Rumor: Microsoft to Unveil Next Gen Xbox at E3 2019, Launch in 2020 With Halo Infinite - VGChartz
Rumor: Microsoft to Unveil Next Gen Xbox at E3 2019, Launch in 2020 With Halo Infinite

Rumor: Microsoft to Unveil Next Gen Xbox at E3 2019, Launch in 2020 With Halo Infinite - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 March 2019 / 3,072 Views

More rumors are coming out about the next generation Xbox. Recently a rumor stated Microsoft plans to release two versions of the console. One that is more affordable and only slightly more powerful than the Xbox One X, while the other would be more powerful and more expensive. 

French outlet Jeuxvideo is now reporting Microsoft plans to announce the two next generation Xbox consoles at E3 2019. The consoles have the codenames of Xbox Anaconda and Xbox Lockhart. 

The report states Microsoft plans to release the console by the end of 2020 with Halo Infinite as a launch title. Microsoft isn't done with the Xbox One. Gears 5 will launch this year and Ninja Theory's next game will release in early 2020.

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Ganoncrotch (on 22 February 2019)

Aye that's what the company who has the 6Teraflops console that no one is buying needs... a more powerful console!

AngryLittleAlchemist (on 22 February 2019)

Well ... that's why the rumor states that there is an affordable sku, and a more expensive luxury one. But, this argument doesn't make sense anyways. There is always one console that is the most powerful before the next generation of consoles begin. Even if you account for mid-gen upgrades, had Microsoft not released the One X, you could still say the same thing about the PS4 with it's Pro model. And tons of people have bought PS4s, with the Pro model becoming more and more popular.

Mid-gen upgrades do not get prioritized much but it's possible that an early sku difference would. Also, Microsoft has bought so many studios and has so many games in development that it's silly to act like the only thing they have to bring to the table is power.

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AngryLittleAlchemist (on 22 February 2019)




With all the information we know so far, Xbox One X was actually a pretty big success. In fact I think the ratio of Xbox One X sales to Xbox One sales is probably better than Pro to PS4 (though I can't confirm that without official numbers). Unfortunately we will never get the full picture because of the lack of official numbers, but it seems like from what we know the One X was a success. Ultimately, the One X was NEVER going to reverse the fate of Xbox One, at least not realistically.

It is silly to make fun of MS for releasing a powerful sku for next gen (or for releasing any next gen console period, which I've seen you make fun of as well). The problem isn't these consoles themselves, it's the software. And Microsoft is investing in software so much already, buying multiple studios and giving Halo Infinite the BOTW treatement (by giving it a 5 year development time instead of releasing a new one every 2-3 years).

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EricHiggin (on 22 February 2019)

Seeing a similar rumor that adds supposed leaked specs of approximately 4TF+ and around 12TF, really makes me wonder. Unless XB1X is going to remain in the line up and be the middle go to console, because they would be crazy to drop XB1X at 6TF and launch a weaker model at say 5TF. This rumor of a 6TF+ base model actually makes sense. A 6TF base and doubled 12TF premium model makes a tonne of sense if their going that route.
In the end however, that will only get them so far, and not far enough. Games are going to make the difference of whether 'XB2' follows the XB1 trajectory or whether it breaks free and gains momentum.

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Azzanation (on 22 February 2019)

But the X1X is selling well..

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Ganoncrotch (on 22 February 2019)

regarding the ratio I don't think if 100% of the systems right now being sold were X1X's that it would be a larger number than the Pro, given that 5:1 ratio of sales between the Ps4:X1 to see numbers which are just keeping the 3ds at bay and suggest that the console even a certain version of it is "doing well" just comes off to me as not wanting to see the big picture there.

Regarding the rest of your post to me ALA I replied on your wall, hope you don't mind the literal wall of text! If you want rid of it there is a lil X on the right side :D will clean that wall right up!

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Azzanation (on 22 February 2019)

Ohhhh.. so you mean the X1X isn't selling well compared to the Pro.. That doesn't matter what the competition does, the point is the X1X is a successful console and its doing well. It doesn't have to be the highest selling platform considering its the most expensive.

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Mr Puggsly (on 24 February 2019)

The X1X isn't a next gen console, its an option to play 8th gen games with better visuals and its arguably the best for that.

Also, there will be crossgen games like Halo Infinite. I plan to play Halo Infinite on my X1X regardless if there is a 9th gen console in 2020.

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Kerotan (on 22 February 2019)

The X isn't even that old and they are going to announce 2 more this year? Pulling a Sega. Outsold by switch and PS4 by 5:1 most weeks. If they announce next gen this year for next year sales will tank. Bad strategy. Sony are keeping tight lipped so they don't lose ps4 sales.

shikamaru317 (on 23 February 2019)

There are already heavy rumors of Sony announcing PS5 this year as well, at the Playstation show they announced for 2019 when they announced they would skip E3. Seems like both will announce this year, since Google is announcing their next-gen gaming plans at GDC in March.

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Mr Puggsly (on 24 February 2019)

This is a guy trying to have it both ways. MS and Sony are both working on new hardware, neither are being "tightlipped."

Furthermore, its safe to assume software will be crossgen for a while. Everything you're saying is nonsense... as usual.

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Machiavellian (on 22 February 2019)

One thing for sure is having the console with the least amount of power is definitely not a strategy either. Lets say for now that having a powerful console is one of many things MS needs for their next piece of hardware.

iamsomeone (on 22 February 2019)

they need great games not some bragging rights about having the most powerfull console

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Ganoncrotch (on 22 February 2019)

Switch is around the .3 Teraflops region, would make it approx 18 times weaker than the X1, sells 5 times as much as it though for almost the same price on the shelf.

Power doesn't matter in the big picture, last Generation the Wii outsold the HD Twins by nearly 20million and the generation before that the PS2 effectively tripled the sales of the GC and Xbox combined, with the weakest hardware by far going to both those winners.

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