)

heruamon (on 21 July 2010)

Wow...that's heck of a re-launch...interesting to see if it makes any headway in the rest of PAL. It's going to be interesting to see how the launch for Kinect goes...interesting indeed.

Siko1989 (on 21 July 2010)

oh this is very off topic can some mod get rid of that crappy video ad where ever i go on VGChartz, its haunting me in every story and thread i go to lol

Siko1989 (on 21 July 2010)

not many people will here this from me Ever again... but congratz to Microsoft and its success with the 360 slim and with not much push either... you see i give credit where its due lol

arcane_chaos (on 20 July 2010)

shizzam!!! wow nice opening for the green moster!!! though still haven't gotten my 360s....*sigh*

Jereel Hunter (on 20 July 2010)

@paulrage2 550 million units? Holy crap, I didn't realize just over 1/14th of the earth's population ran out and bought one in the first week, you gotta give props to Sony's ability to produce the units, though they seem to be under-tracked by at least 515m or so...

WIzarDE (on 20 July 2010)

Men people do like new shiny things :P

gtcarro (on 20 July 2010)

I will never understand this fixation that brits have for America and American products!

paulrage2 (on 20 July 2010)

PlayStation 3 sold 550 mil units in the first week of slim launch.

Lyrikalstylez (on 19 July 2010)

Awesome, Its great to see 360 back on top again

morenoingrato (on 19 July 2010)

These groundbreking wii defeating powerfull 360 numbers start to bug me :-/ It worries me that 360 will beat wii this holiday

Attoyou (on 19 July 2010)

Great numbers! well done MS.

Tridrakious (on 19 July 2010)

That's a strong showing. Even better than the first week of the American launch. I'm shocked. Now I'm going to check the software sales to see how many new people are buying the redesign. I personally was excited for the redesign and almost got rid of the 360 I've already got to cover getting this, but then I remembered that it's still the 360 Halo/CoD/Gears. Nothing new beyond that.

maxer (on 19 July 2010)

Nice for Microsoft, they really planned this I'm guessing. We'll have to wait if they're not peeking BEFORE the holiday season. But I guess now everyone can give eachother games, or even Kinect? An honest review on this beast: http://123kinect.com/xbox-slim-review-s-kinect-wifi/

chocoloco (on 19 July 2010)

I never get why people need a redesign when their stuff functions properly already. Consumerism at its worst when companies purposely make products to break every 2-4 years and redesign products so your old one makes you feel obsolete. Not just talking about game companies, but products in general. I kept my ps3 phat and 360 phat, they still work!!!

damndl0ser (on 19 July 2010)

Impressive, I knew it would do a great job in the UK but I didn't think it would be this great.

MonstaMack (on 19 July 2010)

That is rather impressive for Microsoft. Hopefully Kinect is equally impressive for them.

Goddbless (on 19 July 2010)

I believe a congratulations is in order here.

manik1 (on 19 July 2010)

alot of people are saying how most of the sales are from trading in xboxes but the same thing happened with ps3 fat - ps3 slim so it dont matter. if this gen is going to last for another 5 years then why not upgrade your system, i did and i dont regret it.

ArnoldRimmer (on 19 July 2010)

Impressive! But I wonder how many of those are actually new customers. Over the last few weeks I have read dozens of postings from people saying they're planning to buy the 360 S, but with one exception all of them already had a working 360. I cannot quite understand those people - sure, compared to the 360 S, Wii and PS3 the "fat" 360 is ugly as hell and noisy as a jet engine, but I personally would not buy a 360 S as long as my current 360 is still working fine.

Rawnchie14 (on 19 July 2010)

lol! VGCharts has prelim. numbers at 198k in Others - almost doubles up the DS - Outstanding job MS!

trunkswd (on 19 July 2010)

Amazing numbers, I wasn't expecting an increase equal to America.

kowenicki (on 19 July 2010)

incredible... really!

Skeeuk (on 19 July 2010)

good numbers, but we will have to check software numbers to see how many are new customers and not trade ins.

--OkeyDokey-- (on 19 July 2010)

Hm. More than PS2 slim and the same 360 Fat? Is the 360 more popular in the UK than PS2 was?

binary solo (on 19 July 2010)

Impressive!!! @ tonio. So you're expecting 70-80K for EMEAA outside UK? Not sure it's going to get that high, will be super impressive if it does. I don't want to diminish the achievement, but I'm thinking lots of people upgrading to 360s on the basis of 1) more reliable unit and 2) have owned their current 360 for a 3+ years so now outside the phat extended warranty.

geddesmond2 (on 19 July 2010)

That is great sales, although the question on my mind is. Are these high sales going to last for the next few weeks and is it because of Pre orders that the sales were so high this weekend. The consol wasn't available in Europe over the last few weeks but the day after the announcement at E3 Shops all over Europe were advertising and taking Pre orders for the Consol

Stefl1504 (on 19 July 2010)

Wow... that is great for XBox 360... dammit... Sony should really make a Superslim to combat the X360S... Note: 'dammit' is only used to satisfy my PS3 fanboy half

tonio_13 (on 19 July 2010)

Wow so 150 k first week in EMEEA ?