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Persona 5 Royal New Information Released

Persona 5 Royal New Information Released - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 July 2019 / 2,053 Views

Atlus has released new information on Persona 5 Royal in a new video called the "Morgana’s Report."


Read a summary of the information below via Gematsu:

  • Kasumi Yoshizawa’s Arcana is “Faith,” represented by the tarot card “La Foi.”
  • There is a gallery feature to re-watch movies and event scenes. More information on that will be announced in the future.
  • There are new elements in the game surrounding Akechi Goro.
  • Morgana shared a screenshot of Haru in her everyday clothes.
  • The Kyouma (new strong enemies) that appear in Palaces are extremely strong, but defeating them might get you rare items.
  • There are items called “Ishi” scattered throughout Palaces, and collecting them all will turn get you an accessory that lets you use a powerful skill.
  • Wire actions have been added to the palace. With the wire, you can jump from one distant ledge to another, or even use it to latch onto faraway enemies to zoom in and start the battle with the upper hand.
  • New elements have also been added to battle. The range of customization for the guns carried by the Phantom Thieves has increased. You can increase the accuracy rate of your favorite gun, and even attach effects that inflict the enemy with status ailments. Also, bullets will replenish after battle.

Persona 5 Royal will launch for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on October 31 and in North America and Europe in 2020.

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Hiku (on 14 June 2019)

The gallery feature to re-watch movies will save me a bunch of extra save slots.

Megiddo (on 14 June 2019)

Bullets replenish after battle? Welp, 99.99% of flying enemies just lost any sense of the little threat they had remaining. Any sense of strategy in terms of preservation of resources is pretty much completely gone now. Ah, well. People seem to like it more when things are easier and any potential strategy is eliminated, so I understand why they're doing it.

Bandorr (on 14 June 2019)

To be fair, there was little to no strategy there. Each person had a gun, each with bullets. Some I recalled had quite a lot of bullets. So there there was little resource management.

  • +1
Barkley (on 14 June 2019)

There was from what I remember, because generally you wanted to stay in a dungeon for as long as possible to make the most of the day. I remember leaving dungeons when all my bullets were exhausted. Depends on the enemies in that dungeon ofc.

  • 0
Bandorr (on 14 June 2019)

I never "chose" to leave a dungeon, nor did I ever need to. Any time I left it was because the game forced me out. So I definitely don't remember it being an issue.

I'm betting the flyers also had weaknesses other than gun, and I would just hit that one. I mean with so many characters, guns, and bullets you have a ton of choices.

  • 0
Megiddo (on 14 June 2019)

I'm fairly sure you had to leave Mementos of your own volition at least once. For me I think it was Madarame's palace where I got a bit bullet starved. It's not particularly impactful, but it's not a change that needed to be made either. There's no reason for bullets to replenish after battles.

  • 0
LivingMetal (on 14 June 2019)

I just started playing P5 a few weeks ago until I heard the news of a "Royal" version. So I shelved the game for Borderlands and Neptunia instead. Will be worth the wait.

PAOerfulone (on 14 June 2019)

"New elements surrounding Goro Akechi." ... Go on.