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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Volume Scenario Twice That of Sun and Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Volume Scenario Twice That of Sun and Moon - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 17 October 2017 / 1,589 Views

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon producer Shigeru Ohmori and director Kazumasa Iwao in an interview with Famitsu revealed some new information on the game.

Read the information below translated by Gematsu:

  • After Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, we thought, “there are still more things we want to do in the Alola Region.” We’re putting out Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon because we wanted to offer a game with more variety before Alola’s image solidified among users.
  • In terms of story, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon is not a sequel, but rather “a story that diverges a little differently” than Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.
  • Characters part of an “Ultra Recon Squad” appear, and the core of the story changes from there. Since they appear from the beginning of the game, the exciting developments happen as soon as you start playing.
  • In addition to the main story, which is different from Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, there will be an additional episode after you enter the Hall of Fame. Users who expect minor changes like Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Platinum can look forward to even greater, ultra changes.
  • The Ultra Recon Squad came from another world through the Ultra Wormhole. A new element is being prepared that enables the protagonist to run around inside the Ultra Wormhole and visit the various different worlds.
  • Compared to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, Pokemon catching and training is much easier.
  • Among the worlds that you can travel via the “Ultra Warp Ride,” there are worlds where you can encounter legendary Pokemon. You can meet Mewtwo and catch him. Whether or not you will meet any other legendary Pokemon is something we will leave to your imagination.
  • When simply comparing the volume of the scenario, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon is about twice that of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon will launch worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS on November 17.

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SuperNova (on 17 October 2017)

'Compared to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, Pokemon catching and training is much easier' It...it was preeetty easy already...While I'm all for accessibility, I feel like there must be better ways to provide challenge for seasoned players. I know a big part of the demographic are small children, but on the other end of the spectrum you have people that have played pokemon ever since the OG Red/Blue. I think we know how to catch/train pokemon by now.

Flilix (on 18 October 2017)

I don't understand why they think that they need to keep making the games easier for new fans and children. The old games were a lot harder, but numerous kids played them and loved them. It's not like kids nowadays are so much worse at video games than kids 20 years ago.

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