Naked Vanille in Final Fantasy XIII Game Assets - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 19 January 2010 / 144,104 Views

It's well known that one of the first thing tech-savvy gamers look on when analizing the assets of a videogame is for how to turn the characters nude. It happened in The Sims, it happened in Tomb Raider, it happened in Dead or Alive, and it has happened again in Final Fantasy XIII.

Apparently, browsing through the assets on FFXIII's disc, the site MADOKA Park! stumbled accross the model of a naked Vanille. This is used during the game in a scene where Vanille appears as she came to the world (but don't go thinking anything or preordering the game just to see that, she's covered in that scene, I guess you'll have to blame the camera like in most games).

Still, this doesn't change the fact there's a nude asset of Vanille, so I wouldn't be surprised to find out hackers working on a nude-patched 360 version of FFXIII when it comes out (sorry, PS3 gamers, you're out of luck until the PS3 is hacked). Square-Enix knows perfectly how some gamers are fascinated with their characters, and seems like they decided to give them even more to be fascinated with


Source: Kotaku

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Red4ADevil (on 19 January 2010)

I spy something with my little eye O_o

iLLmaticV3 (on 19 January 2010)

My favorite female Final Fantasy character nude? SOLD!

thekitchensink (on 19 January 2010)

Hot Potion scandal confirmed?

loves2splooge (on 19 January 2010)

My 360 isn't modded and I don't want to mod it. So looks like I'll have to rely on the pics leaked to the internet instead. Unless Square-Enix releases a topless DLC pack and switches the game's rating to M (vagine would result in an automatic Ao, which would result in FF13 being banned from every gaming retailer so that's not gonna happen). If FF13 were rated M though, it would hurt their potential consumer base because there are lots of 13-16 year old FF fanboys out there. Of course that doesn't stop 12 year olds from getting mom or big brother to buy Halo for them but kids aren't always that lucky. lol.

RageBot (on 19 January 2010)

Darth, you just killed my brain.

forest-spirit (on 19 January 2010)

Huh? There's blood coming out of my nose? Btw, doesn't that skin look...old?

lestatdark (on 19 January 2010)

Why Sephiroth Darth? :O

lestatdark (on 19 January 2010)

Looool, where's Xen when you need him? Naked Vanille... :O

Soriku (on 19 January 2010)

I see a nipple. Where's the full pic? :P

Fab_GS (on 19 January 2010)

Hairy breasts?! :-X

usrevenge (on 31 May 2010)


ps3goty (on 27 May 2010)

goldingku, can we get a glitch for you? nice... top.

goldingku (on 18 May 2010)

Surprisingly well done.

consoloid (on 16 April 2010)

nude? it will probably look realy stupid (like the Heavy Rain glitch, were she walks nude, looks stupid, zero erotic feeling)

XanderZane (on 26 March 2010)

Don't really care if the girl is nude or not. It's nothing I haven't already seen hundreds of times. lol!! Adolescent hackers have nothing else better to do with their time.

CapOne (on 03 March 2010)


Final-Fan (on 22 January 2010)

"Much less" is kind of a mangled turn of phrase, which is how the whole problem started, I guess. "Let alone" would probably be more fitting.

Final-Fan (on 22 January 2010)

Maybe I was unnecessarily harsh in my last response, SHMUP, but seriously, was that passive-aggressive rant really called for? Much less if you're actually serious about avoiding the news or site completely!

SHMUPGurus (on 22 January 2010)

Oh god... I didn't want to start a war here. I only had good intentions, but now people are saying things about me that are just not true. I'll say this though: I'm paranoid when it comes to spoilers. What can I say, that's how I am. Even if I'm wrong here, it doesn't matter because the main idea is that it caused some people to react, including me. Now I see some people don't appreciate any form of complaining here and it seems like I annoy the heck out of people. It also seems like some people had a hard time sleeping because they were thinking of how stupid I am. I'm probably overreacting, I don't know.... But don't worry guys, I'll find a permanent solution to your problem by just staying away from every single FFXIII news articles from now on, or just the site in general. Bye.

zexen_lowe (on 22 January 2010)

Gah, some people. As haxxiy, FF and I assumed every rational people would know, "as she came to this world" means obviously [b]NAKED[/b] There can't be a spoiler there, because I don't know nor CARE where that scene happens. It simply makes no sense. I don't know the story of the game at all, more than Pulse, Cocoon and the name of the characters... I'd appreciate that some people that come here shouting "OMG SPOILERZ" without reading carefully would come now and apologize for overreacting unnecessarily

Seraphic_Sixaxis (on 22 January 2010)

19.4k views... wth... lurkers are getting a little... iffy...

Final-Fan (on 21 January 2010)

SHMUPGurus: You're the one ASSUMING that he's talking about literally the state in which she entered the world (from elsewhere) and not as in the phrase "as naked as the day she was born". You said something about clothing made of leaves or something; well, naked is not covered in leaves, so that's completely irrelevant. There is no reason for anyone to be making that assertion, so you should all get off zexen's nuts. Plus, you claim to know the expression but you acted like you didn't when you said, "OK, yeah, she was born with this body at 1 year old or something". Why did you do that? Were you just being insincere?

SHMUPGurus (on 21 January 2010)

I agree with Soriku. I seriously don't get what you're saying. You want to show us the scene because you feel superior knowing what happens before anyone else? It's not that we don't understand the figure of speech you're talking about, jeez, it's just that I don't think this is what it's really about. Why do I say this? *The following is a SPOILER, kind of* I've seen a screenshot of Vanille wrapped around some kind of leaves (or at least some green thing), so my assumption can be right. Who knows (other than you that is)? I'll have to see the true meaning of why they included this model when the game releases I guess.

haxxiy (on 21 January 2010)

What's up with these guys still being unable to pick a figure of speech? Stop taking things on the literal sense dudes, or I'll show you all the true spoiler of this scene. Then you'll have a real reason to complain.

Soriku (on 21 January 2010)

The whole "came to the world" thing wouldn't be very spoilery if the "This is used during the game in a scene where..." part wasn't added...

SHMUPGurus (on 21 January 2010)

OK, yeah, she was born with this body at 1 year old or something... Seriously. Not knowing anything about FFXIII's story, I can only assume those not born in Cocoon are born in a different way. I didn't have to know that, and hopefully it's not that too. k thx.

haxxiy (on 21 January 2010)

As she came to the world = as when she was born (naked) Seriously, from where you guys are that you don't know that expresion? ...but maybe that is exclusive to portuguese and spanish, so that's why yankees and brits are thinking it is a spoiler :P

thetonestarr (on 21 January 2010)

"a scene where Vanille appears as she came to the world" is the spoiler. Clearly states that she wasn't born human there I guess.

Final-Fan (on 21 January 2010)

@ zexen: I'm just saying: you said, "WTF, where are these so called spoilers in my article when I don't even know anything to spoil?" And I alluded to the fact that I had earlier said, "Is this the spoiler? Because I don't think that's really a spoiler," and someone else had said, "Oh yes it is too a spoiler!" So you may be right that it's not a spoiler, but the alleged spoiler HAS been identified.

zexen_lowe (on 21 January 2010)

Yes, everyone goes "OMG REMOVE THESE SPOILERS FROM THE NEWZZZZZZ" where there's not a single one. Bah, unless you consider that Vanille is naked in one scene a spoiler. I got another spoiler, Lightning blinks in a scene. I mean, seriously

jozanovic (on 21 January 2010)

I have only one question: Does the carpet match the drapes?

Final-Fan (on 21 January 2010)

@ zexen: Did you in fact read the comments?

thetonestarr (on 21 January 2010)

She looks kinda furry.

zexen_lowe (on 21 January 2010)

I'm tired of this, can you tell me where the spoiler is? I don't know much about the story but what's public knowledge, so why the hell would I put one?

suoturska (on 21 January 2010)

She was born fully grown? Her mother must've been quite the sight in the later stages of that pregnancy. Not to mention that the birth itself had to be a pretty gruesome sight as well.

Miss piggy (on 21 January 2010)

The sternocleidomastoid is a bit weird...

Soriku (on 21 January 2010)

@Final The article says "This is used during the game in a scene where Vanille appears as she came to the world" so it's not a reference to her being born, it's a reference to something that happens in a scene in the game.

Final-Fan (on 20 January 2010)

Um, are you guys shouting "spoilers!" referring to the phrase "as she came to this world"? Because IMO that's a reference to the fact that most people are born naked. Otherwise, I guess I'm just blind and missing it -- thankfully so.

fazz (on 20 January 2010)

There won't be a full pic, right?

soulsamurai (on 20 January 2010)

gah get rid of that spoiler!

Zer0John (on 20 January 2010)


darthdevidem01 (on 20 January 2010)

Why is the SPOILER STILL in the news story?!

suoturska (on 20 January 2010)

Maybe the nipples are there because they hadn't yet decided if they wanted them shown in the game or not when they made the model. Not that they could've been in the Japanese version, anyway, since the console manufacturers are vehemently anti-nudity there. (Reason being that they want to keep the hentai games out.) No such problem in the west, though, but ESRB didn't mention anything about visible nipples, so they probably aren't shown in the US version either. Although the EU version might be different. After all, nudity wouldn't make any difference to the game's PEGI rating. (Non-sexual nudity warrants a 7+, or a 12+ rating at most.) Or maybe she has nipples because she's supposed to be a human being. Or a representation of one, at least. And you know, humans have nipples. I wonder, did they model her a vulva? Or pubic hair? Or an anus? Though I doubt you'd see a character take a pose where the anus would be displayed in a non-pornographic game, so those probably aren't modelled too often.

iron_megalith (on 20 January 2010)

"sorry, PS3 gamers, you're out of luck until the PS3 is hacked.." DAMN YOU SONY AND THAT FIENDISH BLU-RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

naznatips (on 20 January 2010)

@ Okey Excuse me for being a nursing major and not a virgin and thus not obsessed with the random body parts on a creepy looking digital model.

RJ@Melb (on 20 January 2010)

wtf man 9000 views?

Alby_da_Wolf (on 20 January 2010)

@Snake: Cute, but I like slightly stronger features, excessive cuteness subtracts from sexiness. OK, not this case, she's quite sexy too! :-D I still prefer Madisom from Heavy Rain, though.

Solid_Snake4RD (on 20 January 2010)

but her face is very pretty though

--OkeyDokey-- (on 20 January 2010)

*group of guys sitting watching a movie* Guy 1: "did you guys see that? Nipple!" Guy 2: "that's not nipple, that's areola" *everyone stares blankly at guy 2*

naznatips (on 20 January 2010)

That's not nipple it's areola. Jeeze did none of you take basic anatomy?

Siko1989 (on 20 January 2010)

hey i see nipples lol, wow i have issues lol

WarmachineX (on 19 January 2010)

@Monstamack Yes!

hatmoza (on 19 January 2010)

a little freckles, and my sick hentai fantasies have come true!

naznatips (on 19 January 2010)

@ Outlaw Indeed. Pale, grayish, blotchy skin. Not at all attractive.

yungmagic09 (on 19 January 2010)

Well damn...

gurglesletch (on 19 January 2010)

How perverted to even make something like that.

fazz (on 19 January 2010)

I'm still waiting for the full pic.

jedi5diah (on 19 January 2010)

please dun get off on this...

novasonic (on 19 January 2010)

This will be the top story for months. Or until the full picture is posted. Then it will be the top story for months. @okeydokey I see it too..

--OkeyDokey-- (on 19 January 2010)

Am I the only one who noticed a bit of nipple there? O_o NSFW!

Soriku (on 19 January 2010)

She only looks sickly because she doesn't have Lulu/Tifa/Yunalesca size boobs.

JHawkNH (on 19 January 2010)

99% sure that this will be "fixed" before it is released in the US and Europe. @ Kasz216: The reason they create a naked girl that they will cover up in the game? Because the developers are Japanese and they can.

outlawauron (on 19 January 2010)

@ naz She looks sickly? Really?

fazz (on 19 January 2010)

Where's the full piiiiiic?!

arcane_chaos (on 19 January 2010)

looks like i'll be picking up the 360 version after all!! LOL

AnthonyW86 (on 19 January 2010)

Lol this could be the new Hot Coffee mod, and San Andreas got pulled of the shelves for that at some locations...

Xen (on 19 January 2010)

@Lestat: Zexen actually wanted to give the article to me... but I was busy with fucking math. "Fucking" emphasized! If I fail NOW, I'll kill myself :P Oh well, at least it wasn't Carl that got it! We're in war over FF XIII articles! Anyway... this is hot news. Both in hits and in sense of having naked Vanille!

Kasz216 (on 19 January 2010)

Why... make a fully naked and detailed asset of someone you plan to cover up anyway?

Alby_da_Wolf (on 19 January 2010)

Forget XB360, hidden nude contents can mean only one thing: they'll port it to PC!!! :-D

Hephaestos (on 19 January 2010)

4,615 views, 27 comments nudity in a title sure does bump the view/comments ratio!

-ku- (on 19 January 2010)

You can see her left breast a bit :)

naznatips (on 19 January 2010)

She looks sickly.

MonstaMack (on 19 January 2010)

360 version superior confirmed! :P

PlaystaionGamer (on 19 January 2010)

how sad but funny

LordTheNightKnight (on 19 January 2010)

Actually, her outfit is part of the reason I like her. BTW, if 4chan doesn't already have nude drawings of her, I will lose faith in the internet.

huaxiong90 (on 19 January 2010)


mike_intellivision (on 19 January 2010)

I wonder how the ESRB will react to this? Mike from Morgantown

haxxiy (on 19 January 2010)

Billion seller coming, dudes.

binary solo (on 19 January 2010)

360 pre-orders just did a 10x multiplier. PS3 pre-orders cancelled across the board. 360 HW sales in Japan skyrocket and start outselling Wii week to week. Who needs Natal or price cut? Exclusive nudity will do it every time. With that pparticular character it does seem a bit dodgy, could they have made nude versions of the more mature characters available rather than the one that looks most like a 12 year old?

taq1109 (on 19 January 2010)


sonicshuffle (on 19 January 2010)

Nice job perverts.

chocoloco (on 19 January 2010)

She looks 14 don't need to see jailbait anyways.

SHMUPGurus (on 19 January 2010)

WTF @ blatant spoiler in the news. Seriously...

darthdevidem01 (on 19 January 2010)


Soriku (on 19 January 2010)

Btw, LOL at this pic in response to these pics.

badgenome (on 19 January 2010)


Barozi (on 19 January 2010)

ZOMG I knew the 360 version is the superior one !!! :-P