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Left Alive Info Details Characters, World, More

Left Alive Info Details Characters, World, More - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 15 November 2018 / 672 Views

Square Enix has released new information on Left Alive that introduces the world in the game, characters and more.


Read the information below:

■ The World of Left Alive

O.C.U. (Oceania Cooperative Union)

A large confederation of nations by the countries of Asia and Oceania. Its official name is the Oceania Cooperative Union. It has established a huge economic sphere in the western Pacific Ocean and rivals the U.S.N.

U.S.N. (United States of New Continent)

A large confederation of nations by the countries of North and South America. Its official name is the United States of New Continent. The O.C.U. is seen as a long-time enemy, with war breaking out between the two numerous times in the past.

Republic of Zaftra

A major power in the north that possesses the world’s largest territory, and is ranked equal against the O.C.U. and U.S.N. Due to the great number of international conspiracies the Republic has partook in, it lost its position in the international community and endured a period of political economic turmoil, but in recent years saw a dramatic revival. From the coast of the Black Sea to central Asia, the Republic historically has strong relationships with the countries of Eastern Europe.

Garmonia Republic

A small country that neighbors the Black Sea. It has a strong political and economic relationship with the Republic of Zaftra, and is a rival to neighboring country Ruthenia. The conflict between Ruthenia and Garmonia, which were originally the same country, escalated with the restoration of Zaftra. The country ultimately divided into two countries into east and west. The Garmonia Republic was established on the east side, which makes up the majority of founding Zaftra groups.

A stopover for trade and resource exports from Zaftra via the Black Sea, Garmonia receives various favors, and is thus said to be vulnerable as an independent nation due to its high level of economic dependence on other countries.

Republic of Ruthenia

A small country that neighbors the Black Sea. It was once the same country as Garmonia, but the restoration of Zaftra led to its split into two nations in the east and west. Ruthenia is home to the western half of the nation’s old families, and comprises mostly of anti-Zaftra group inhabitants.

After Ruthenia and Garmonia went independent, tensions between both countries rose, and the battle over the territorial rights for the Novo Slava region on the border between the nations continued. The economic infrastructure of the east side is poor, and since it has been in long period of political and economic turmoil, poverty and deterioration of public order are getting worse.

Novo Slava

A city that exists on the border between Garmonia and Ruthenia. The city, which is of prominent scale even between both countries, was originally mostly occupied by anti-Zaftra group inhabitants, but when the east and west divided, Zaftra intervened and the city became Garmonia territory.

These brute force methods resulted in the citizens’ opposition of Garmonia, and movements demanding attribution to Ruthenia were a frequent occurrence immediately following. The movements were eventually a success, and the city was annexed by Ruthenia.

■ New Characters

Ruslan Arsenyevich Izmailov

The original leader of the New Glory for the People, or NGFP for short, the group that called for the liberation of Novo Slava. He also established the group, whose main goal was secession from Garmonia. Possessing excellent leadership and great charisma, Ruslan grew the NGFP from an amateur group to a full-scale organization in the blink of an eye.

At the end of the group’s movement for secession, Ruslan was supposedly assassinated by his right arm, Leonid Fedorovich Osterman, but two years later, he is seen on the streets of war-torn Novo Slava.

—New Glory For the People

A group whose main goal was secession from Garmonia. Its formal name is New Glory For the People, or NGFP for short. While its movements were mainly quiet at first, its method became more extreme as its scale grew. Its movements developed into full-scale armed battles, and it became the central figure of the liberation movement.

At the end of the group’s movement for secession, its leader Ruslan Arsenyevich Izmailov was assassinated, and the group quickly lost its presence and ceased activities due to the fact that Novo Slava’s annexation by Ruthenia was implemented immediately after.

Sofia Grigorievna Alexeeva

A member of the Novo Slava liberation group NGFP. She acted alongside Ruslan as his private secretary and deeply admires his ideals.

After Ruslan’s assassination, the NGFP, which lost its charisma in the shadows of Novo Slava’s rapidly advancing annexation, had repeated internal rifts, and its activities naturally came to a halt. Within the deterioration of public order and the economy, Sofia too has been forced to live a difficult life.

■ The Two Men Who Were Supposed to Have Died

Leonid Fedorovich Osterman was supposed to have been executed for Ruslan’s assassination, a crime which he has no memory of. However, he was imprisoned in secrecy, and used the chaos of war-torn Novo Slava to escape.

After hearing that Ruslan is alive from his encounter with Olga Sergevna Kalinina, the confused and angry Leonid decides to follow Ruslan in order to track down the criminal that framed him.

While moving in Ruslan’s shadows, Leonid encounters another NGFP member, Sofia, who seems to know something regarding Ruslan.

Why was he kept alive?
Just who is Ruslan?
The mystery further intensifies. 

■ Wanzers

Wanzer is the general term for the humanoid maneuverable weapons built on the MULS-P standard. It is an abbreviation for “wander panzers,” also called WAP.

Its greatest feature is that the parts and armaments that make up each body part of a Wanzer are standardized, and use of Wanzers as powerful all-purpose weapons suited for practical use has spread.

While it is difficult for a human to win against a powerful Wanzer, you may have a chance by attacking its weak points such as the head and joints (elbows and knees) with high-fire firearms and explosive weapons.

Arm Weapons

A Wanzer’s arms are mainly equipped with high all-purpose weapons such as machine guns and shotguns. In Left Alive, you cannot resupply a Wanzer’s ammunition, and exhausted weapons can only be destroyed, but you can steal and use the arms of a defeated enemy Wanzer. Some of them are close-range weapons.

Shoulder Weapons

Unlike the Wanzer’s arms, shoulder weapons cannot be replaced. However, shoulder weapons often include extremely powerful armaments such as rocket and missile launchers.

Roller Dash and Step

While a Wanzer is not suited for movement by walking, it can move at high speeds using a “roller dash.” You can also perform a tackle attack by colliding with an enemy Wanzer while using a roller dash. The “step” movement on the other hand, which instantaneously moves the Wanzer a short distance, is useful for dodging enemy attacks.


A new type of Wanzer developed in secrecy in Novo Slava. It uses a design completely different from conventional Wanzers, like its convertible-type armored organization, and is speculated to be an experimental Wanzer eyeing next-generation standards.

■ Game Systems

Making Decisions

During the game, the player will have to choose dialogue and actions on countless occasions. Each decision you make is important, as what happens next will change depending on your choices. A lot weighs on the survival or death of the characters that appear in the game, depending on some of the responses you choose. There are even situations where there is a time limit to make a choice, so think carefully and quickly make your decision.

—Mikhail’s superior officer Alexander lies down wounded on the battlefield. Mikhail manages to reunite with him.

—Discovered by the enemy, Mikhail attempts to negotiate. In an intense atmosphere where Mikhail is held at gunpoint, choose your dialogue with great care.

—Will the scene end as you expect it to…?

—Depending on your decision, Alexander may be killed here.


Players can craft to make items by expending resources. On a battlefield where your gun’s bullet count is limited, making the maximum use of your limited battle resources is the key to survival. You can create and use various items, including throwable items like Molotov cocktails and trap items like land mines. However, there is a weight restriction on how much you can carry, and if you go over that restriction, you will not be able to pick up anymore items, so deciding what to craft is essential.

If you carelessly fire your weapon, the gunshot will inform the enemy of your position, which could lead to an unfavorable situation. Avoiding unnecessary battles is also a tactic. Slip through the enemy’s sights, gather valuable materials, and move through the battlefield with caution.

—Molotov cocktail

—Wire trap 


“Koshka” is an artificial intelligence that supports the three protagonists. In addition to offering maps and all sorts of data, it can relay the state of battle and the player’s destination, as well as surmise the presence of weapons.

A cute cat is pictured next to the name “Koshka,” which means “cat” in Russian.

Left Alive will launch for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC via Steam on March 5, 2019 in North America and Europe. 

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