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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle Announced, Isabelle Joins Lineup

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle Announced, Isabelle Joins Lineup - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 October 2018 / 1,513 Views

Nintendo announced a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch bundle. It will launch alongside the game and include a Nintendo Switch, a digital copy of the game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-branded Joy-Con controllers and dock for $359.99.

Nintendo also revealed Isabelle from Animal Crossing will be playable in the game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will launch for the Nintendo Switch on December 7.

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KLAMarine (on 13 September 2018)

Isabelle will be playable? Awesome!

HylianSwordsman (on 14 September 2018)

She talked about Villager being off in Smash and wanting to be the mayor and I got worried that it was going to be another spinoff, but then the mailman came with a letter for her and I lost my shit because I knew what was coming. Was so rooting for this Echo character. This follows the pattern of unconfirmed assist trophy returns turning out to be Echos though, so I guess this means Shadow. Could also mean Isaac though, couldn't it?

I like Bacon (on 14 September 2018)

Actually she is not an Echo Fighter. According to the website she is a newcomer in the vain of Inkling, Ridley, and K. Rool. Looks like she has the same dash attack. But her other moves are quite different. Her down smash actually looks like Inkling's slosher. Her grab is a fishing pole too. I knew she'd be in, but I am glad she is not an Echo. I'm not against echo fighters at all, but I do prefer original movesets. I would also love for Isaac to be in. Shadow is a shoe-in. I would also love for Geno, Skull Kid and Incineroar to be in the game. Rex and Pyra as a duo would be amazing, but they might be DLC as perhaps XC2 came out too late for the base roster. Who knows. An ARMS character I can also see being in as a DLC fighter.

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HylianSwordsman (on 16 September 2018)

Yeah, a few hours after I wrote this, I found out she wasn't an echo fighter. I can't believe she's getting the full new character treatment! AC did deserve more than one representative, what with being a 10+ million seller even after the casuals left Nintendo behind. New Leaf really proved the series' value to Nintendo. Seems like it's a Star Fox situation, with semi-clones that each have a unique feel. Good for Isabelle, she deserved it. I'm still expecting Shadow to be an Echo that stretches the limits of the Echo definition like Chrom did. Obviously nothing is absolutely set in stone, but seeing as we already know all 103 stages, that means newcomers, echo or not, can't be from new series, which makes me think Isaac, Rex and Pyra, an ARMS rep, and any new 3rd party characters would all have to be DLC and come with extra stages. Between now and release we could get Skull Kid, Geno, Shadow, Octoling, Dixie Kong, Bandanna Waddle Dee, and any Pokemon, though I'm in the Decidueye camp personally.

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