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Marvelous Trimming Sexual Content from Unannounced Title

Marvelous Trimming Sexual Content from Unannounced Title - News

by Adam Cartwright , posted on 15 May 2019 / 1,787 Views

According to Japanese WSJ journalist Takashi Mochizuki, Marvelous (the Japanese publisher known for their Senran Kagura and Story of Seasons series) have been trimming sexual content from an unannounced upcoming title as it is "getting hard to make games with sexual expressions".

While the title of the game obviously wasn't revealed, it is presumably in development at Kenichiro Takai's studio Honey Parade Games who have been responsible for the Senran Kagura series since their establishment in 2017.

The removal of sexual content presumably relates to Sony's recent policies regarding the matter that has seen numerous titles affected, including Marvelous' own Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal for its western release.

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SuperNintend0rk (on 15 May 2019)

As soon as an article mentions censorship of sexual content, I immediately think of Sony now. Talk about brand power!

shikamaru317 (on 15 May 2019)

F*ck you Sony!

RolStoppable (on 15 May 2019)

Looks like Sony is even censoring comments with sexual expressions on this website.

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shikamaru317 (on 15 May 2019)


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JON0 (on 15 May 2019)

Feel like i could type paragraphs of whats wrong with this, or why its annoying that Switch/PC has to suffer because of Sony's policy.. But all i'll say is this; Content and story elements are getting 'trimmed' from a game because apparently anime tiddy (something that's purely fictional, and is a drawing) infulences how i view real life women.. I think there's something wrong with this policy. Also Marvelous.. if this game was planned to release on PS4 only, you should release it on PC and Switch also. All that work going to waste is just sad. Many games on Steam have free 18+ dlc content, would be nice to do this for those that may want it.

Jranation (6 days ago)

This is really scary..... Sony can avoid crossplay all they want but this is something else.....

KLAMarine (6 days ago)

Less sexual content = less sales.

COKTOE (6 days ago)

More testicles means more iron.

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Ka-pi96 (6 days ago)

It's not hard at all. It's called Steam!

TheBraveGallade (6 days ago)

....exept that steam isn't that big In Japan. The biggest market for such content is Vita, then PS4.

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Ka-pi96 (6 days ago)

Isn't that big in Japan... yet!
Things change, especially if it has the content that people want.

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TheBraveGallade (2 days ago)

Nah. With Japan's current gaming climate, that demand would hardly leak to steam, it's FAR more likely to drain off into mobile.
I mean, the hentai market still exists on PC, but most of it actually exists OUTSIDE steam distributed directly by the studios. Meaning NONE OF THEM come out in the west and there is no way to legally get them.

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Zenos (4 days ago)

Sony's censorship polices affecting game development is nothing new. What's more frustrating here is that Marvelous don't implement the obvious solution of going to other platforms that don't have these restrictions.

ClassicGamingWizzz (4 days ago)

This is What Will end Sony, pissing off weebs that want to see them anime tits