Marvelous Entertainment Ceases New I.P. Development

by Stephen Kelley, posted on 07 June 2010 / 1,327 Views


Since the beginning of the economic recession we have seen the closure or otherwise refocusing of many video game developers and production houses.  Unfortunately it seems as if Marvelous Entertainment, a fan favorite for quirky new games, has had a bad year, or bad few years more specifically.  In the last few months we have seen MMV do some restructuring such as selling assets, layoffs, and even taking pay cuts to keep the sinking ship afloat; sadly those seem to have been fruitless, as they announced the stoppage of any new I.P. development. 


Siliconera had the scoop: 


“In light of the performance of Little King’s Story, which was MMV’s last notable new property, developed in collaboration with the now-bankrupt Cing Inc., Marvelous are concerned that they could potentially meet the same fate as their former partner if they don’t take steps to ensure their survival. Part of this involves focusing on the development of online and browser-based games. MMV have already taken the first steps toward this goal with the Twitter-based Followars for iPad and Little King’s Story for mobile phones.”


Hopefully they can get back on their feet, and continue to bring us great games, because the cemetery for dead videogame companies is far too full for another casualty.  The article further states that they plan to support the PSP more, as they have had the most success on that platform than just about any other this generation.


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almcchesney (on 08 June 2010)

i bought little kings story, fantastic game, im surprised that they dont make game for the ps360, i like their games but i generally dont buy wii games.... if an hd little kings story were to come out i would defenitely buy it again.

JEMC (on 08 June 2010)

Those are very bad news, we need more new IP and less sequels. @ Some of the posters above me. Since LKS was launched here, Spain, I've tried to buy it without success... because no one have a copy!. So don't blame their problems with us, the ones who haven't bought 1 game that wasn't avaible anywhere.

poroporo (on 08 June 2010)

I bought RF:F... does it count ?

Raijin (on 08 June 2010)

Well, this sucks. I did my part though. I bought Little King's Story, and it's fantastic game. It really is a shame that developers with talent struggle financially.

Killy_Vorkosigan (on 08 June 2010)

Damn ! Maybe a lot of consumers... oups sorry, gamers just want to pay for reharses of the same FPSes... Go buy LKS, it's a fantastic game.

allenfake (on 08 June 2010)

:((((((((( Shame on you people who didn't pick up LKS, now look what you've done.

Kenryoku_Maxis (on 08 June 2010)

Maybe they shouldn't blame it on Little King's Story and instead blame it on the 10+ weak Harvest Moon games they made. If they had just kept from making one of those and given Little King's Story some advertising, maybe they wouldn't have this problem.

Soulblazer (on 07 June 2010)

Its too bad that they are having a bad time because i like their quirky games. And it suck even more that we are not going to se a sequel to little kings story or any new IP but hopefully they continue publishing good games, because they have published a few good ones, like No More Heroes, Muramasa and Rune Factory.