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Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Reportedly Hit With Layoffs

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Reportedly Hit With Layoffs - News

by William D'Angelo , posted 5 days ago / 1,672 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment America directors visited Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe in London on October 8, the same day more information on the PlayStation 5 was released.

The directors announced there would be restructuring in Europe including marketing and public relations, according to Video Game ChronicleEmployees affected by the restructuring have been required to re-interview for their jobs.

The report says that Sony Interactive Entertainment America influence over the rest of the world has grown over the last year as it moves towards a centralized global structure.

It has also been reported by an employee via Twitter that the United States-based creative services team has also been hit with layoffs.

"I was part of the creative services team at PlayStation that got laid off today," reads the tweets from the employee. "This group of talented and passionate people are out of a job and now looking for work. If you’re hiring for project coordinators, managers, and designers please post below!

"I hate that this is going to be drowned by the PS5 announcement. For the record also. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED working at PlayStation. It was a dream come true, many people got to see my art through campaigns and such. The people and environment are exactly what makes me and my friends sad to leave. It was a great place to work."

Sony Interactive Entertainment Chairman Shawn Layden recently announced he would be leaving the company and  Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia President Atsushi Morita announced his retirement.

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estebxx (5 days ago)

"The report says that Sony Interactive Entertainment America influence over the rest of the world has grown over the last year as it moves towards a centralized global structure." Reminds me of the good old VGC meme, "Globally in the U.S"...

DonFerrari (5 days ago)

Seems to be synergies and redundancies. Game development not affected and cost better controlled. Sorry for the ones who lost their jobs though.

VAMatt (5 days ago)

Making a company more efficient is always better in the long run. The employees that lost jobs will find news ones soon (if they're good), and can help make another company better. It's really a win-win for gamers and Sony, and it's probably a win for most of those who lost jobs too, as they're all now pushed to look for better work to do.

PAOerfulone (5 days ago)

Layoffs... In Europe? PlayStation's strongest region? Really? That's fucked up, man.

DonFerrari (5 days ago)

Back office people.

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KLAMarine (5 days ago)

In Europe of all places...

GoldenHand80 (5 days ago)

That's really strange. Could possibly be due to the high cost of ps5 development. It really sucks anyway. I hope those people find other jobs real soon.

Zenos (5 days ago)

Ah, so this is why they announced the PS5. It all makes sense now. Hopefully those affected will find new jobs soon.

BraLoD (5 days ago)

That's sad.

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John2290 (5 days ago)

So Shawn Layden leaves cause he couldn't fire people he has so much relationship with, then Jim Ryan throws out some random and nothing burger news about the PS5 to deflect the media away from this while they continue to censor for china and the lemmings falling off the cliff to the left, cutting exclusives to one or two a year and pushing for a seemingly Xbox one, prelaunch, like ecosystem for 9th gen. I'm worried about Sony and it is looking less and less likely I will adopt ps5 eqrly on if at all at the rate they are going.

OTBWY (5 days ago)

When are we going to talk about how coincidental and worrying this is.