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PlayStation Classic 45% Off on Amazon

PlayStation Classic 45% Off on Amazon - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 February 2019 / 2,414 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment released the PlayStation Classic worldwide on December 3, 2018 for $99 / €99 / 9,980 yen and less than a month later the price had been slashed by 30 percent on Amazon. 

The PlayStation Classic is now available for $54.99 (45 percent off) on Amazon.

Here is an overview of the PlayStation Classic:

  • PlayStation Classic comes with 20 pre-loaded games including, Final Fantasy VIIJumping FlashRidge Racer Type 4Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.
  • This mini Console is approximately 45% smaller than the original PlayStation.
  • Includes two wired Controllers, a virtual memory card and an HDMI cable.

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SuperNintend0rk (on 17 January 2019)

That's still overpriced considering how badly they screwed it up!

Darwinianevolution (on 17 January 2019)

Well that was a fast pricedrop. I wonder if this will end up costing around 30€, maybe then the homebrew community can do something about its performance.

VAMatt (on 17 January 2019)

I'll consider picking one up when they hit $20

Dr.Vita (on 17 January 2019)


Azzanation (on 17 January 2019)

I feel sorry for those who paid full price for this console. Ill probably get one when its less than half price.

Rafie (on 18 January 2019)

I'm glad the sales are abysmal for this product. Sony definitely should have put more "tlc" in this instead of a rush job. Good on folks that voted with their wallet.

Pemalite (on 17 January 2019)

Still not worth it.

LivingMetal (on 17 January 2019)

Failed product.

Mr Puggsly (on 17 January 2019)

Good, sounds like they're just clearing them out. A complete fucking disaster.

Mandalore76 (on 18 January 2019)

It's not just Amazon. Best Buy, Target, and Walmart are all trying to purge their inventories. Even at almost half price, they sit on the shelves.

DonFerrari (on 18 January 2019)

I'll consider it when it is USD 9.99

Amnesia (on 18 January 2019)

Could we have soon an estimated sales number ?

Ganoncrotch (on 18 January 2019)


  • +2
AHYL88 (on 18 January 2019)

This thing has done so abysmally; it got reduced to £49.99 only a few weeks later on the 26th December in the UK. Heck even a store in a town in Scotland had this reduced to a measly £24.99 at one point!

HylianSwordsman (on 19 January 2019)

I'm sorry, there's just no way. They need to completely redo the Playstation Classic before I'd pay more than a couple bucks at a yard sale for the thing.

Mr.Ash (on 19 January 2019)

A frequently mentioned criticism refers to the choice of games and how bad they are compared to Nintendo NES/SNES mini consoles, for example. At first sight this criticism may seem justified, but there is something most players don't notice or know. There are over 2500 games for the PS1. Even if more than half of them are junk, there are still about 1000 good games left. In addition, Sony only has full distribution rights on very few games, games such as Crash Bandicoot, Castlevania, Gran Turismo and co. would have required lengthy and expensive license negotiations for characters, content, vehicles etc. to use this. Nintendo, on the other hand, has a much smaller pool of games and, thanks to the gag contracts at the time, still owns 100% distribution rights for all NES games, and almost 100% distribution rights for all SNES games. This also applies to almost all 3rd party developments, or have you ever seen the NES version of Castlevania 1 on any other console than Nintendo? Could Konami have done it long ago if they had the rights to the NES version, right? So Sony was faced with a much more difficult task when it came to the choice of games, and this should be taken into account in all criticism. By the way, Nintendo will face the same problem with the upcoming N64 Mini, because the days of full distribution rights for the N64 were over. So the N64 Mini will most likely not contain any RARE games (Banjo Kazooie, Conker, Golden Eye, Perfect Dark and co.), because RARE and the rights of these game brands belong to Microsoft meanwhile. Or why do you think there are no RARE games in Nintendo's N64 VC games with the exception of Donkey Kong 64? Coincidence? Of course Nintendo could be clever enough to do without the N64 Mini to keep the appearance of 3rd party games in mind. I could well imagine that statements like "With our current strategy there is no priority on another mini console" or "In our opinion it is too early to call the N64 a retro console" or simply "We would rather keep the N64 in good memory" could come. It's all about the players and fans believing to let you act in the same way. I don't want to protect Sony with that, or even claim that the PS1 Classic is a great device, but only show facts that certain criticisms are unjustified.

Medisti (on 18 January 2019)

I'm really bummed, because this could have easily been a home run. There are a lot of PS1 games I'd love to revisit that are hard to get ahold of these days, unless you have a PS3 or Vita (which I do not).