Ataribox Runs on Linux, Priced Between $250 and $300, Launches Spring 2018

Ataribox Runs on Linux, Priced Between $250 and $300, Launches Spring 2018 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 26 September 2017 / 5,080 Views

Atari has revealed more information on its upcoming console, Ataribox, to GamesBeat. The console will run Linux on an AMD processor and will cost between $250 and $300. 

Ataribox creator and general manager Feargal Mac said Atari will start a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo this fall and the Ataribox will launch in spring 2018. 

The console will have an AMD custom processor with Radeon graphics. It will run Linux with a custom interface for TVs. It is designed to run PC games, but is also capable of streaming, running apps, browsing the web, and playing music. It will be able to run games that a mid-range PC can run today, however, it won't be able to run AAA games that require a high-end PC. 

"People are used to the flexibility of a PC, but most connected TV devices have closed systems and content stores," said Mac. "We wanted to create a killer TV product where people can game, stream and browse with as much freedom as possible, including accessing pre-owned games from other content providers."

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Darwinianevolution (on 26 September 2017)

The OUYA couldn't succeed at 99€, the NVidia Shield couldn' get popular until it became the Switch, how on Earth is this thing even going to take off for 300€?

Qwark (on 26 September 2017)

Nostalgia is my best guess.

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Darwinianevolution (on 26 September 2017)

Then why a 300€ machine? Would people nowadays pay 300€ for a machine with old Atari games? Don't they have those Atari plug and play machines?

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Qwark (on 26 September 2017)

I never said it is a great idea from Atari (which it isnt). The problem with Atari as a brand is that it is too old to cater to people on their twenties and thirties. This device is in all aspects doomed to fail. It is expensive, overpriced and trying to cash on the fact that it is made by a very old brand. Which is the only reason this is newsworthy to begin with. I could see something like this exceed if it came from a way stronger brand as Sega.

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WolfpackN64 (on 26 September 2017)

It can run Linux apps and Linux Steam games (depending on the specs). The OUYA and the NVIDIA Shield ran Android. That's the difference.

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Darwinianevolution (on 26 September 2017)

Like the SteamBox line, then? Backed by a much more popular and wealthy company, and it still failed.

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WolfpackN64 (on 26 September 2017)

As far as this project is concerned, it seems like they want people to be able to see and use the OS and it's applications, SteamOS tried to hid the underlying OS. See it as a cheap console that's REALLY a general purpose Linux computer.

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Mr Puggsly (on 26 September 2017)

Oh, the same price as X1 and PS4? Its already dead.

Shikamo (on 26 September 2017)

Omae wa Mou Shindeiru

QUAKECore89 (on 27 September 2017)


  • +2
Shadow1980 (on 27 September 2017)

HIDEBU! *ker-splat*

  • +1
TallSilhouette (on 26 September 2017)

SteamBox 1.1?

Ganoncrotch (on 26 September 2017)

Would more put this as Ouya 0.1

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thetonestarr (on 27 September 2017)

If they also packaged it with a complete "Best of Atari", with all the best games released on Atari systems and/or by Atari the game developer, I could see it succeeding. Otherwise, nah, no chance.

OneTime (on 27 September 2017)

Beware the crowd funding of retro consoles. Do your research before you give money. I'm not saying anything about this particular endeavour, but learn your history. In any case, if you want to buy a Linux console search Steam Machine. Or download SteamOS.

AlfredoTurkey (on 27 September 2017)

So it's just a cheap PC with no physical games, licensed under the Atari name to gain headlines and attention. Got it.

boypita (on 26 September 2017)

They said the price but not what the console is about :/ I still don´t understand if it is a new Atari console with exclusive Atari games or an android machine...

boypita (on 26 September 2017)

They said the price but not what the console is about :/ I still don´t understand if it is a new Atari console with exclusive Atari games or an android machine...

bonzobanana (on 26 September 2017)

pre-owned games from other content providers? Is that just steam or a wider choice of partners like xbox and playstation streamed content? I'm interested to see what this will become but wonder if it really achieves anything beyond what a normal pc can do. Maybe a more compact console class of PC is all that is required at more competitive prices using laptop chipsets. Previous models were far too expensive considering they offered a laptop motherboard but didn't have to include a LCD screen, lithium battery or other laptop parts.

RodrigoCard (on 26 September 2017)

Basically a Steam Box... what about the controller, so?