Ubisoft 'Very Pleased' With Mario + Rabbids Sales, Plans to Continue Switch Support - VGChartz
Ubisoft 'Very Pleased' With Mario + Rabbids Sales, Plans to Continue Switch Support

Ubisoft 'Very Pleased' With Mario + Rabbids Sales, Plans to Continue Switch Support - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 13 February 2018 / 4,690 Views

Ubisoft CEO  Yves Guillemot and CFO Alain Martinez during a call to investors discussed the success of the Nintendo Switch. 

Martinez said the company is "very pleased" with the sales of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, which was the best-selling third party title on the Switch in 2017.  He added that with the continued success of the Switch the game should have long legs and keep selling. 

Ubisoft is the "clear third party leader" on the Switch, according to Martinez. Ubisoft plans to continue to expand the "great ten-year-plus relationship with Nintendo." 

Guillemot later in the call is happy with the relationship with Nintendo and hopes that it "Continues to grow." 

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PortisheadBiscuit (on 13 February 2018)

Sequel please

Bandorr (on 13 February 2018)

They need to be less picky about your teams. There were a lot of combinations I wanted to try WITHOUT Mario.

  • +1
progstarmac (on 13 February 2018)

Yes, with crazy and difficult levels

  • 0
xboxonefan (on 13 February 2018)

Zelda version of assassins creed would be nice

hunter_alien (on 13 February 2018)

Now thats an AC I would try out ;-)

  • +1
Jranation (on 13 February 2018)

More crossovers like this!

KLXVER (on 13 February 2018)

Nice to see they are pleased with the sales. Its an awesome game.

malistix1985 (on 13 February 2018)

Ubi Soft supported the Wii-U better then most and that nintendo gave them their IP to work with is smart, because they will support the switch better then most now.

paper_gangsta17 (on 13 February 2018)

Would love the Rouge remaster on switch (hint hint(

tripenfall (on 13 February 2018)

Watchdogs 2 anyone?

HoloDust (on 13 February 2018)

Plumber's Creed? "Don't you recognize me? It's a-me, Mario" (ACII)

Nozz-A-La (on 13 February 2018)

Far cry 3 classic edition would be a nice fit on switch, it's my favourite far cry game and the game shouldn't be that demanding

arthurchan35 (on 13 February 2018)

Good for them, but aint buying the game. I am not interested in most of Ub's game except Tom Clancy franchise. I play rainbow six on PC but if they can bring next Splinter Cell to Switch, I will consider it.