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Switch Best-Selling Console in US History in First 12 Months

Switch Best-Selling Console in US History in First 12 Months - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 21 March 2018 / 4,208 Views

The Nintendo Switch has set another sales record. It is now the best-selling console in the US during its first 12 months, according to NPD figures. 

That means the Switch has sold more in its 12 months in the US than the Wii and PlayStation 4. However, it does not include handhelds, since the Game Boy Advance sold better in its first year. 


The Nintendo Switch has sold over 15 million units worldwide, according to VGChartz estimates.

Thanks YouTube via ResetEra.

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Mr.GameCrazy (on 21 March 2018)

So, the Switch will flop harder than the Wii U, huh?

PortisheadBiscuit (on 21 March 2018)

Another day, another record

AngryLittleAlchemist (on 21 March 2018)

I can only hope that there is enough high quality titles in 2018 for another year of deserved success!

OTBWY (on 21 March 2018)

15 million units of momentum. Well done. I hope 2018 will be even better, with Smash Bros it can't go wrong!

RichiPuppy (on 21 March 2018)

I would not be surprised to see other consoles launching in March now.

couchmonkey (on 22 March 2018)

But the only kind of launch you can have in March is a "soft launch" ;) TBH, I think launching earlier in the year is better, but the main lesson I think shpuld be taken away from Switch launch is that you need a kick ass launch game plus a consistent stream of big name titles in your first several months.

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Ka-pi96 (on 21 March 2018)

Gameboy advance?

RolStoppable (on 21 March 2018)

This news is based on an NPD release. NPD isn't particularly good at statistics and making it clear what they really mean when they say something.

The GBA is indeed the true #1.

  • +1
UltimateGamer1982 (on 21 March 2018)

Nintendomination? Nintendomination.

StuOhQ (on 21 March 2018)


Azzanation (on 21 March 2018)

Deserves every bit. I am loving my Switch and it compliments my PC so well. Zelda BOTW, Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, soon to be Smash brothers.. what more could you possible want... Metriod Prime 4? Coming.

estebxx (on 21 March 2018)

Congratz, releasing when it did was a great idea, there is enough fans to buy it out regardless of holiday release or not, and that way it also managed to get to the holidays with a biggers stock and a great library of games to push those consoles (an amazing Zelda and Mario games was just the ideal duo for it).

kazuyamishima (on 22 March 2018)

The Road to 300 million LT is starting!!!

Simpleton (on 21 March 2018)

This is so cathartic.

AlfredoTurkey (on 21 March 2018)

Great start but a wise man once said that it's not how you start, it's how you finish. Let's all hold off until the five year mark before we crown the thing.

Azzanation (on 21 March 2018)

It has been crown the best selling in the 1st 12 months.. how can you argue the against the facts? Is it or is it not the best selling system in the US for its 12 month launch?

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RichiPuppy (on 21 March 2018)

I don't see anything in his post that was arguing against it being the best selling console in the US for it's first 12 months. Usually that is what great start means.

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AlfredoTurkey (on 21 March 2018)

I can't argue against that and I'm not trying to. The Dreamcast had the biggest launch in console history at the time of release. Two years later, it was discontinued. Now, I'm not saying the Switch will face that fate but, it's good for perspective. Things can change a lot and people need to dampen their enthusiasm.

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RolStoppable (on 21 March 2018)

AlfredoTurkey, the Dreamcast had the biggest launch in console history measured over the timeframe of its first weekend. That's not even remotely comporable to being the fastest selling home console (that's what NPD calls Switch) through a full year.

The American football (NFL) analogy here is that Switch is off to a convincing 2-0 start into the season while the Dreamcast scored a touchdown on the first drive in the first game, ended up getting blown out 45-7 and got handed a 38-3 loss in the second game for an 0-2 start into the season.

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Jranation (on 21 March 2018)

There is still Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Super Smash heading to Switch.

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Zod95 (on 21 March 2018)

I must admit I was wrong about the Switch. I thought it would only perform slightly better than the WiiU and that it would not succeed the 3DS. However, if it does replace both platforms, 15M in the first year is not that good. GBA alone did better and 3DS alone did almost as good. 3DS + WiiU (the infamous generation for Nintendo) did better than NS.

NintendoPie (on 21 March 2018)

It's really not as simple as adding the two together. That's not how this works.

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Zod95 (on 22 March 2018)

That's right, it should sell better than the other 2 combined. An hybrid concept should be better than the sum of its parts. Otherwise, it's not worth it and it would be preferable to have 2 new systems instead of 1.

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C4R3ON (on 21 March 2018)

Im glad they succeded,but i think its time to make some original games not ports or boring sequels.

Jranation (on 21 March 2018)

Switch have 2 of the highest rated games this gen

  • +3