Xbox One X Sells 80,000 Units in the UK in First Week

Xbox One X Sells 80,000 Units in the UK in First Week - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 13 November 2017 / 2,628 Views

The Xbox One X sold 80,000 units in the UK in its first week according to retailers who shared the figures with GamesIndustry.

The more powerful Xbox One console sold as much as the Switch did in its first week in March and more than the 50,000 units the PlayStation 4 Pro sold in November 2016. It took the PS4 Pro four weeks to sell 80,000 units.

55 percent of Xbox One X launch week sales were the Project Scorpio limited edtion.

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jamesmarkus87 (on 13 November 2017)

I only wish that Xbox One X had a 2 TB hard-drive like the Xbox One S does. I have no desire to go out and buy an external hard-drive.

AlfredoTurkey (on 13 November 2017)

Buy physical. Problem solved.

  • -3
jamesmarkus87 (on 13 November 2017)

I have LIMITED monthly internet usage, so when I erase a game from my hard-drive, I'd rather not have to re-install the ~30 GB updates and DLC.

  • +3
jamesmarkus87 (on 13 November 2017)

... the next time I want to play that specific game.

  • +3
AlfredoTurkey (on 13 November 2017)

So your problem is internet related? You should solve that then.

  • -3
jamesmarkus87 (on 13 November 2017)

I live in a small rural area where UNLIMITED is not an option.

  • +3
LivingMetal (on 13 November 2017)

But how many Xbox One S and vanillas were sold along the X?

bonzobanana (on 14 November 2017)

That's better numbers than I was expecting but launch numbers can be misleading. Need to see the pattern over the next few months. Great console though but not worth that money to me. Happy with my original xbox one for now.

ironmanDX (on 13 November 2017)

What happened in here? Walk in and the topic is burning! :-D

StreaK (on 13 November 2017)

Hmmm wonder why people aren't buying PS4 pros? I guess everyone already has a ps4 unlike Xbox who has a LOT of catching up to do.

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Ggordon (on 13 November 2017)

It sold more than ps4 pro but i still feel these numbers arent really good

Azzanation (on 13 November 2017)

Well of course you would think that

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RaptorChrist (on 13 November 2017)

So by saying that 55% were Scorpios, does that mean that actual Xbone sales were closer to 150k.

DroidKnight (on 13 November 2017)

It means the other 45% were the regular Xbox One X. This is not talking about the vanilla or S systems.

  • +6
danno_omen (on 13 November 2017)

It means that if the X's that were sold about 45k were Scorpio additions and 35k were regular editions

  • +3
carlove (on 13 November 2017)

@danno_omen Yup. Xbox one X =/= Scorpio Edition. 36k Xbox One X were sold. 44K Xbox One X Scorpio Editions were sold.

  • +2
darkenergy (on 13 November 2017)

I think the Xbox One hardware for the week might be at 90,000 to 95,000 units.

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RaptorChrist (on 14 November 2017)

Have to excuse my ignorance. I have never paid much attention to the Xbox corner. Had no idea there were multiple versions that launched.

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