Sony Owns the 'Rights to Past Insomniac Games Works' in Reference to Sunset Overdrive - VGChartz
Sony Owns the 'Rights to Past Insomniac Games Works' in Reference to Sunset Overdrive

Sony Owns the 'Rights to Past Insomniac Games Works' in Reference to Sunset Overdrive - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 October 2019 / 2,763 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced it acquired developer Insomniac Games, who is best known for the Ratchet & Clank series, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and  Sunset Overdrive.

Sony's Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida speaking to Inside Games was asked if Sony now owns the rights to Sunset Overdrive. It is a game that originally launched on the Xbox One and was published by Microsoft Studios. His response appears to show that Sony does own the rights to the IP now. 

"SIE holds the rights to past Insomniac Games works," said Yoshida. 

When asked if he was worried what would happen to the IP in the future, he said "Insomniac is a powerful developer, so I can only say that I am looking forward to future titles."

Sunset Overdrive launched for the Xbox One in October 2014 and Windows PC in November 2018.

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COKTOE (on 17 September 2019)

Nice to have this official now. Hopefully SO will see the light of day on Playstation. I think it's almost a given seeing as how easy it would be to do.

Rafie (on 17 September 2019)

We're definitely getting a SO port or remaster.

  • +4
Poliwrathlord (on 17 September 2019)

This game deserves to be played by so many more people

DialgaMarine (on 17 September 2019)

I imagine a PS4 port will come, assuming Insomniac cares and there's enough demand. It'd really just be free money for Sony.

Zenos (on 17 September 2019)

Funny how previously Insomniac went with MS for this game just to keep the IP rights for themselves. Now that Sony owns them this seems redundant.

Angelv577 (on 17 September 2019)

Spiderman changed everything.

  • +3
mjk45 (on 17 September 2019)

Yes indeed the success of spiderman meant Sony could afford pay through the nose, to ensure they had Insomniac locked behind Spiderman.

  • +2
The Fury (on 18 September 2019)

Yeah but it also means they own Fuse and no one wants that. :P Sony are no doubt look at a Spider-man sequel and other new games, not past failures.

pitzy272 (on 17 September 2019)

SO is one of three games Ive played on my XBO. It really wasn't that great imo. I'm sure it could make Sony some quick money, but idt it'll sell an overwhelming amount.

Angelv577 (on 17 September 2019)

I dont think sony is interested in future sunset titles.

Mr Puggsly (on 17 September 2019)

Its a good game. But I still wouldn't expect a sequel soon.

SecondWar (on 17 September 2019)

I'd be surprised if they did end up porting it. A four year old game that I don't remember getting much fanfare outside of its launch window. However, I could be calling it very wrong.

think-man (on 17 September 2019)

It's not really a title I'm interested in.

StriderKiwi (on 17 September 2019)

It was decent but not as special as it seemed.

  • 0
think-man (on 17 September 2019)

Can stay on Xbox and pc :P

  • -2
Mystro-Sama (on 17 September 2019)

MS probably secured the rights for an entire gen so we probably won't see it on the PS4.

Azzanation (on 17 September 2019)

I enjoyed SO, i think its great more people get to play it. However i am not surprised the game all of a sudden is now super popular when its been out for 4 years and yet no one seemed to care aside from those who actually played it.