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Today we present to you the American and PAL sales for the week ending February 8th in the Americas, and February 9th in PAL.  Unfortunately no Japan data is available, but instead I'm giving you a top 20 for the other two regions.  Titles in bold italic were released during the tracking period.


TW Americas WiiWare Games Publisher Weekly Total Revenue
1 Tetris Party Hudson 4,800 110,400 $1,324,800
2 My Aquarium Hudson 4,300 131,400 $657,000
3 World of Goo 2D Boy 4,000 117,900 $1,768,500
4 CueSports -- Pool Revolution Hudson 3,200 27,600 $138,000
5 Snowboard Riot Hudson 2,600 2,600 $26,000
6 Dr. Mario Online Rx Nintendo 2,500 235,900 $2,359,000
7 Fun! Fun! Minigolf Shin'en Multimedia 2,300 25,000 $225,000
8 Midnight Bowling Gameloft 2,300 57,800 $462,400
9 Target Toss Pro: Bags Incredible Tech. 2,200 44,300 $310,100
10 Brain Challenge Gameloft 2,100 47,500 $475,000
11 Sandy Beach Konami 2,000 14,100 $70,500
12 My Pokemon Ranch Nintendo 2,000 191,400 $1,914,000
13 Defend Your Castle XGen Studios 1,800 216,400 $1,082,000
14 Wild West Guns Gameloft 1,600 80,000 $800,000
15 TV Show King Gameloft 1,300 196,500 $1,965,000
16 Tiki Towers Real Arcade 1,200 21,500 $107,500
17 Bomberman Blast Hudson 1,200 61,400 $614,000
18 Mega Man 9 Capcom 1,200 113,300 $1,133,000
19 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King Square Enix 1,200 170,100 $2,551,500
20 Pong Toss: Frat Party Games JV Games 1,000 71,700 $573,600


TW PAL WiiWare Games Publisher Weekly Total Revenue
1 World of Goo 2D Boy 3,300 39,800 597,000 €
2 My Aquarium Hudson 3,200 128,600 643,000 €
3 FUN! FUN! Minigolf Shin'en Multimedia 2,700 17,900 143,200 €
4 TV Show King  Gameloft 2,500 208,600 2,086,000 €
5 Pop Them, Drop Them SAMEGAME Hudson Soft 1,900 4,100 20,500 €
6 Brain Challenge Big Blue Bubble 1,700 39,700 397,000 €
7 Bomberman Blast Hudson 1,400 51,000 510,000 €
8 Tetris Party Hudson 1,400 53,700 644,400 €
9 Cue Sports-Snooker vs Billards Hudson 1,300 28,700 229,600 €
10 My Pokemon Ranch Nintendo 1,200 97,800 978,000 €
11 Family Glide Hockey Arc System Works 1,100 2,300 11,500 €
12 The Incredible Maze Digital Leisure 1,100 35,400 177,000 €
13 Wild West Guns Gameloft 1,000 75,900 759,000 €
14 Lost Winds  Frontier 900 166,200 1,662,000 €
15 FFCC: My Life as a King  Square Enix 900 123,000 1,845,000 €
16 Defend Your Castle XGen Studios 800 61,800 309,000 €
17 Sudoku Challenge! Digital Leisure 800 9,100 45,500 €
18 Art Style: ORBIENT Nintendo 800 8,100 48,600 €
19 Space Invaders Get Even TAITO 800 24,900 124,500 €
20 Pit Crew Panic! Hudson Soft 700 12,100 60,500 €


  • Tetris, My Aquarium, and World of Goo maintain their hold on the top three spots in the Americas, though World of Goo has slipped to third.  Tetris is only 8th in PAL, but World of Goo and My Aquarium still have the top two spots locked down there.
  • Snowboard Riot cracks the top 5 in the Americas in its first week, though we'll have to see how long it can stay up there.  (Last week, we estimated 3,000 first week sales for the game.)
  • The other new American release, Lonpos, didn't chart (less than 1,000 sales).
  • Sandy Beach at 11th, released a month ago, is the next most recent release in the American chart, with nothing in between even close.
  • Nothing new for WiiWare released in PAL last week, but for recent PAL releases, Pop Them Drop Them Samegame and Family Glide Hockey hold onto their spots pretty well in their second week, with only small drops.



TW Americas Virtual
Console Games
Platform Publisher Weekly Total Revenue
1 Super Mario Bros. 3 NES Nintendo 12,800 1,061,900 $5,309,500
2 Super Mario Bros. NES Nintendo 8,400 1,009,800 $5,049,000
3 Super Mario World SNES Nintendo 3,900 691,700 $5,533,600
4 Super Mario Bros. 2 NES Nintendo 3,500 513,300 $2,566,500
5 Pac-Man NES Namco Bandai 2,900 418,000 $2,090,000
6 Legend of Zelda, the NES Nintendo 2,800 472,500 $2,362,500
7 Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream NES Nintendo 2,700 491,100 $2,455,500
8 Mario Kart 64 N64 Nintendo 2,700 613,500 $6,135,000
9 Donkey Kong NES Nintendo 2,600 301,800 $1,509,000
10 Super Mario 64 N64 Nintendo 2,600 570,900 $5,709,000
11 Donkey Kong Country SNES Nintendo 2,200 334,500 $2,676,000
12 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the N64 Nintendo 2,000 443,000 $4,430,000
13 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 MS Sega 1,700 44,500 $222,500
14 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars SNES Nintendo 1,700 174,700 $1,397,600
15 Tecmo Bowl NES Tecmo 1,600 237,000 $1,185,000
16 Galaga NES Namco Bandai 1,300 129,000 $645,000
17 Castlevania III NES Konami 1,100 9,200 $46,000
18 Excitebike NES Nintendo 1,100 149,400 $747,000
19 Sonic the Hedgehog MS Sega 1,000 103,700 $518,500
20 Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, the SNES Nintendo 1,000 315,100 $2,520,800


TW PAL Virtual
Console Games
Platform Publisher Weekly Total Revenue
1 Super Mario Bros. 3  NES Nintendo 4,100 460,900 2,304,500 €
2 Super Mario Bros.  NES Nintendo 3,000 397,200 1,986,000 €
3 Sonic the Hedgehog MS Sega 1,900 83,300 416,500 €
4 Super Mario World  SNES Nintendo 1,800 339,100 2,712,800 €
5 Super Mario 64  N64 Nintendo 1,700 326,100 3,261,000 €
6 Secret of Mana SNES Square Enix 1,500 20,000 160,000 €
7 Sonic Chaos MS Sega 1,500 1,500 7,500 €
8 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64 Nintendo 1,400 268,800 2,688,000 €
9 Wonder Boy in Monster Land MS Sega 1,300 4,200 21,000 €
10 Mario Kart 64  N64 Nintendo 1,000 334,200 3,342,000 €
11 Alex Kidd in Miracle World MS Sega 900 95,900 479,500 €
12 Super Mario Bros. 2  NES Nintendo 800 203,300 1,016,500 €
13 Mario Golf N64 Nintendo 800 3,600 36,000 €
14 Pac-Man NES Namco Bandai 700 138,600 693,000 €
15 Sonic the Hedgehog  GEN Sega 700 176,400 1,411,200 €
16 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 MS Sega 700 5,400 27,000 €
17 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past SNES Nintendo 700 192,900 1,543,200 €
18 Donkey Kong Country  SNES Nintendo 700 159,300 1,274,400 €
19 The Legend of Zelda NES Nintendo 600 106,600 533,000 €
20 Super Mario RPG SNES Nintendo 600 66,300 596,700 €


  • Mario continues to rule the Virtual Console scene in both the Americas and PAL, with Nintendo owning 11 of the top 12 spots in the Americas and 12 of the 20 spots in PAL.
  • Sonic Chaos gets into the top 10 in PAL in its first few days on sale, but didn't break into the top 20 in the Americas after its first week (less than 1,200 sales).  This fits with the general trend of Sonic titles in particular and Sega system titles in general being more popular in PAL than in the Americas.
  • Castlevania III continues to slide down the Americas charts, probably falling out after a couple more weeks.  Recent releases in PAL, Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Mario Golf, move down a little bit but should stick around for a few more weeks.


Hope you enjoyed the charts this week, hopefully it can continue again as a weekly feature.  Thanks to TWRoO and Michael and their helpers for collecting the PAL data.  As always, if you want to help collect Nintendo Channel data, send TWRoO a PM if you have a PAL Wii and myself a PM if you have an American or Japanese Wii.  As you can tell by the lack of Japanese figures this week, I *really* need a reliable volunteer with a Japanese Wii.

The sneak peek for next week for those who've actually stuck through it to read the entire article:  LIT for WiiWare has sold approximately 4,000 in its first week on sale in the Americas.

Keith Jackson

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scottie (on 22 February 2009)

TWR - Does helping require being able to access the Nintendo channel once a week? I would like to help, but can't do that due to lack of net access for my Wii in term time

DKII (on 21 February 2009)

Actually Nintendo takes close to double that for VC, though the number is close for WiiWare. Budgets - no idea but most are pretty small.

TWRoO (on 21 February 2009)

@EssosDeeos.... No idea how much they cost to make, it will vary greatly I assume, some of the puzzlers probably cost tiny amounts of money. And I believe Nintendo gets 30% of the revenue from the 3rd part Virtual Console games.... but I am not certain that is repeated for Wiiware.

EssosDeeos (on 21 February 2009)

TV show king is great for a family game if you've got enough controllers. It's pretty dull on its own. Question, though this maybe should be a separate forum post - how much do these cost to make (average), and how much of the revenue stays with Nintendo?

dib8rman (on 20 February 2009)

I can't bring myself to understand why TV show king is so appreciated.

TWRoO (on 20 February 2009)

@freetalk. Punch-Out hasn't even got any Nintendo channel data yet... arguably, if it is a game with very low playtime per person, it could be selling ok (like Pacman only appeared 2 months ago because it is played for only just over 1 hour per person) And it does occasionally appear in the top 20 for some of the smaller regions... so it is probably not too far under the radar in the larger regions. Even so, you are correct... it is not really that popular here, the same with Megaman 9, which didn't really make much of an impact here except in Sweden and Norway. (where it still charts high)

DKII (on 20 February 2009)

I had an editorial kicking around in my head wondering if the success of Punchout and Sin & Punishment on VC led to Nintendo green-lighting their sequels. Should revisit that someday if I ever have time. :P

FreeTalkLive (on 20 February 2009)

Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World are amazing but I prefer All-stars :) If you haven't played Super Mario 3, you are missing out. It is the best stand alone Mario game I've ever played (I've never played Galaxy). I'd say it is easily my favorite NES platformer, also. OP, interesting numbers. It's good to see my favorite Wiiware game on top in America. Tetris Party is the best Tetris ever made, IMHO. The only thing wrong with it - it's not portable. It's strange that Punch Out, which has done better in America than any VC game has done in Europe, isn't even in the PAL VC top 20.

DKII (on 20 February 2009)

I actually prefer Super Mario World, but it's 800 points vs. 500 for SMB3.

TWRoO (on 20 February 2009)

Super Mario Bros. 3 is incredible. I might have to get it just to see what the fuss is about. Although I have a huge list of other games I want first.

DKII (on 20 February 2009)

It's a pretty rough estimate, but better than nothing. You can read more in the methodology links. @famousringo - I usually calculate everything weekly, so in one sense it's better to make 4 articles out of the same amount of work. But I agree you can see more in the monthly charts at times -- though it can make it harder for new releases to chart against the old guard too.

wfz (on 20 February 2009)

Hold on a second, since when were we able to track WiiWare/VC games? I've always heard that it wasn't possible. VGChartz is amazing! You guys rock!

TWRoO (on 20 February 2009)

My helpers now consist of pimouss, Okr and EssosDeeos is my new friend. Many thanks to them. If anyone else can help (particularly Australians/N.Z.ers) pleas PM me.

famousringo (on 20 February 2009)

I didn't mind the monthly updates, actually. It gave a good perspective on what games are serious sellers and what games are a flash in the pan. If it's less stress for you, I say go with the monthly schedule. Mostly just the usual Hudson games + World of Goo holding strong at the top. That's nice start for LIT. I think that 800 point price was a good move on WayForward's part.